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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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I just realised there was a thread about him!!!!

I love the pics where he sticks his tongue out!!!

He has great features >< >< ><

Ahhhh!!!! more pics!!!!! thanks!!!!

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So I'm trying to figure out after all what makes KJW so glamorous these days .    There are many reasons that we all discussed about: his sensible acting skills, his sensual eyes, his handso

He was not accidentally named Ryan 

Hello all,   @JJChastity and myself have created a youtube account just purely for Kim Jae Wook. Do give us your support!!    I will take some time to do the translations for the vi

Guest nikkikim

Hi Soy, I spot his height and unique face since he sells clothes in Dal Ja spring. Finally, he makes a hit in Coffee Prince. That's great for him.

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Guest pachlex

pachlex, is that his new waffle-protege-cum-love-interest? :blink:

yes... :tears:

i seriously don't know why but i got so jealous over the whole NEW PRINCESS in the PRINCES' HOUSE thing.

then i found out she could speak japanese too like sun-ki

and so he was enamored by her even more. gah.

anyhow, everyone else was happy he ended up with someone other than

that girl from the past who kept leaving him behind.


Thanks for the pics..

the way he looks at her in the first cap gets to me!!

she is soo very lucky!

no problem... :) i'm just passing on the goodies i got from Rebby. ^_^

i know right?!?!?

he adores her... gah.

[hahaha i'm being such a jealous teenager. buwahaha]

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Guest pachlex

more KJW screencaps from the special BTS episode of Coffee Prince.

pardon the poor quality... ehe. heh. :P it's the best i can do right now. :P

KJW being teased about SunKi's first official love interest. :wub:


he looked so cute being all shy and everything... they had multiple takes of this. hahah :P

KJW's Coffee Prince Stylist - hmmm. is it just me or does anyone else want her to move a few inches back? :P


eheheh. part of the product of our work as Nancy YOOs in the YOOhouse. :P enjoy! ^_^

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Guest pachlex


Some old pics from the drama, 네 멋대로 해라




which drama was that from again? all i can see are [ ? ??? ?? ] :P

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Actually I'm also very happy for him, I mean, Sun Ki not Kim Jae Wook :P to have a new love. Even though it's very vague and just like an overture of a new story, but we all can guess what will happen to both, ne ne? And this girl is really pretty, a little bit innocent-looking (perhaps it's due to her hairstyle) but still sweet. I realize her Japanese isn't that good XD ~ but she can speak Nihongo anyway, which is awesome. Gaww, they should show more scenes of this couple - double shining don't you think so? I find they look compatible and cute together.

Yet it's interesting seeing how shy our waffle guy is in real life. Thanks for all the pictures, gosh this guy just steals all the light and attention without any effort.

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there's KJW's thank you clip here on samsung website :)


[special Guest] 커피프린스 1호점 김재욱 인터뷰


커피프린스 출연자 중 특별히 고마운 사람이 있다면?

다른 커피프린스 식구들에게 질문해도 똑같은 대답일 것 같지만 정말 한 명 한 명에게 고맙고 다 추억이 있어요. 특별히 고맙게 생각하는 사람은 극중에 ‘민엽’ 역으로 출연하는 이언씨.

모델 때부터 선배인데 곁에서 많은 힘을 주셨어요. 같은 드라마에 출연하면서 모델 활동 때보다 대화도 많이 하게 되고 직속 후배라고 더 챙겨 주셔서 힘과 용기를 얻었습니다.

특히 언이 형은 장난을 많이 치시는데 정이 느껴져요. 굳이 말로 하지 않아도 행동 하나하나가 진심으로 느껴져서 좋아요.

자신의 성격과 가장 닮은 커피프린스 캐릭터는?

제가 낯을 좀 많이 가리는 편이라서 노선기 역이 가장 맡는 것 같고, 감독님도 저의 실제 모습에서

‘선기’의 모습을 보셨으니 제게 ‘노선기’ 역할을 맡기셨다고 생각해요. 선기를 제외한다면…

약간 까칠한 면이 ‘한결’ 역과 좀 가깝지 않나 싶어요.

제가 사람이랑 친해지는데 시간이 많이 걸리는 편이라 오해를 많이 사기도 하고…

좀 신중한 성격이에요.

커피프린스 출연 후 달라진 점이 있다면?

많은 분들이 사랑을 해주시는 만큼 어디 가면 알아보시는 분들이 많아져 행동도 조심하게 되었고… 밥도 공짜로 주시더라고요! 저희는 거의 촬영장에서 살다시피 했기 때문에 실제로 커피프린스 인기가 많다고 하셔도 아무도 실감을 못 했는데 촬영 막바지에 이르면서 개인적인 시간이 생겨 생활하다 보니 ‘커피프린스를 정말 많은 사람들이 사랑해 주는구나!’ 하고 느끼게 됐어요.

앞으로의 계획은?

구체적으로 잡힌 계획은 아직 없습니다. 많은 분들이 ‘모델로, 뮤지션으로, 연기자로 다 잡으려 하냐?’고 말씀하시는데 다 잡고 싶다는 생각 보다 그냥 하고 싶어서 하는거에요.음악을 하고 있을 때나 모델로서 일을 할 때, 연기자로 일할 때 그 작업 자체가 즐거워서 하는 것이지 큰 욕심은 없어요.

팬 여러분들께.

커피프린스 촬영 현장에서 많은 시간을 보내면서 촬영 현장 앞에서 응원해주시는 많은 팬 여러분들을 지켜봐 왔었는데 촬영하느라 정신이 없고 솔직히 용기가 없었어요. 정말 감사하고 고마운 마음이 컸는데 그런 말을 한번도 제대로 전해드리지 못한 것 같습니다. 시청자 여러분 그리고 촬영현장에 와주셔서 정말 많은 힘을 주신 여러분, 고맙습니다!



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Guest krn_princessx3

hes cool in cp

i miss the whole cast TT0TT

did you guys know that eon and kim jae wook was in bi's its raining mv...

i never saw them in it..

it says that on their profiles from their management company


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On the 31st, the 3 Princes were on a shoe "Lee Jae Yong and Jung Sun Hee's Feel Good Day" show and revealed this as even Kim Jae Wook was shocked. The "Ak Dong Club" was a show casting for singers who would make their debut and what not as high schooler KJW went to audition the judges (Lee Hwi Jae) asked if he could give up rock to come on the show. Kim Jae Wook basically gave up on the audition b/c he could not give up rock [The show was looking for a dance group at the time].

From the show, Kim Jae Wook's high school and past pictures have been hits on the ratings for the internet sites as well as increasing the popularity of Kim Jae Wook from Coffee Prince.

Credit to Daum and jina_bing_bang@Soompi

I'm so impressed. He gave up because of his love for rock! That's my type of man XD XD how come such hotties are usually involved with rock music *like Gackt <3* ?

Coffee Prince no wonder has rocketed Jae Wook's fame and popularity to a totally different, high level. Congrats, waffle guy! But does he want it, as I just wonder? He looks shy and a little distant, and he hasn't said anything so far. Will he continue pursuing his model career, or become an actor, or both? This guy doesn't look that eager to be an actor, as I see.

Still, best wishes for him :)

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