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Lil' Kim Vs Jelena Karleusa

Guest UNee4Life

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Guest UNee4Life

Who wore Lui Viton logo better?

HAHA I was searching the web and noticed Lil' Kim and Jelena wearing the same thing.

ALthough they arn't neccessarly wearing anything haha. They both have the same kind of Logo of Louis Vuitton on their body.

So.. who do you think looks better?

I think Jelena looks way better. Her body looks perfect and sexy.

Lil' Kim


Jelena Karleusa


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^ Ahem..it's Louis Vuitton. <_<

Haha just joking :)

Well the thing on Lil' Kim's head has got to go, but I like the LV scarf on Jelena.

Overall looks wise, I say Jelena looks better.

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LOL, boredom sends me looking all through your Jelena threads. And if you ask why people still look at them if they're just going to bash, well my answer is, it's actually interesting to see you fight for her, and you know... continue to like her, and introduce/make people like her. You said it yourself, look back through your other threads.

She's not perfect, heck! didn't you say she had surgeries? She's got a fab bod, but I'm not sure with her face.

I'm taking Jelena's side on this, her body is fab, her face is ugh, but her bod's way better, 'cos I honestly think Lil Kim's bod is kinda childish/small.

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