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[request] Gong Yoo<3

Guest s k y .

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Guest s k y .

I love Gong Yoo!

Hi! I'm here to request icons of my love, Gong Yoo.

I'm currently watching Coffee Prince right now and

I am madly in love with him. Oh my God! Have you

heard him singing? Ahhh! He's an angel! LOL. I even

watched Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy because of

him. *sigh* The things I could do for Gong Yoo... :D

Anywhoos! Can anyone make me avatars of Gong Yoo?

It can be really plain. I would love you forever! Haha.

As for the text, it's not necessary. In fact, I would

prefer textless avatars, but if you could make both

versions, I'd be grateful. Anywhoos! Enough of my

babbling! Here are the pictures: 01 02 03 04 05

Would you be able to make more than one icons

rendering you have the time? :D The more Gong Yoo

I get to have, the happier I am. LOL. :)

If you can find better/cuter/hotter pictures of Gong Yoo,

please use it! I heart you times infinity! :)

For example: I found two really cute avatars of Gong Yoo.

01 02 But I can't find these pictures! They're screen caps from

Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, but I can't find them anywhere! :(

If you can, please help! Heh heh. :)


juhjuh gave me one of the pictures I've been looking

for! Yay! It's this adorable picture. gong yoo :D

Thank you in advance! I love you! Keke. ;)

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i love him too i feel in love with him after watching she's on duty

i'm also watching Coffee Prince and proudly addicted to it

i'll try to make you some icons but i'm not a pro and my icons don't look very nice but since i love gong yoo i'll try

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hmm are my attempts at some . wow i lov hte ones kneekey made you for you

her coloring is beautiful , gosh i feel like using them for myself .lol jk jk


the second fourth and fifth icon is icky.

heres an extra one <33


^^ i made this one, because its so cute <33 i love them <33

i hope you like it anyways. lol, i sure like the extra one (:

no need to use any of them,

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