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___________[tr] S U P E R M A N


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Poster, CC and Banner
This is my first time taking requests here >.<

I'll be taking 5 requests for now.


{ R U L E S


- Credit me.

- Use it for at least 2 days.

- I can reject.

- Leave a comment after you picked up your request.

- Be patient. I'm very slow and lazy.

- Put Superman somewhere in your post.

{ E X A M P L E S

__ -P O S T E R S;


__ - C H A R A C T E R C H A R T S;

fadingxdreamscopyav5.th.jpg blackcatcopyrr1.th.jpg

__- B A N N E R S;


{ F O R M

__ - P O S T E R / C C

[color="#FFFFFF"]___ [/color][color="#00FFFF"]- P O S T E R /  C C[/color]

[font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#ADD8E6"]Type: [/color][/font] 

[font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#ADD8E6"]Title: [/color][/font]

[font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#ADD8E6"]Subtitle:[/color][/font]

[color="#ADD8E6"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Author:[/font][/color]

[color="#ADD8E6"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Mood:[/font][/color]

[color="#ADD8E6"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Pictures/characters/quotes:[/font][/color]

[color="#ADD8E6"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Extra:[/font][/color]
__ - B A N N E R
[color="#FFFFFF"]___ [/color] [color="#00FFFF"]- B A N N E R[/color]

[font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#ADD8E6"]Text: [/color][/font] 

[font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#ADD8E6"]Subtext:[/color][/font]

[font="Trebuchet MS"][color="#ADD8E6"]Size:[/color][/font]

[color="#ADD8E6"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Colors of Avoid:[/font][/color]

[color="#ADD8E6"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Pictures:[/font][/color]

[color="#ADD8E6"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Extra:[/font][/color]

{ T H E L I S T

-} _buzz4ever_

-} sachiko_x

-} nousasamechie

-} rawritsjeaniee

-} tow_mater

-} lidopinkie4o1

-} nikkavril


-} reginaxlove

-} crazyhmonggirl

x} alainachen_604

x} inconnuu

x} Lisa Thai

-} = Pending

+} = Finished

x} = Rejected

{ W A I T I N G L I S T

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i'll be back ^^

___ - B A N N E R

Text: Stardust

Subtext: it's not magic, but a curse

Colors of Avoid: happy colors (brownish-goldish-yellowish is a good color ^^)

Pictures: 01 02 (umm i know they are different people, you choose^^)

Extra: superwomen and superman mei li de bai fang... reminds me of the song by kym jin sha =)

THANKSSSSS you are awesome

and great filtering! I'm Rebecca~

nice to meet you ^^


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Guest sweetAI

Wow I love your works. I especially adore your filtering because I couldn't even do filtering <_<

Your banners are hot too and CCs too, of course.

Can't wait to see more of your results~!!


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Guest nousasamechie

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *saves my spot here* YESS! *rawr*

___ - P O S T E R / C C

Type: Poster Please

Title: Akuma

Subtitle: Don't Resist... Be Taken. Be Possessed. Be His.

Author: Nou

Mood: Dark .Sexy. Mysterious.

Pictures/characters/quotes: SAGA GALLERY <--- Mix and Match or whatever. Ignore Demon folder.

Extra:You are a super(wo)man! I thank you very much.


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OO jeanie wants to request!

be back to edit this later :DD


___ - P O S T E R / C C

Type: poster<3

Title: The Bus Stop

Subtitle: a special memory from my heart.

Author: rawritsjeaniee

Mood: sad mood(:


Yoochun: 1 2 3

Boa: 1 2 3


S U P E R M A N . is awesome. (;

im jeanie btw =)

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Guest kyugaroo.


Ruki's wifey here! *waves*

Your filtering is gorgeous in those banners! I never was good at filtering myself, which is why I stare in awe at people who can do it well. That first poster example is beautiful <3 I love how you put the a burst of blue and purple at the end and then writing on top of it. The woman is super pretty too!! I would've request a poster, but my fic isn't coming out soon and you're gonna finish taking requests by then.

Can't wait to see the results! :)

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Guest skadoosh!


i mean, hi twin. :]

wow, request thread. thats pretty cool.

unfortunately for me, i dont have any

photoshop. ...yeah. i use this other program

that cant filter or anything...

i might be back to request!!


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Guest P I N K I E..W I N K I E

Superman Superman Superman Superman Superman Superman Superman Superman


is COOL!!! hehehehe

wahh you PRO PRO!! heheh.. can i request???

___ - B A N N E R

Text: Lee Sang June

Subtext: a dream come true

Size: 300 x 100

Colors of Avoid: dreamy blue, gray-ish, white? eehhe.. or anything you can work with

Pictures: x x x x x x

Extra: nothing just thankies!!!!!!

WAIT..is pinkie too late O____O


fine fine.. <_<

i'll just watch from over here T____T

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Guest nikkavril

Can I request too?


___ - P O S T E R

Type: Poster

Title: Super Junior

Subtitle: My Happiness lies in you

Author: nikkavril

Mood: cute,free,beauty,happiness




Extra: Do your best ok Superman

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___ - P O S T E R / C C

Type: Poster

Title: Jang Dong Gun

Subtitle: Alway In My Heart

Author: Vivian

Mood: Romantic, Dreamy,

Pictures/characters/quotes:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Extra: border, are you still taking request, thank you so much SUPERMAN

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