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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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Google translation of kjw-love's post. Could not find the original on site of wowkorea.jp.

2008 Press Conference in Japan

Japanese fans are the perfect surprise! Kim Jae-wook's face and has a unique atmosphere?


May 27 at 9 FACE Shinzyuku, came to Japan in the increasingly popular actor Kim Jae-wook in Japan

We press conference and fan meeting.

MC is in charge of Mr. 亨 Koie Akira, Kim Jae-enabled change with native fluency in Japanese.

The following questions and answers at the press conference.

- I heard a lot of fans came to the airport? 

Japan is pretty much had to come,

The meet is like that for the first time I was delighted at the airport.

- The event will be the first time in Japan, what kind feelings? 

Very strange ... I mean now? Like ... (lol site).

- The media are more rushed, you feel exposed to the flash? 

It is tough (laughs)! 

- Is fluent in Japanese, but it is I lived in Japan? 

When I was a child, grew up here ... I mean before entering elementary school in Japan was a long time.

I watched the Seoul Olympics in Japan (laughs).

- I do not remember the words when you come to Japan? 

Very natural in Japanese, I was surprised.

Thank you. At that time ... can not speak Korean at all.

"Father" and "bro" I'm good at Japanese than me.

But "mother" will not speak so much, I had a conversation with my mother was a strange feeling.

Not even like Japanese or Korean (laughs).

- Do you lived where? 

This is Tokyo. Keio University is near. It was a newspaper reporter father,

I had to work while studying at Keio University.

- What went into the entertainment industry? 

I had a band since junior high school

Been recruited by chance I thought I'd like to fashion-related jobs,

It looks like I come here so that (laughs).

- I also had the feeling that I'm going to live music? 

I there. Since leaving music college Aichi our universities. Was a major song.

- (Pictures of age is projected model) from the floor "Oh," a voice.

What's "Oh," Are you (laughs)? 

- The secret to maintaining the system available? 

I'm eating well, really. I like the original constitution fat.

Feel a bit sorry ... What is wrong? (Laughter venue)


- Actor debut When? 

[2002] in Breathless was the role of the indie band.

Chance to meet the director, "I have such a role,

Hope to see you give me the usual, try this? "I tried, but it is said,

I play with myself is hard to believe I was not quitting.

I concentrated on studying at university to quit at the same time models.

I feel it began working again after graduation. 2 - It was three years away from show business.

- The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince [appeared] What is the opportunity? 

The audition.

- I wanted to hit so far? 

I did not think anyone (laughs)! 

A drama would be unlikely to change until now, though I was saying.

- Communication with co-star is how? 

So everyone, go out to dinner together at peace with no shooting,

Shot and go for a drink waiting for everyone ... well I met today.

- The room itself, I have heard is based on the concept? 

Aichi us ... (laughs), "inconvenient" wanted to make a house.

Bed or in the middle there, I'm not too much light (laughs).

When they wear the mess dress or looking too .... 'm A steel chair and table made to order.

I'm cold, I sit a little longer (laugh).

- I'm a good cook and I? 

No, I'm like, not good. It is like an ordinary home cooking kimchi stew.

I feel what you are using to make extra in the refrigerator.

- What is a good sport? 

I like baseball, I wanted to be around baseball player. I'm doing and to make any friends with the team today.

- Yesterday, but it was too hot to go to the batting? 

I'll have a very good machine in Japan. So I can get the curve, struck a disastrous yesterday.

- Had been addicted to baseball from a young age not available? 

Until I was a junior high school track and field. A short distance. After that, I like the book and DVD.

- Recently, at no time to immerse yourself in the busy hobby? 

I now I'm going to the shooting of the drama in the region.

Moraere just be nice - I feel like bedtime.

- Wind [Country, right? Is that a story like? 

At first I had heard the story from the director of the family,

Once fully in Action actually shoot (laughs) I'm struggling.

- What fun we felt as an actor? 

Well, [The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince] after the end of the

I work hard and want to be actors who are called.

- Movie antique - antique cake shop Hiroshi Nishi] Well done the shooting?

I heard a very good relationship with co-star Joo Ji Hoon?  

Relationship is bad (laughs). I'm insistent that person. And came into the house without permission ....

Troubleshooting and advice, but I have a good relationship, but I regret (laughs).


- Japanese actor and favorite person anyone? 

Shinichi is a dam. I like to watch him play.

- Artists who like Japan and Korea in there? 

In Japan, it's like Shiina Ringo.

<Tokyo Jihen> to be listened to. It is in Korea's Kim Dong Ryul.

- Women who I want to make food available? 

Or meat (laughs). I'm a meat and potatoes are good! Since its taste that is not Korea.

- Japanese women, all the fans are what impression do you think? 

Is it what I say (laughs).

Do all Japanese fans will respect him and say ...

I will keep it out of politeness will protect you.

Anyway, over there (Korea) ... I did not touch (laughs).

... Or pull punches, or ... (laughs).

Overall, Japanese women are like that ... I'm quiet.

Koreans are violent or rather my own feelings.

Copyrights © wowkorea.jp

Original Text


完ぺきな日本語にファンも驚愕! 独特な雰囲気を持つキム・ジェウクの素顔とは?










すごく不思議というか…なんでここまで? みたいな…(会場爆笑)。

























すみません…ちょっと感じ悪いですか? (会場爆笑)



2002 年の『勝手にしやがれ』で、インディーズのバンドの役でした。


普通に君を見せてくれればいいから、やってみない? 」と言われてやってみたんですけど、





























-『風の国』ですよね? どのような物語なんですか? 

















肉じゃがとか(笑)。肉じゃがはうまいですよね! あれは韓国にはない味なんで。










source : http://ameblo.jp/kjw-love/entry-10297705309.html

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Google translation

Kim Jae Fasutofanmitingu [Korean actors interviewed REPORT]

The Ueno Mariko Hello.


Hallyu Star Interviews Ueno Mariko" Gong Yoo we broadcast an interview with last year, he starred in the hit drama "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" (now being broadcast on Mnet) is one of the Prince in The Japanese actor who plays good, I wonder if the Japanese? Kim Jae-wook said that he had to deliver this time and attention. The fan meeting held on September 27 for the first time his name is "Welcome to Jeukukafe like Kim!", Became a live music venue called FACE Shinjuku. Tickets are sold at the same time that he was released, there was a press conference Hiraku Kimi. Press conference, because of the sell out fast tickets fan meeting actually, because now it also published a press conference specifically want to meet Jae Kim, live many people even slightly behind the seat journalists and fans closely that it was seated.


He appeared in a black dress riding theme of Coffee Prince 1st Shop, "is to meet Kim Jae Wook. Thank you." Greeting this. Said a surprised at how much the fans greeted the day before arrival Haneda, but he often came to say. He was asked his thoughts about the meeting was to be held fans wondering alone answer it. Smiled too shy to take a tough camera flash.



Continue the conversation in Japanese, so ordinary in his long career Furuya says the MC for the first time, asked the reason, remember the first seven years of age grew up in Japan for his father's appointment was a newspaper reporter I learned the language is Japanese or Korean language is said to be returning to Japan from Korea. In the house, "my father and brother spoke in Japanese and mother is a strange conversation and not say anything because we could not in Japanese, Korean, Japanese Monaku too:" Yes it was. At this time, Mr. Jae "father and brother, mother," Mr Furuya to Tame Sono Japanese natural and has renewed interest. But he that came from South Korea because of the good friends and seniors are still likely to come to Japan alone. Why is that? "Do not bother too were forced to place an interpreter." You more. It is obvious that this conversation in Japanese.


So did the entertainment industry into tall 183cm, from his college of music, but now it has come to the audition as a model scout at the age of 17, but I had a desire to succeed in the band. The screen was introduced by CM patterns and models of success in the works. Debut as an actor and as a member of the band is said to have been a small indie film, who said the offer from the coach and good for what it is he was doing the band. After that was likely to concentrate on their studies and I stopped all activities not suitable for an actor. After graduation he returned to show business was auditioning again, "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" So the role of 射止Meta.

That "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" and the first hit but so far no one thought I saw it. The drama will not say ever, but I went into the match all the fun shooting, but more so on good terms and still go to dinner together.What led to the hit is not reflected in the drama of such an atmosphere.

What is your favorite sport baseball, playing baseball with friends and things he had wanted to strike at Japan's Battingumashin is that it was very hot as soon as we came to Japan.


His hobbies include reading for DVD watching, favorite book was introduced Furuya's also could not explain.

Following the new "Country of Wind", the story of the grandson of Zhu 檬 starring Song Il-gook. Was difficult to say because it was full of action and actually look into the shooting by saying that it has received an offer in the period drama about a family. That cares enough to have taken no time to sleep in many of Korea, including Seoul and provincial location. Born and barely conscious as an actor, but also came out very strongly and say that I'd like to say that the actors themselves.


Following the film's subject, "Hiroshi Nishi antique antique cake shop" and the November 13 shooting in March to the end will be published in Korea. Starring Ju Ji, "He was insistent to come into the house without permission," also showed that the goodness of the relationship between the abusive language may be saying this. The Japanese actors anxious Tsutsumi Shiniti also show very different performances by the work that I really like his performance.Plans for the future anyway, "Country of Wind" It seems to be successfully completed without the injury will be taken until January.


Asked reporter

Q: Your favorite food is eaten Sasetai whom? Showing off a hairstyle that looks toward the back long hair.

MC: Answers from Which?

Jae: gotta, from her hair. (Where he showed off the hair around the rising Ruri Toku. Yonjunsutairu pace and feel the difference Ruri Toku and clean together, the voice from the audience try to solve it.) Cooking make friends Here. I'll make something woke up from sleeping well come out drunk, I feel good.

(At this time, the dried cod soup Mashi Akira something sick? And Mr. Furuya.) What do you know mind. He



Q: Japanese novels, but it is impressive to read Japanese novels? "Hiroshi Nishi antique antique cake shop" is what I read in the original Japanese?

Jae: "Hiroshi Nishi antique antique cake shop" is read in the original Korean.Also on the Japanese novel and Murakami Haruki Murakami Takakazu famous and easy to come by in Korea, read Korean works of Jiang Kaori country.

I read Chinese characters, the novel is so hard to read in Korean. Read comics but says in Japanese.


Q: I want to create the impression of cooking Japanese fans?

Jae: I want to make the meat is not Korean, Korean fans who just touch, pull or punch you, but the Japanese fans cheering, so welcome to observe the order.

Japanese fans are asked about the difference between the fans and gentle image, so intense that Korean fans loyal to express my feelings straight. This can be felt even if it's a drama.

Q: Favorite artists of both countries?

Jae: In Japan, Shiina Ringo, and there are many children besides Mr. and B'z.In Korea, Dong loves to hear good cam.




Hiraku Kimi thus shifted to the press conference and photo session ended.Hastily prepared news conference on the public was sold out tickets for mi fan, I look rather dark and the venue are so many more you'llcome. Mr. Kim Jae-face overlooking the bright lights of the venue like the voice from the fans, "Wow!" That raised a voice. Showed a willingness to work and a fan meeting in Japan on a regular basis.

I want more officers on the side of justice in the future hero, the villain that he wants, is more likely appeal to even look at the script which villain. It is said that we want next trip favorite destination in the UK.

Following aspiration of the meeting of the fan meeting was going to be fun to spend time with his unique take on Japanese direct communication. From the audience, "Lucky you!" Voice of the fan for the brightly lighted "the next time I will prepare to enter a lot of folks do not know. I'm sorry, thank you." Fans get a ticket for the meeting and I could not leave a message to all that.


The meeting was followed by fans.

Mr. Kim Jae-wook was the appearance of the rear door and asked for thoughts on stage "has touched a lot."

"People came to the airport yesterday!" Saw the risen too much hand MC asked Mr. Furuya said, "I went to a 皆Nna raise!" And shouts. One piece was also a hearty laugh all raise your hand high. The screen was also the venue to show off and called you in oof childhood picture is projected that a large watermelon in front of you call it because oof. It was doing the vocals and the band in high school, so that made it's debut into the entertainment world and the model that started in 11th grade. "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" talk has been screened a digest version of that hit piece third this work, once this role at an audition in began working as a model once again abandoned the thought not suitable for I grabbed. And the most favorite scene told me that he went to the scene when the apple harvest. Taken as saying that the atmosphere of the scene really playing water sports. Shooting from a good friend who played it said the atmosphere was very good and still had a hard scene video message was delivered. This "1st Shop of Coffee Prince" in Korea was hit by a piece that appeared to be a social phenomenon caused more people want to say for him varistors, "25-year-old became the best memories. Unforgettable. "I think to say was the work itself and the special.


Following is a block from the question submitted to Kan

Q: If you were not an actor?

Jae: Baseball players play head.

MC: Why give up?

Jae: not even aiming for!

Q: The most Tsukitakunai work?

Jae: a soccer player. Hey do not hurt!

Q: I do not like food?

Jae: prejudice beans, oysters, eel

Q: How many of Valentine's chocolates?

Jae: About 10.

Q: What is learning?

Jae: English language and instruments.

Q: will you marry it?

Jae: I hate the event. But like some event!

Q: cell phone ring?

Jae: do not use the phone not gone out to listen to your favorite song 使Ttara.

Q: What do well in Japan?

Jae: Yoshinoya, Matsuya

Q: I want to make her food?

Jae: white rice to meet Korean food, make myself at home.

Q: When are you doing in the room?

Jae: housework and housewives like reading books. His left eye in the hall to the voice of the fans who are showing in your eyes.


The following is a mouth-watering cakes, a stylish new film flows is projected cake song "Hiroshi Nishi antique antique cake shop" story, and movie studios public is imminent in Korea in November. The original Japanese manga and this story has been dramatized in Japan.

Says he read in the original Korean, but also it came to shooting practice of making cakes. But he said it was great fun and memories spent six months shooting coach because he was obsessed with details. "It was natural to talk about French." Praise and Mr. Furuya and MC, "Really?!" And shout. The drama "Devil" was the biggest benefit of this film that appeared to meet with him in his video message from a familiar but Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Hoon will come up on the crowded house without permission, I met swoon showed that best friend, pretending to drink more thoroughly. Pokes her face and even make friends with one side that enjoys shooting with co-star and long time.

New drama "Country of Wind" is actually made to appear to hear the story of a family that was action. Horse riding and sword fighting for two months before the period drama, they say, they face the practicing of other unique way of speaking of a period drama and speech. I saw that the end was shown to digest Botsuri "is such a drama. Continued in broadcasting!" If we were Kano Toshi wit and fancy. Tight filming schedule, but it seems like shooting a movie in one week.


Childhood friends and play exclusively in the entertainment industry is not so much. Narita, I think people have a cool career in Incheon International Airport. Bed in his room so inconvenient that the concept that the middle of the room, the light is less likely 射Sanai. Fashion brand says his favorite style is very particular about vintage art-style dress to wear and remove one of his color is black, just ring accessories, like hats and say enough with the collection. Says he feels good when you throw away the clothes, the amount of clothing so as not abandon minutes is said to have bought always a certain amount. He said that MC was also Furuya Koma Hazime gift that I bought a giant hat in a hurry. Distinctive character and so got them.


In Korea, CSS (beer), SK Telecom (cell phones), with a large client such as CM he is also a model that things can not only my love manufacturing, says fun can express yourself. If you look forward to a good job in taking the fun from the heart. Now, the promise of a large fan and the next meeting to meet with you at the bigger ones, and concluded in the form of a song live gift guitar in hand.

Business Meeting PHOTO: Ii Tatsuo / GAM PUBLISHING

Surprisingly this Korean event, we can come out a word of Korean, Korean actor despite the event, it is like a native speaker of Japanese for seven years growing up in Japan as mentioned above because it can be used. The Japanese learned the Korean language is learned in the first place was because I came back to Korea. But he that came from South Korea because of the good friends and seniors are still likely to come to Japan alone. Why is that? "Do not bother too were forced to place an interpreter." You more. It is obvious that this conversation in Japanese. Also true that for fans of Korean actors have so fluent in Japanese may come out of even a little sad in Korean Korean event, where the closest chance of starring in a Japanese drama What's not to say that position.

Mr. Kim Jae-profile was very impressive and beautiful clear eyes.

I think even you for seeing to conclude that photo of special profile.



REPORT Thank you for reading long to the end.

Do not miss the next episode!

Original Text

キム・ジェウク ファーストファンミーティング [韓国俳優取材REPORT]

こんにちは 上野まり子です。




コーヒープリンス1号店のテーマに乗って黒い衣装で登場した彼、“はじめまして キム・ジェウクです。宜しくお願いします。”とご挨拶。頻繁に来日していると言う彼だが前日の羽田到着時のファンの出迎えの多さにびっくりしたと言う。単独ファンミーティングが開催されることになったことについて感想を聞かれた彼はなんか不思議だと答える。カメラのフラッシュを浴びるのもしんどいと はにかんだ笑顔を見せた。


長いキャリアの中でこんなに普通の日本語で会話を続けるのは初めてと言うMC古谷氏、その理由を尋ねると、新聞記者をしていた父親の赴任のために7歳まで日本で育ち最初に覚えた言語が日本語で韓国語を覚えたのは韓国に帰国してからだそうだ。家の中では“親父と兄貴は日本語で話し、お袋はあまり日本語ができなかったため日本語でもなく韓国語ともいえない何か不思議な会話”だったそうだ。このときジェウク氏が“親父や兄貴、お袋”といったためそのナチュラルな日本語に古谷氏は改めて関心した。今でも日本に先輩やお友達がいるためよく来日するという彼だが韓国からは一人 で来るそうだ。それは何故か? “だって通訳代わりをさせられて面倒くさいじゃないですか。”  ごもっと。こんな会話が当たり前に日本語でできるのだ。


さて芸能界に入ったきっかけは身長183cm、音大出身の彼、バンドで成功したいという希望を持っていたそうだが17歳のときにモデルとしてスカウトされオーディションを受けながら現在に至っているという 。スクリーンではCM作品やモデルでの活躍の模様が紹介された。そして俳優としてのデビュー作品は小規模な映画でインディーズのバンドの一員としてだったそうで、バンドをやっていた彼にそのままの姿でよいからと監督からのオファーを受けたそうだ。その後は役者に向いていないと思い全ての活動を停止して学業に専念していたそうだ。卒業後再び芸能界に戻った彼はオーディションを受けて「コーヒープリンス1号店」の役を射止めたそうだ。







続いては話題の映画「アンティーク・西洋骨董洋菓子店」、 3月に撮影が終了して11月13日には韓国で公開となる。主演はチュ・ジフン、“彼はしつこいし、勝手に家に入ってくるし”と憎まれ口を言いながらも良い関係だとその仲の良さも披露した。また日本の俳優で気になるのは作品によってまったく違う演技を見せる堤真一、彼の演技がとても好きだという。今後の予定についてはとにかく「風の国」の撮影が予定の1月まで怪我がなく無事に終了することだそうだ。



Q :お得意な料理は誰に食べさせたい?髪が長そうだが後ろを向いてヘアスタイルを披露して。

MC :どっちから答えます?

ジェウク :じゃー、髪から。(ここで彼は立ち上がりくるりと回ってそのヘアスタイルを披露した。ぺ・ヨンジュンスタイルとは違いくるりとまとめてすっきりとした感じ、会場からは解いてみてという声も。)料理は友達に作ってあげます。酔っ払って来てうちでよく寝ていますから目覚めたら何か作ってあげます、気分が良ければ。



Q :日本の小説を読むそうだが印象に残っている日本の小説は?「アンティーク 西洋骨董洋菓子店」の原作は日本語で読んだか?

ジェウク :「アンティーク・西洋骨董洋菓子店」の原作は韓国語で読みました。また日本の小説については韓国で手に入りやすい有名な村上春樹や村上隆一、江国香織の作品を韓国語で読みます。



Q :日本のファンの印象と作ってほしい料理は?

ジェウク :作ってほしいのは韓国にはない肉じゃが、韓国のファンはとにかく触ったち、引っ張ったり、殴ったりだが日本のファンは秩序を守って応援してくれるのでありがたい。


Q :両国の好きなアーティストは?

ジェウク :日本では椎名林檎、ほかにもB'zやミスター・チルドレンなどたくさんいます。韓国ではカム・ドンヨルが好きで良く聞いています。



今後やりたい役については主人公で正義の味方より、悪役をやりたいという彼、どの脚本を見ても悪役のほうが魅力を感じるそ うだ。今後やりたいことは好きな旅行だそうだ、行き先はイギリス。

続いて行われるファンミーティングの抱負は直接日本語でコミュニケーションを取って楽しい時間を過ごしたいと彼ならではの会になりそうだった。会場からは“いいなー!”の声、明るく照らし出されたファンに対し“次回いつになるかはわからないがたくさんの方が入れるように準備します。ごめんなさい、ありがとう。” とファンミーティングのチケットを手にする事ができなかった皆さんへメッセージを残した。




“昨日空港に来た人!”と言う問いにあまり手が上がらなかったのを見たMCの古谷氏が“こういう時は皆んな上げる!!”と一言。全員が高く手を上げて大笑いする一コマもあった。スクリーンには大きなスイカを目の前にしている子供のころの写真が映し出されウッ君と呼ばれていたことも披露すると会場はせいのでウッ君コール。また高校時代にバンドでヴォーカルをやっていたこと、高2でモデルを始めたことなどが芸能界へのデビューのきっかけとなったそうだ。「コーヒープリンス1号店」のダイジェスト版が上映されてのトークは この作品が3本目の作品に当たること、一度は向いていないと思い断念したが再びモデルとして活動を始めた中でオーディションでこの役をつかんだ事。そして一番お気に入りのシーンはりんごの収穫に行ったときののシーンだそうだ。水遊びのシーンも本当に遊んでいるような雰囲気で撮影したと言う。撮影は大変だったが現場の雰囲気がとても良くて今も仲良しだと言う共演者たちからはビデオメッセージが届けられた。この「コーヒープリンス1号店」のヒットにより韓国ではバリスタになりたい人が増えると言う社会現象も引き起こしたという作品への出演は彼にとって“25歳の最高の思い出になった。一生忘れられない。”と自身が言うように特別な作品になったようだ。



Q :俳優になっていなかったら?

ジェウク :頭脳プレイをする野球選手。

MC :なぜあきらめたの?

ジェウク :目指してもいないし!

Q :もっともつきたくない仕事は?

ジェウク :サッカー選手。 痛いじゃないっすか!

Q :嫌いな食べ物は?

ジェウク :食わず嫌いで豆、牡蠣、うなぎ

Q :バレンタインのチョコの数は?

ジェウク :10個くらい。

Q :習いことは?

ジェウク :英語などの語学、楽器。

Q :プロポーズはどのようにする?

ジェウク :イベントは嫌いなので・・・。でもイベントかな!

Q :携帯の着信は?

ジェウク :好きな曲を使ったら聞き入ってしまって電話に出られないから使っていない。

Q :日本で良く行くところは?

ジェウク :吉野家、松屋

Q :彼女に作ってほしい料理は?

ジェウク :白いご飯に会う韓国料理、自宅では自分でも作る。

Q :部屋にいるときは何をしている?

ジェウク :本読んだり主婦みたいに家事をしたり。あなたの瞳に見せられているというファンの声に会場中を左から見渡す彼。




新作ドラマ「風の国」は家族の物語と聞いて出演することにしたが実際にはアクションものだったという。時代劇のため二ヶ月前から 乗馬や剣術、そして時代劇ならではのせりふのしゃべり方などの練習をしていての臨んでいるそうだ。ダイジェスト版が上映されたがボツリと終わってしまったのを見て“こういうドラマです。続きは放送で!”としゃれた機転の利かせ方だった。厳しいスケジュールのドラマ撮影、1週間で映画を1本撮るという感じだそうだ。






驚いたことに この韓流イベント、韓国俳優のイベントだったにもかかわらず一言の韓国語も出なかった今回、それは前述したように7歳まで日本で育ったため日本語を母国語 の様に使えるからだ。最初に覚えた言語が日本語で韓国語を覚えたのは韓国に帰国してからだそうだ。今でも日本に先輩やお友達がいるためよく来日するという 彼だが韓国からは一人で来るそうだ。それは何故か? “だって通訳代わりをさせられて面倒くさいじゃないですか。”  ごもっと。こんな会話が当たり前に 日本語でできるのだ。ファンにとっては韓流イベントで韓国語が一言も出ないのも少し寂しいかもしれないがこんなに日本語が流暢な韓国俳優がいるというのも 事実、日本でのドラマ出演のチャンスにもっとも近いところに位置しているといえるのではないだろうか。






source : http://uenomariko.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2008-10-07

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Magazine Haru*Hana(ハルハナ)VOL.004 2011 Issue 5


CNBlue but also our JaeWookie -->





According to kjw-love, it has an interview with Kim Jae Wook and WALRUS: Kim Jae-four page interview ※ & Walrus Page 1

More details about the contents:

Cover ● / CNBLUE

Changmin ★ (TVXQ), Lee Yeon Hee, "Paradise Ranch" Interview

Special gravure ★ & Interviews: CNBLUE, Kim Bum,

Kim Jae-wook , Lee Sungi, INFINITE More

★ & Drama Bae production starring the talk of "high" Dream

Special feature: Tae-kyung, Woo (2PM), Kim Soo-hyun, Bae Su (Miss A)

Shooting and shooting down an interview repository

The 亨 Koie Akira fan ★ K-POP

★ Super Junior, BEAST, MBLAQ, 2PM appearance "DREAM OF ASIA" Conference repository

TVXQ ★, starring Girls! "SM TOWN" More Reports

And this magazine can be purchased at amazon.co.jp

Credits : oranjyu and kjw-love

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under construction

Copy paste from asianmediawiki, since it is better than what we have here now (kkekeke....there is nothing like this...I believe) and is something I could never write myself. Judging from the references used, it is written by someone who knows Korean! Envy, envy. But according to this biography JaeWookie was in the movie Monopoly?? Anybody seen it?


Kim Jae-Wook was born on April 2, 1983 in South Korea. His family consists of his parents and one older brother. When Kim-Jae Wook was an infant his family moved to Japan. His father worked as a journalist and was transferred to Japan as a foreign correspondent. Kim Jae-Wook moved back to Korea by the time he was 8-years-old.[1]

When Kim Jae-Wook returned to Korea, he could barely speak Korean. When he was admitted to elementary school in Korea, Kim Jae-Wook first started to learn Korean. Growing up through the Korean school system, he could not get used to the strict Korean school rules like wearing uniforms & regulation of hair style. Because of this, he told his parents that he might not go to the high school. He then changed his mind because he wanted to partake in school band activities like his brother. As a freshman at Dandae High School, he took an audition for the band "Kaksital" and got accepted. [2]

During higschool, Kim Jae-Wook appeared on the MBC TV show "Akdong Club" which was a reality show depecting the makings of an idol group. In the show, high school students took auditions and Kim Jae-Wook was among the contestants. The host of the show Lee Hwi-Jae asked Kim Jae-Wook if he could dance and sing in the idol group style rather than rock music style. Kim Jae-Wook said no and without hesitating gave up the audition.[3]

In his sophmore year of high school, Kim Jae-Wook started modeling for fashion magazines like "YuHaeng Tongshin" and appearing in fashion shows. His passion was still centered on his music career.[4]

At the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Kim Jae-Wook majored in music and formed a 3 piece rock band named "Walrus". Kim Jae-Wook still performs with the band to this day. In 2002, MBC PD Park Sung-Soo advised Kim Jae-Wook to pursue acting in TV dramas. Kim Jae-Wook made his acting debut in the MBC drama "Ruler of Your Own World," performing as a member of an indie rock band. His experience though was not positive for his first acting job. In fact, Kim Jae-Wook found acting to be too difficult and decided to give up that career. 5 years later, Kim Jae-Wook had a change of heart and performed in the 2007 KBS2 drama "Dalja's Spring" as a friend of lead character Kang Tae-Bong (played by Lee Min-Ki). [5]

In 2007, Kim Jae-Wook also acted in the MBC drama "Coffee Prince" as supporting character No Seon-Ki. "Coffee Prince" turned out to be a hit series and achieved high ratings. This also brought recognition to Kim Jae-Wook in the public's eye. The public referred to supporting actors Kim Jae-Wook, Kim Dong-Wook and Lee Eon as "꽃미남 프린스" - meaning literally "Handsome Flower Princes". When Kim Jae-Wook first auditioned for "Coffee Prince," he was cast for the character Jin Ha-Lim who was written as a bright kid but also a womanizer. Lee Yoon-Jung, the PD for "Coffee Prince," then changed Kim Jae-Wook's role to No Seon-Ki - a more introspective & silent character, hoping he would feel more comfortable playing that role.[6]

In 2007, Kim Jae-Wook made his feature film acting debut with "Antique". In the movie, Kim Jae-Wook played Min Seon-Woo, a character written as a highly talented patissier and also a homosexual. According to director Min Kyu-Dong, he picked Ju Ji-Hun and Kim Jae-Wook for the movie, but was undecided on which characters they would play. Kim Jae-Wook decided to play Seon-Woo and was enthusiastic to play him. [7]

In an interview with Kim Jae-Wook, he mentioned that it was difficult playing Min Seon-Woo and expressing the character's gay tendencies in a natural way.[8]

After successfully performing in "Antique," more job offers came to him with characters written simialr to Min Seon-Woo. Kim Jae-Wook decided to take a one year break from acting.[9]

Kim Jae-Wook made his return to acting in 2010 with the SBS drama "Bad Guy". Kim Jae-Wook performed as supporting character Hong Tae-Sung - a character that possesses a more dynamic nature than Kim Jae-Wook's prior characters. Kim Jae-Wook was cast after only one meeting with the series director Lee Hyeong-Min.[10]

Kim Jae-Wook also performed in the KBS2 drama "Marry Me, Mary!". In "Marry Me, Mary!" Kim Jae-Wook perfroms as Jung-In, a wealthy young man who moves from Japan to Korea. Kim Jae-Wook was able to speak Japanese in the drama series.

Outside of music & acting, Kim Jae-Wook's hobbies include reading, baseball and soccer. He also enjoys cleaning in his spare time. It usually takes Kim Jae-Wook about 4-5 hours to finish cleaning. Afterwards, when he looks over his clean home he feels a sense of pride. While cleaning, Kim Jae-Wook finds he can contemplate on matters running through his mind. Stylistically, Kim Jae-Wook prefers an easy style and he keeps a personal rule that he never washes his jeans.[11]


[1] 배우 김재욱 ‘나쁜남자’로 ‘모델출신’ 꼬리표 떼다, "hani.co.kr." "August 13, 2010"

[2] 김재욱│“어디까지나 삶의 주체가 나였으면” -2, "10 Asia," "August 18, 2010"

[3] 와플선기 김재욱 비밀? 7년전 ‘악동클럽’ 오디션 낙방+5년전 이나영밴드 멤버, "Newsen," "September 1, 2007"

[4] 김재욱│“어디까지나 삶의 주체가 나였으면” -2, "10 Asia," "August 18, 2010"

[5] 배우 김재욱 ‘나쁜남자’로 ‘모델출신’ 꼬리표 떼다, "hani.co.kr." "August 13, 2010"

[6] 와플선기 김재욱 비밀? 7년전 ‘악동클럽’ 오디션 낙방+5년전 이나영밴드 멤버, "Newsen," "September 1, 2007"

[7] 와플선기 김재욱 비밀? 7년전 ‘악동클럽’ 오디션 낙방+5년전 이나영밴드 멤버, "Cine21," "November 3, 2008"

[8] '앤티크' 김재욱, 타고난 모델+배우는 배우, "asiae.co.kr," "November 13, 2008"

[9] 김재욱 “동성애 작품만 섭외…1년간 휴식” , "tvreport.co.kr," "March 29, 2010"

[10] 김재욱, `나쁜남자` 합류 "강한 카리스마 선보일 것" , "hankyung.com," "February 10, 2010"

[11] "]http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G0910160010, "osen," "October 16, 2009"

Source : http://asianmediawiki.com/Kim_Jae-Wook

Credits for the link : nunasknowbest and sakurahues/

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under construction



Kim Jae Wook's Official site : http://www.kimjaeuck.com/

Walrus's Twitter : http://twitter.com/walrusmusic

Walrus's Blog : http://blog.naver.com/walrus_jw

Walrus me2day : http://me2day.net/bandwalrus

Kim Jae Wook's agency ESteem : http://www.esteemmodels.co.kr/esteem_main.htm

ESteem Blog : http://blog.naver.com/esteem_model

ESteem me2day : http://me2day.net/esteemmodel


Korean KJW fan site at Daum : http://cafe.daum.net/artist-jw

Korean KJW fan site at DCinside : http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=jaewook

Chinese KJW fan site Jing Hong : http://kimjaewook.5d6d.com/

Chinese KJW fan site at Baidu : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%BD%F0%B2%C4%EA%C5

Kim Jae Wook's Official Japanese fan site : http://kjw-fan.com/

Japanese KJW fan site : http://ameblo.jp/kjw-love/

Possible sources of info regarding Kim Jae Wook. Names are google translated.

"Chu diary interrupt assignments" : http://ameblo.jp/milyu-0601/

思Ikkiri! ☆ Ju Ji Hoon : http://lanlan516.blog121.fc2.com/

sweets-sweets samiya :http://ameblo.jp/sweets-samiya/

Eternal Rose aka oranjyu : http://blog.livedoor.jp/oranjyu/archives/cat_50030677.html

Yumi Itino dumb : http://pcf-yumi.at.webry.info/

Aja! Aja! Jihun!! :http://jjh0516.blog123.fc2.com/

Scenario Style : http://chi2006.blog.ocn.ne.jp/style/


LEVI'S Korea Official : http://www.leviroadwear.co.kr/


Drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night" official site : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/mary/index.html

MSOAN thread at soompi : http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/348320-drama-2010-mary-stayed-out-all-night-marry-me-mary-%EB%A7%A4%EB%A6%AC%EB%8A%94-%EC%99%B8%EB%B0%95%EC%A4%91/

Drama "Pygmalion's Love" official site : http://pre.beetv.jp/pages/kimiboku/

Drama "Bad guy" official site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/badboy/

Bad Guy thread at soompi: http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/333274-drama-2010-bad-guybad-boy/

Short movie "BANG!" iPhone 4 Film Festival : http://www.iphone4filmfestival.co.kr/main_1006/iphone4main.html

Drama "HEART OF GOLD" official site : http://www.opaque.ne.jp/heartofgold/index.html

Movie "Antique Bakery" thread at soompi : http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/172419-movie-2008-antique-bakery/

credits: kjw-love@http://ameblo.jp/kjw-love/

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Award for director of BAD GUY


Director of drama "Bad Guy" received Best Director award at Rainbow Drama Awards in Hong Kong that was held on the 22nd of March 2011.

See denzai's post in Bad Guy thread, which is the post above this one

(don't know why I can't link to denzai's post)

credit: kjw-love

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Google translation of post by kjw-love@ameblo.jp

[June 21, 2008 (Sat) 1st fan meeting in Seoul

5:00 pm at the COEX InterContinental Seoul - (1 hour)

Jae's birthday party a little late.

The highlight of the video episodes Filmography Association handshake photo session,

And video messages from co-star . Jae's around each table,

It gave me a vision about a fan meeting in champagne.

Kim Jae Wook's original gift to all participants privilege ■

Original text







■特  典  参加者全員にキム・ジェウクさんのオリジナルグッズをプレゼント




source: http://ameblo.jp/kjw-love/entry-10583161775.html#main

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FAN MEETING 2011 in Japan

DVD about fan meetings "NEW YEAR with LIVE" in Tokyo and Osaka in January 2011 has been is scheduled to be released 25 April 2011.


Google translation

Price : 4,953 yen (tax included)

Shipping fee (in Japan): 525 yen

Coari at 4 Mon 15 before the date your order (payment) to all customers who

Kim Jae-life photos one photos for free! ! !


Date of Release : 25 April 2011

Contents : Koh ー Hee ー Prince, Ante ー break in the network!

Model fluent in Japanese and people from care actor Kim - Jae

2011 year one was held in January Kim - Jae Toukyou fan event - the Osaka show included a must-see for fans DVD Bonus Features for 2009 years among the ZERO mi fan ー operating unreleased footage also included

Price : 4,935 yen ( tax included )

Specifications :1 DVD, Photos Kim Jae-inclusion Award Postcard Limited

◆ six pieces (tentative)Bonus Features

◆: the press conference, rehearsal, 2009 and unpublished images in fan meeting (scheduled)

Planning drawing - Production : www.frau-inter.co.jp/

Release yuan : www.frau-inter.co.jp/

Sales sales yuan : www.frau-inter.co.jp/

Original text

キム・ジェウク NEW YEAR with LIVE DVD

発売日 : 2011年4月25日

内容 : コーヒープリンス、アンティークでブレイク!


2011年1月に開催されたキム・ジェウク ファンイベント東京・大阪公演を収録したファン必見のDVD


価格 :4,935円(税込)

仕様 :DVD1枚

◆初回限定封入特典 キム・ジェウク ポストカード6枚(予定)


企画・製作 :株式会社フラウ・インターナショナル

発売元 :株式会社フラウ・インターナショナル

販売元 : 株式会社フラウ・インターナショナル

Can be purchased at KOARI : http://www.koari.net/shop/item.php?it_id=P0607

credits: kjw-love

edited to add 10 April 2011:


DVD (region 2) also available at amazon.co.jp for YEN 3,652 (26 % off) instead of ¥ 4,935, but is Japanese subbed.

also available at rakuten, but no discount. However, shipping fee could be cheaper? Sorry, no idea, got to check it out yourself.

credits: kjw-love

note: later I will move this post to other posts re FM 2011

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Google translation of a post by kjw-love

June 21, 2008 1st Fan Meeting in Seoul

June 21, 2008 (Sat) 5:00 pm, at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel in Gangnam,

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince drama] as one of the popular Prince Waffurusongi in

The first was held Fanmitigu Kim Jae Wook.

Comprised in this event because of requests from fans, Kim Jae Wook is currently shooting

KBS has been much drama in the Wind came to the home country temporarily from filming in China.

Kim Jae-like appearance and welcomed by cheering, inspiring the first meeting before it gets cold,

A surprise turn in one by one to pour a glass of champagne to toast Kim Jae-wook

Gripped the hearts of fans from the ride to the event.

Then, one by one in the sense that we repeatedly encounter with the future fans, candles

Cutting the cake one stood. Kim Jae-wook's exciting the first time in cutting,

"As expected (in the movie] Antique) pastry genius" and exclamation leaked.

Kim Jae lived in Japan until the age of seven, still fluent Japanese freely

To learn and use. As possible and at the request of his fans who want to interact directly

Corner without any questions prepared in advance by the board, interact directly with each fan


"The Japanese have to remember there is" a question, and Japanese dramas and movies,

Looking for a lot of variety, respect for the Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano, Japan

Revealed that the work appeared to be interested.

"Recommend spot in Korea?" With the question, then shopping around Ewha Womans University

And while there are many unique and cute clothes, his clothes in Korea recently buying,

The audience laugh as most Japanese are buying.

Japanese fans were unable to attend events on this day, unfortunately, in a video message

Sent a passion, Kim Jae-wook told a feeling of excitement, thanks to the support of many fans

Then said.

Kim Jae At the end of the event, while shaking hands with every single autograph to fans directly,

[Later] The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince appeared, now come offers a lot of work, work

While grateful to be in a position to choose now, you spare no effort to become a good actor will

I want to take care of said fans and continue to encounter in the future, the next day [22] Country of Wind

Shoot for, went to China again.

Original Text

2008年06月21日 1st Fan Meeting in Seoul


ドラマ 『 コーヒープリンス1号店 』 でワッフルソンギとして人気を博したプリンスの1人、



盛んに行われているKBSドラマ 『 風の国 』 の中国ロケから一時帰国して臨んだ。






「さすがは ( 映画 『 アンティーク 』 で ) 天才パティシエ」と感嘆の声が漏れた。



















Source : kjw-love

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Google Translation

Latest from Kim Jae Wook

June 16, 2008

June 21 (Saturday), but is scheduled to Kim Jae-wook's first fan meeting in Seoul, I will inform you of his recent.

KBS drama scheduled to air in September [country] has been cast into the wind, hard to shoot in China.

However, he returned to Korea on April 20 just for the fan meeting, towards me just a fan meeting in China. Can we meet with Kim Jae-wook's also what people are really looking forward to ^ ^

Business meetings are detailed below for Japanese to speak without an interpreter, you can also give you a direct message and presents the fans - everybody.

We accept questions from finished and the story behind the shooting [antique], [country currently filming the Wind and cares about, a lot Chaimashou question. I especially like historical drama from the first time, you can listen to stories of the fun?

Come to a meeting with fans happy ^ ^


Original Text


2008年 06月 16日


KBSで9月から放送予定のドラマ 『 風の国 』 にキャスティングされて、中国で撮影に頑張っています。



質問も受け付けていますから、撮影の終わった『 アンティーク 』 の裏話や、現在撮影中の 『 風の国 』 の苦労話など、たくさん質問しちゃいましょう。特に史劇は初めてのようですから、楽しいお話が聞けるのでは?


Source: http://kjstar.exblog.jp/9056647/

Credit for link: kjw-love

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Google Translation

Kim Jae-wook's first fan meeting

May 20, 2008

[The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince] is noticed in the movie, she remarked antiques, Jeonju International Film Festival recently served as ambassador Kim Jae-wook's first fan meeting will now be held in Seoul last ^ ^

Details will be announced on May 20 today (Clap, clap, clap)

Remamini cooperara immediately announced, but it will be announced here , KJStar HP - thank you also checed.


Original Text


2008年 05月 20日

『コーヒープリンス 1号店』で注目され、映画『アンティーク』出演、先日の全州国際映画祭では広報大使を務めたキム・ジェウクの初ファンミーティングが、とうとうソウルで行われることになりました^^


発表されましたらすぐに、こちらでもお知らせする予定ですが、KJStar HPのチェックもよろしくお願いします~。

source: http://kjstar.exblog.jp/8889285/

credit for link: kjw-love

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