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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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So I'm trying to figure out after all what makes KJW so glamorous these days .    There are many reasons that we all discussed about: his sensible acting skills, his sensual eyes, his handso

He was not accidentally named Ryan 

Hello all,   @JJChastity and myself have created a youtube account just purely for Kim Jae Wook. Do give us your support!!    I will take some time to do the translations for the vi

Guest dionne_wu

It's great that he's getting the chances to shine. I can so see him as the genius patissier who is a mystery.

I'm looking forward to some sizzling chemistry between him and JJH :rolleyes:

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^I can understand why u said tt cos Kame and Kim Jae Wook has very similar jawline which I love equally.<333

And... Joo Jihoon and Kim Jae Wook in the same show?!?!?!? OMG! I am so freaking excited! esp since i have watched the japanese drama before by Hideaki Takizawa and Naohito Fujiki. The show is really nice and I am glad there's a movie to it. I carn wait to watch!!!thnx for the news

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Guest bigearhater

WOW WOW WOW! I never thought I would see so many pictures of Kimmy! He's just so gorgeous...it's so rare! Like, it's not a pretty boy aspect to the extreme -- it's just perfect! When I first saw him in CP I just blushed. I thought he was Japanese too! lol It's so awesome to have found a thread about him! And I can't wait for the Antique movie! That's really gonna put him on the map!

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i found it funny when he collabs

with JooJiHoon for his movie after

collabs with EunHye in Coffee Prince.

Ha~ my sister like him in Dalja. I think

she will be jumping in joy if i give her CP

to watch. haha~


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Guest Vivian87

Wow, I looked for his info and pics so many times hehehe now, thanks Soy and who find his pics very much ^^

oh my, I thought he's a Japanese ^^! he's so amazing XD love all da pics much. I think he's the prince in that film XDDD (Coffee Prince), but why I didnt know him in Dalja's Spring drama??? @___@ *kickself*

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I didn't know that he played in CP...means that I need to watch it.

I really need to do that.

It's funny, cos I actually saw him in Ruler Of Your Own World,

but totally didn;t noticed him.

But in Dalja's Spring even though it wasn;t a lot of him, he imediately

got my attention ^^ I was even waiting for moments when he'll be shown.


And he in the same movie as Jo Ji Hoon. Even though I don't know about what it is,

I like it already. Two hotties in same movie, that must be great ^^

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