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~ 真的想你 - Alex Toh & Shunza .... chinese duet*


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duet with Hsiang84.. err.. kevin.. is he back ? =/
from what i can remember, this is probably one of the few, if not, the first soompi chinese guy girl duet. :lol: hope you guys will like it. kevin always sounds wonderful. thanks for doing me this favor lovely! :D dont we all agree that we need to buy kevin a new mic? i gave my best shot. :Phttp://www.soundclick.com/nanny lyrics: i dont think it's difficult to tell who is who here. haha but i'll color code it. some words are spelled wrong, im too lazy to fix it. kevin nan together ONE TWO, ONE TWO, ONE AND ONE IS TWO YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME, I WAS MEANT FOR YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME, WANT ME, NEED ME IN YPUR LIFE CAUSE I GOT LOVE SO COME AND TAKE A DIVE INTO MY WORLD SHARE THIS WORLD WITH ME I HOPE YOU'RE GONNA WANNA STAY RIGHT HERE YOU SEE THIS IS THE DAY THIS IS A WAY SO LET US SING A SONG AND MAKE IT STAY PLEASE I GOTTA WRITE A LITTLE TUNE FOR YOU TO EXPRESS NOTHING LESS THAN PURE LOVE FOR YOU YA SEE, I'M THE KIND OF WONMAN THAT WELL, I DON'T LIKE TO KEEP MY FEELINGS INSIDE, GOTTA LET IT OUTSIDE LET THE WORLD KNOW HOW MUSH I FEEL FOR YOU I EVEN WROTE A LOVE SONG DEDICATED TO YOU SO IF YA MISS ME, REALLY MISS ME, WHY DON'T YA COME CLOSER AND KISS ME, KISS ME 才相遇就有点想你 想看你不敢告诉你 别以为是寂寞而巳 我知道自己的问题 茶不思饭不吃的道理 你使我夜夜好忧郁 一个需要爱的人 一颗发了疯的心 想为你谱写一首歌 歌里面都是你的名 请相信我是用了心 自从你出现在梦里 生活就变得好美丽 把时间留给你 想着你和等着你 *我是真的真的想你 真的真的想你 好想为你淋一场雨 证明我的心 证明我的命 永远永远属于你 我是真的真的想你 真的真的想你 让我为你淋一场雨 证明我的心 证明我的命 此情 此爱 永不渝 想为你谱写一首歌 歌里面都是你的名 Oh Baby 请相信我是用了心 自从你出现在梦里 生活就变得好美丽 把时间留给你 想着你和等着你 repeat * TILL THE BREAK OF DOWN, TO YOU I'LL SING THIS SONG THIS LOVELY MELODY THAT GOES 真的真的想你 DAY, NIGHT, I'LL BE HOLDING YOU SO LIGHT TOGETHER, LET OUR LOVE LIVE FOREVER repeat * yup. all right soompiers, lets start commenting. :) edit - forgot to mention, some parts kevin sounds a lil off because i thought the instrumental and the original were the same timing, but apparently not. i tried my best to fix it. but some parts, yeah >< sorry!!!!!!!
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Guest _MaJa_1234

Really Miss You Haha this song is cute :P . You guys sound perfect for this song. I would have thought this was an original haha

Jiang Nan: Since I couldn't reply earlier on, i'll do it now. What a pretty song! You sound great also. Man I have no idea what to say.. so sorry -dies-

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Guest tinasarangg

oohh pretty! i like xDD hehe your voices complement each others very nicely.

hehe are you chinese? on your sound click i see a variety of music varying from chinese to japanese?


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Guest True_Critic


your rap was rly awkward. you need to work on ur rap and make it a bit sharper.

your voice: i like your voice. you're a good singer. nice vibrato.. nice nice vibrato. and you don't get out of tune. that's awesome.

PINK: your rap was also awkward. it sounded like you were just talking.

your singing voice is pretty but you need to work on your vibrato. you don't get out of tune that much either. so that's good ^^

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tab, hey american idol~ haha thank you.. yeah i find kevin's rap sooooo cute lol

maja, lol you're so funny.. kevin sounds so much like the original singer~ hehe thanks for listening sweetie <3

lisa, yes yes we do! i havent heard one chinese girl collabs yet! i'll msg you on msn ~ i've got a song in my mind keke

littlebabytina16, lol i'm chinese. 100% beijingnese. haha but yeah i sing in 4 languages. hehe so do a lot of other soompiers here i think

brian, really? hmmm.. i'll check it out =D

mike, do yuo like it? im glad ~~ i'll send you the original.. hehe

True_Critic, yeah i noticed my vibratto is shaky here. i will work on it. and thank you ^^

hella fetch, animagelet, ohprodigy, yuMmibEar, thank you guys for listening! i appreciate it greatly! :D

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I dunno how many times I'll have to say this but I'll say it until it's not true anymore which is gonna be never~ You sound a freakin' CPOP singer!!!!!!!!! I adore your voice love! I'm married to such a beautiful and talented wifey *cough* the last part is for you mike *cough*

Kevin sounds pretty good too and you two sound good together!


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Guest & JEWELRY ;

Please forgive me for cracking up at the beginning =]

My mom kept bugging me about who sang it =]

I kept saying "normal people" XP

I love it.

EDIT: I use to idolize you two 1-2 years ago XD

I can`t forget that JJ Lin song he did =]

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Guest babiixru

the beginnnningggg was so CUTE! your voice sounds soooooo sexy and cute at the same time. whoooa the guy is good x____x;; but he lacks emotion. more emotion! :) you sound great as always and i have nothing bad to say for you! i like it when you sing high (=

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