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How much space do you have on your harddrive?


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Guest jaykay00

wow...maybe its just me that has alot of memory

i custom built my desktop so i have

sata: 160

sata: 250

IDE: 250

External: 500

so i have 1160 gigs of space

and all of its almost full ><

anime/ movies/ music haha

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Guest loveabella♥

120GB! But only 90GB is actual space I can use up

now I'm only down to 3GB T ___ T, need to find an external hard drive on Black Friday haha ; __ ;

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Guest peace170

well I started with 224GB but now I'm down to 86GB

people who have 320GB are soooo luck!!!!!

oh wait...that's what I have on my laptop. Ok...well I wish my desktop had that much as well.

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