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[variety] SS501 Princess Diary 프린세스 다이어리

Guest ~S2~

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[KM] new show
anyone know wat this is about? I think it's replacing stalker. I'll watch it and let u knwo! EDIT Its like they audition girls to be a princess iwht ss501 VERY cute
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i MIGHT want to watch it... i dunno. i might even get a fit from watching it if one of the girl's starts to get all over with my hyung joon. >:DDDDD haha~~~ i'm kidding. it looks really cute though! but really, they better not get all over my man. O_O;;

-S0LLY ^3^

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i havnt watch the whole show, but it's not that interesting -__-;;

i was a bit disapointed...

the Stalker thing was better... :lol:



^ I dont wanna sound mean but... the princess is not that pretty o__O

i though it was a guy again... :lol:

(awWwWW i'm so mean.. -__-;;)

[HQ] SS501 - 060223 - KM - Princess Diary [PART 1]


>>> http://clubbox.co.kr/maysialee <<<

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ohh i didnt know they came up with a new..show. even if it isnt that interesting.. i'd still watch it, cause its ss501!!

does any1 know how long its gunna be?

and thank you maysia for uploading it on clubbox!!

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Guest dream_on

when a LQ comes out, i'll upload one on mega for you guys.

but i finally watched it and it was really disappointing. the princess was just boring...she wasn't funny and she wasn't that pretty.

but the highlights for me:

baby hyungjoon singing missing you :wub: *melt* i kinda thought his voice was somewhat similar to hwanhee's the first time i heard him sing.

jungmin's smirk. lol the hottest thing ever.

the drawings the boys did were hilarious.

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