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Kim Jae Wook 김재욱 / キム・ジェウク

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Guest Sonagi

what he is really korean. i thought he was half japanese and korean. he sure looks and acts japanese. he is so hot too. i love him in coffee prince.

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So I'm trying to figure out after all what makes KJW so glamorous these days .    There are many reasons that we all discussed about: his sensible acting skills, his sensual eyes, his handso

He was not accidentally named Ryan 

Hello all,   @JJChastity and myself have created a youtube account just purely for Kim Jae Wook. Do give us your support!!    I will take some time to do the translations for the vi

Guest snowie_rain

th_IMG_49366035.jpg --> waffle sunki's hand

creidt cyworld


th_wapeulsunki.jpg --> he looks chubby when he was young

th_witheon.jpg --> with Eon

th_untitled.jpg th_sunkiwapeul.jpg


th_smirksunkiwapeul.jpg th_smirksunKI.jpg --> love that smirk


i like him in CP, the anti-social sunki, and yet he has a sensitive part in him, the one that made him search for the woman he loves and her child... that part of him also what made him care towards the other characters of CP, especially towards eun chan... hope to see more of him...

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I really loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee those black polished nails of his.. HAHHA! maybe it's because I like black and dark coloured nail polish thus when I saw those nails of his, I went "hmmmmm, niceeeeeeeeeee~" LOL!!! but seriously, I love his hair and style. No matter how messy it gets, he still looks sexy.<333

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Guest snowie_rain

^^yeah i agree... hehe... he's the first character that really caught my attention in CP... he just looks so handsome and sexy coz of his style... and the hair and nails, a bit of gothic-rock look, reminds you of those boys that your mum warned you about...

and his smile... i always wait for him to smile in CP... coz its so darn cute...

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Guest akovinagi

I'm interested but also afraid of b blooded guys! oy, watever! I really really like his way of everything! gonna real nut! talk no more! ^_^

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Ooooo, i remember him from Dalja's Spring...he's so hot!!

I adore him!

And he does give off a Japanese feeling. Totally understandable now.

Thanks for sharing all those pics!

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Guest zefiris1

first time i saw him in dal ja's spring i thought he was japanese/korean. his style seems to be influenced a lot during his stay in japan. plus his japanese sounded really good in coffee prince. he totally reminds me of yamapi (yamashita tomohisa) a japanese idol. heres some pics to compare:




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^ lol - Yamapi? not really to me... but that's me i guess. :lol:

Was listening to the radio interview of Kim Jae Wook, Kim Dong Wook, and Lee Eon (interview is posted on the first page of the Coffee Prince thread)... I learned that in addition to living in Japan until 8 or so, Japanese was the language Kim Jae Wook picked up first as a baby, and he had resumed studying Japanese in high school and college. So yeah - his Japanese should be pretty decent. Now that I think about it, wouldn't that make him bilingual? lol.

Someone in the CP thread or was it here (?) mentioned that he spoke Korean with a Japanese accent - personally don't think so. But he has a certain talking rhythm.

Also from the interview it was revealed that both Jae Wook and Dong Wook like baseball. (random tidbit lol)

And some pics from Mnet Wide Entertainment News Interview on 08/09



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Guest aineliam

im glad this thread was made for him! :) was really enjoying all the pics. first time i saw him in coffee prince, i thought.... he sure is handsome. and he's got this thing in him that kinda is attractive.

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THIS MUCH GORGEOUSNESS CAN'T BE LEGAL :blush: :blush: :blush: !!!

My God :wub: he deserves to be the prince charming or bei ma wang xi for any girl! Well, among the "5" princes, I favor Sun Ki the most. Right away my eyes stick to that waffle guy at the first second seeing him on screen. LOL, I guess I'm very sharp and sensitive to beauty XD Absolutely he's not the best-looking man among many other actors, but there's something unique about him, something strange, cool, mysterious and attractive ... maybe a mixture of all, that we girls can't resist! Geeez, glad I'm not the only one thinking he's originally/half Japanese. He truly gives off a Japanese aura, and I <3 that~

Let me examine ... hmm he has a unique shape of face ... a oh-so-romantic-and-wild-and-sexy long hairstyle ... sexy visual kei-looking black nails <3 <3 ... a slender yet lean and muscular body (wide shoulder / slim waist & hip) ... a sexy smirk ... gawww the total image is perfect~



Kakkoii ne ~~~

zefiris1, imo he doesn't look like my YamaPi at all ~ ... perhaps it's Kame, I see some similarities ~

I guess I already fell for this guy <3 I admire his beauty, heh heh. Hope to see him more as an actor, because I think he has potential, and his face is suitable for many types of character (models can change and pull out different images with not much difficulty), not just the typical hero - cold, rebellious but emotionally fragile inside.

-edited- change my avatar :P due to this sudden interest.

And please excuse my craziness/perversity as suddenly his image reminds me of those bishounens in yaoi manga ><;;; absolutely pretty and fantasy-looking. Whatever, it's okay for me even if in reality he's gay. Don't care at all, I still love him though.

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Guest 4th.ave.cafe

I love this thread :x pwahaha XD

I just started watching Coffee Prince ^^* I'm on episode 8, waiting for episode 9 to finish so I can watch -_-

I must admit, first time seeing this guy, a waffle selling guy when Eun Chan and Han Kyul meets him...first seeing him, wow O_O I thought this guy was Japanese, young, hot :x and has a mad sexy smirk XD~!

T_T don't you guys just love his smirk ?

I also love his hairstyle. I've not seen a guy who can pull off a pony tail like him =/

I've seen only a few :D;;;

But wow his Japanese out of nowhere is always funny, especially when Min Yeop doesn't know what he's saying XD;;; Now that I've read more info on him, wah, i see how he's so good at it ._.

I mean, I'm not Japanese but watching a crazy load of Japanese dramas/movies got my ears recognizing good Japanese accents from bad ones XD;;; Bad ones gets me ticked -o-;;

T_T And thank you for providing so many pictures 8)~

I will take some and make a layout for my lj~

And thank you for providing such cute and fun tidbits on this awesome budding actor :)

I love how they give a character to each prince in the shop. It makes you more attached to the drama.

This is one of the first dramas since...i forgot which drama, that's made me love watching it so much :) and ...yeah ._.

I do hope he gets some good role in another drama because I'd love to see him play a badass who's a real softie on the inside XD;;;

(: this thread is bookmarked in my computer~

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Guest Dreamss

sun ki really looks japanese o-o;

cnat believe hes just korean, not even half japanese? :o

inn coffee prince, he was speaking japanese.

does anyone kno if hes fluent in it??

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