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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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So I'm trying to figure out after all what makes KJW so glamorous these days :kiss_wink:


There are many reasons that we all discussed about: his sensible acting skills, his sensual eyes, his handsome abc and xyz (a collection of girls' welfare :joy:) , but to me, the outstanding feature that differentiates him from other Korean actors is his own style and his unique charm. He's a perfect mixture of  different charming styles: a manly charm that I often see in Western actors rather than Asian ones, a sensitive and fragile charm of a musician, a mysterious and dark seduction of a gothic rocker, and a gentle and calm mood of an Asian man. 

No need to say more about his rare handsomeness : eyes, bone structure, lips, smiles, model's posture and fashion gout... Everything is just incredibly delicate and seductive.  Someone above said that he's not conventionally "handsome". Well I personally do not agree because I never find the standard of Korean male handsomeness  credible. If I have to put tagges on K-idols and actors, I rather call them "cute - fashionable - well skincared - unisex - cool - lovely" . I have nothing to be against that, but to be called handsome (not beautiful of pretty) , at the moment I dont know more K actors  than Lee Min Ho (only in BOF), Kim Soo Huyn, Won Bin and Kim Jae Wook. I love Goong Yoo too, he's manly and attractive, but handsome? Not really. And mong them, only Kim Jae Wook is charming - The powerful charm that I see in Sam Claffin ( in Me before You), Jude Law, Piece Brosnan and Colin Firth. It's easy to find a handsome actor, but being charming is the key to win audience's heart after a dozen minutes and it's rare. The last time I fell for an Asian actor's charm was a long time ago, it was for Takeshi Kaneshiro. However, Takeshi is more "poetic, melancholic" and KJW represents  more various colours that we have seen from all of his movies/dramas. 

About his style, I guess he's been gaining it from his younger years as a musician. I think he's much influenced by western style and culture through music. If you notice, he does quite a lot of gestures that I find in european actors ( angrily tap on the floor before getting up after being pushed down by DM, facial expression + hand gesture when he couldn't interrupt DM in the hospital, hand gestures in the BTS to tease PMY while she was trying to empty her mouthful of sandwich...).  He's always had this freestyle since he was a young actor. 

Maybe I've talked too much about him, but Yep I love this interesting actor. He refused to live a materialistic and boring life when he was young, to pursuit his music passion and now when he ages, he slowly enjoys his life, the same way he enjoyed kissing PMY slowly and passionately. And us, we are enjoying not only the drama HPL but also a passionate and charming actor. That's the reason why we have impression of being drugged and drunk by KJW :tounge_xd:

KJW :heart: PMJ




Sam Claffin & Emilia Clarke


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So I'm trying to figure out after all what makes KJW so glamorous these days .    There are many reasons that we all discussed about: his sensible acting skills, his sensual eyes, his handso

He was not accidentally named Ryan 

Hello all,   @JJChastity and myself have created a youtube account just purely for Kim Jae Wook. Do give us your support!!    I will take some time to do the translations for the vi

On 5/28/2019 at 9:58 PM, lighthearted said:

No need to say more about his rare handsomeness : eyes, bone structure, lips, smiles, model's posture and fashion gout... Everything is just incredibly delicate and seductive.  



Just forgot to add in his voice :D. It's the problem when you're too priviliged by God (or your mum is a genius), Kim Jae Wook! It would take ages to list all of your strong points. 
People often mention him as a sexy actor now. I think it's a not exactly the term. The right word for me is "sensual". Other male leads always manage to show their body here or there during the drama, but not him so far ( not because he doesn't have a canon body - we all SAW it). I guess "sexy" is a new trend now in K-drama because all actors want to act "cool and cold and sexy". But taking off the shirt is a very lazy and cliché way to show you are sexy, just less lazy that saying "Look, I'm sexy!".  KJW  is already a sex appeal and he knows it, that's why by confidently taking off his watch + sticking his eyes on DM, he "kills the scene" completely and redefines men's sexiness ...

His sensuality comes from his eyes, his voice, his physical beauty and his graceful movements. You know what truth shocks me most when I'm writing these lines ? Other K actors may have one or two features to be labelled sensual, but KJW just owns all of them. 


So, good luck PMY :rolleyes:.  












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2 hours ago, NaYouSabi? said:

okay where can i watch hedwig with him in it ... i have searched for years ...

You can find clips of it online but not the whole thing. The Moment has some good BTS footage from it too, him trying out a bunch of different wigs and whatnot.

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On 5/13/2019 at 1:02 PM, sillygal said:

He can be cute and giving out that sext aura of his. Haha!! 


Btw, does anyone have any video clips of KJW mentioning about soccer or playing soccer? 

Not exactly soccer, but there's a little video of him playing kick volleyball (and baseball and basketball) in The Moment.

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Omo my first time writing in the thread of an actor! I have been existing in this forum for years but I never write in an actors thread. I usually fan girl about drama series, sometimes write in shippers thread but my I don’t know why I admitted that he is my new fave actor our Ryan Gold! I just watched him before in coffee prince, and they said that he is an excellent actors especially villain part. I started following him in his IG last month because of her private life. I’m looking forward for his next project and starts to watch this eid holiday some of his work!

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Ok here goes.. 

So yeah I have been obsessing bout KJW for few weeks now.. been searching for his vids high and low and watched a horror drama.. again a horror drama for him.. me.. a coward hahahaha... so that's his effect on me.. I love him as an actor , saw that he's into method acting.. love his fashion style as well, u can see that it's japanese inspired..and slowly loving his views in life.. I envy that he do things that he likes bcoz it is not easy and for someone who over think like me I wanted to be just like him..

I hope that he gets to be recognize I mean a lot of kdrama hardcore acknowledges his acting already so hopefully he gets what he deserve.. 

And Hi @Lj yeah do try his other works.. the diversity of his acting profile.. and did I say that he was soooo Hot and cute in Antique..

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KJW simply rules the whole entire road and made it as his own runway during their wrap-up party. 


I have so many thoughts in my mind to write for him. I'll be back here to share soon. :wub:

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On 5/22/2019 at 9:30 AM, Aziraphale said:


Haha, yes. Setting new standards for k-drama male leads.


Ryan Gold fashion:



Kim Jae-wook looks great in dark colours, not so much the plaids and pastels, but he's tall and has the physique to carry off most styles, so he looks hot anyway :wub:


Dont forget to add his smexy black suit!!! the one that he wear when he gonna end the fake relationship, and the one for magazine cover. 


Seriously he is soooo sexy and hot with that suit! :love::love::love:

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On 5/23/2019 at 12:49 AM, sillygal said:

After re-watching episodes back and forth, I love the one he wore during Episode 6, pastel pink and light bluish collared shirt. But seems like the latest one he wore in Episode 13, black and white tuxedo literally blew me off, looking so good on it. :wub:


Which one is your favourite?



Sorry, I seem to have missed your question! Now that the drama has ended, I can safely say that I like a lot of his clothes in the earlier episodes, especially when he's in dark colours and more flowing pants that actually cover his ankles. I feel he looks much better when the clothes have a chance to breathe, so I'm not as fond of the tighter pants that seem way too short for him (and look really ugly when he sits down). Ryan is an artist, and I feel this was better reflected in the earlier episodes where he didn't seem as restricted by the clothes he wore, unlike in the later episodes.


The 3-piece suit in Ep 13 is definitely a winner, but I also really like the other times when he's in black (see auction house scene in ep 1, going to Shi-an's house in ep 3, rejection scene in ep 8). He also looks great in dark blue (workshop scene in ep 8, gallery meeting in ep 5). For lighter greys, I like it if he wears a darker contrasting shirt beneath (see eps 9/10 workshop kiss scene, ep 2 painting scene). For darker greys and navy, I think eps 3 and 4 have quite a bit of that (fake photos scene, for example), and also in ep 11 when he's teasing Deok-mi about fangirling. I make an exception for khaki, since he wore it in ep 12 during the hand tracing scene, which is one of my favourite parts of the drama.


This photo slays millions, I'm sure:


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20 minutes ago, lighthearted said:

"macho" is not really a possitive adjective to describe him. 
Macho can be considered as a negative word to describe the men who are "male in an aggressive way"


For me, KJW is effortlessly SEXY with capital letters.....:glasses: He is reeking pheromone.....:love: He doesn't need to stripped down to show his sexiness. With every move of him the word "vogue" came into mind...



For years I thought he was mixed Japanese....:confounded:  He got certain swags that most Japanese actors have....I have never seen any K or C actors that swag like him....

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