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Suggest A Name For An Asian Hairstyle Site ^^

Guest webmagine

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Guest webmagine

& get a small something in return =D
mods: not sure if this counts as advertising. i'm not really advertising anything :sweatingbullets: just asking for suggestions on a name, because IMO, soompi is the best place to ask (mostly asians here). and i suck at names. :(

:) Ok, well I'm looking to make an asian hairstyle site. actual hairstyle pictures, tutorials, tips, and a forum, but I don't have a name. :ph34r:

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a name? :blush:

In return, I'd be willing to donate to soompi and get you "friend of soompi" status, or send $10 through paypal to the person whose suggestion I like the best. their choice which one. ^_^

I'm after something original. maybe something that sounds fobby, lol!

something that doesn't sound too girly or boyish.

just a name for an asian hairstyle site. :)

You can check if a .com is available at http://www.domainsite.com

Err.. so yeah. (wonder if this will end up getting locked) hope not. :tears: Don't know where else or who else to ask, lol.

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Guest Atmosphere.

Okay mine can sound very weird or I don't know :]

1. www.crystallized-hair.com (avaliable)

2. ebbeun-hair.com (avaliabe. ebbeun means pretty)

3. lovely-keke (avaliable)

4. pretty-little-stars.com (avaliable)

5. ugly-bettyy.com (avaliable)

6. imagine-beautiful.com (avaliable)

7. lovely-imagination.com (avaliable)

8. thebeautifulscene.com (avaliable)

9. sweet-latte.com (avaliable)

10. sugary-stars.com (avaliable)

11. do-thehaircut.com (avaliable)

12. beautiful-sakura.com (avaliable)

13. sakura-hearts.com (avaliable)

14. princess-and-prince.com

15. teddybearkiss.com (avaliable)

16. magical-water.com (avaliable)

17. karma-flow.com (avaliable)

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Guest tahweesuh

lol just for kicks.. i'll try to think one up XD




well back to summer reading. i was taking a break :lol:

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midgar-memories.com/org [available]

Emphemerality.com/net/org [available]

realitys-illusion.com/net/org [available]

coffee-stained.net/org [available]

lateforreality.com/net/org [available]

Ethereal-Memories.com/net/org [available]

Tainted-Essence.com/net/org [available]

Tainted-Rhapsody.com/net/org [available]

I don't know, hahaha.

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Guest Lothringen



or fobbyhair-house.net/com/org

or fobby-hairhouse.net/com/org


hair-sarang.net/com/org [sarang=love in korean]

saranghairyo.net/com/org [get it... saranghaeyo > saranghairyo] xD

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Guest little_brat92

www.ultimateasianhair.com/net/org [avaliable]

www.elegant-hair.com/net/org [avaliable]

www.kawaii-hairstyle.com/net/org [avaliable]

www.idol-hairstlye.com/net/org [avaliable]

www.graceful-salon.com/net/org [avaliable]

www.glamorous-gallery.com/net/org [avaliable]

www.dreamy-style.com/net/org [avaliable]

www.miracle-gallery.com/net/org [avaliable]

yay! wasted some time! :D

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