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[drama 2005] Barefooted Youth 맨발의 청춘

Guest jinhee

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Guest yeohweping

It's getting more interesting with the runaway bride thing ;) And yes, the rating has gone up :lol: Maybe due to the coming out of all the main characters and the story more falling into place :lol: But too bad, I won't get to watch it today as I have a birthday dinner to attend :(

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Guest yeohweping

Here's the names of the characters of this show:lol:

Main 4 leads

Uhm Ki-Seok ( the boxer) 26 yrs

Na Kyeong-Ju ( the girl who want to become a shop host) 23yrs

Min Hui-Jeong ( the runaway bride) 28yrs

Hwang Jun-Hyeok ( mysterious man) 28yrs

Ki-Seok's family

Uhm Jeong-Hwan (father, ex-boxer now owner of a dry cleaning shop) 52yrs

Seo Ssi (grandmother, dressmaker) 75yrs

Uhm Mi-Seon (sister, a grown up verion of a autism child) 30yrs

Woo Sun-Wok ( local hairdresser and in love one-sidedly with Ki-Seok's dad) 52yrs

Park Hwa-Suk ( father's love interest and Sun-Wok's tentant) 40yrs

Bong Cheon-Dong ( Ki-Seok's best friend and Sun-Wok's son) 26yrs

Cho Bo-Bae ( Park Hwa-Suk's daughter who have the sharpest ears that qick up even the slightest sound)

Na Kyeong-Ju's family

In Ae (mother) 45yrs

Na Seon-Ju (sister, university student) 21yrs

Na Hyeong-Ju (brother, high school student) 18yrs

Jeong Yun-Jeong ( Seon-Ju's rich best friend) 21yrs

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^^NGs from Full of Youth/Barefooted Youth, My Secret Lover, Sin Don, Let Get Married, with a special segment featuring clips from Sad Sonata, Aja Gum-Soon, All About Eve, Super Rookie and others.

Check my CB... ^_^

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