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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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Kim Jae Wook finally shown his dandy looks. "Standard of Handsome"



16th June 2019

Translation Credits By: @sillygal 

Kim Jae Wook updated what he has been up to.


Kim Jae Wook publish his photo on 13th June on his own instagram account. From the published photo, Kim Jae Wook is looking at the turntable 


Kim Jae Wook is flaunting his dandy charm by wearing white shirt.  Even his side profile has captured the attention of the feels and heartwarming visual.


Meanwhile, Kim Jae Wook has appeared on TVN Drama 'Her Private Life' which has ended last month of May.  


Source: Link

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On 6/15/2019 at 12:12 AM, sillygal said:


I couldn't stop watching the part when he kissed her cheeks, I think this is one of the most heart fluttering kiss other than the wrist kiss for me. 


Yesyes it was in Episode 5 when he was trying to find evidence of Deok Mi, the fangirl. (: 


Even his stylists also knew how to make him stand even though he himself is good enough. He looks casual and dreamy in white while looking sexy in black. 


Shall continue from your white casual!! This time in black. :wub:


Awww, I like him in that black top! And I also really like your sneakers tribute, I'm always happy to see him in comfy clothes and shoes, haha.


Think we have to move on to pjs soon, lol. Here's one of him in grey that I thought looks snug on him:


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7 hours ago, sillygal said:


I think everyone started to know him through 'Voice' and he's someone whom will go for the character even if it's a supporting role, he wants to stand out in his own way of acting. I was reading a little on 'Temperature of Love' review and seemed like he was also very well-loved by many people from his acting skills despite him being the second lead yet he stands out a lot, even audiences felt hurt for him as Park Jung Woo. I don't think I can bring myself to see him being hurt. haha!!


I will definitely pay a lot of attention when I watch 'Antique'. I think the best way to see the real Kim Jae Wook gonna be all the interviews and radio interviews that he has done, but of course the super real him gonna be when he's with all his friends, that's when he will start to be teasing them around. 


Not a problem for Kim Jae Wook!! :blush:


If we talk about being stood out for his role, I think he always did. From Coffee Prince, Bad Guy, Marry Me Mary, Who Are You, Inspiring Generation, Voice, Temperature of Love, people always mention that he's good at his roles even though it's not the lead role. Sometimes he steals the show, making people watch the drama only for him.


I cried for Lee Hyung Joon (Who Are You) and Park Jung Woo (Temperature of Love). Yes, it's not good for the heart but I don't regret watching the drama just because of him.


Yes, I only could understand small portion of his interviews in radio shows and others, like fanmeeting. There is a small part where Joo Ji Hoon came to the fanmeeting and he talks about Jae Wook and made him laugh. I can't understand it. I just understand the later when JJH talks about Jae Wook's way of doing laundry. It's fun to see them bicker. There are a lot of radio interviews when he's at the military and invites his friends to talk on the radio, those too I want to know what they talked about. Sometimes I just make a bookmark of those radio shows and put off listening bacause I felt frustrated not understanding everything. Because it's not a visual radio so there's nothing to watch, only listening to their voices.



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Done my compilation of Jae Wook's Laughter from The Guest drama press con, interview and behind the scene...hope you guys gonna enjoy it and please share the link to our friends who love Jae Wook too! :lol: 


At the moment, I'm having a serious withdrawal syndrome with KJW... luckily I'm already move on from HPL withdrawal after being too concentrated on compiling KJW laugh videos..:sweatingbullets:



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