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Naruto Anime Thread

Guest Misao

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Discuss anything Naruto here. image

The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all

Anime Episodes: Season 1: 220 + Season 2: 342 + 5 OVAs

*This series has also games version.




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Haha i drew this for one of my flyers during student body elections this year when i ran ... to appeal to all the asians out there :P

the punch line is supposed to be that naruto is holding chopsticks in the reference pic i used but you cant really tell in my picture because i suck at imitating pictures -___-;;;

oh yeah, and my last name is chow :P


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^ your kidding right?,

anyways, the latest chapter of naruto 278


seems like gaara has a chance of comming back to life!, oh my gosh, im just dieing to see what his actions, thoughts, and powers would be :mellow:

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Guest frOsty_pAnda

ok, i looooooove naruto. it's a shame that i can't download episodes anymore. i like stopped where Neji's group was fighting that guy n Naruto's team was fighting Itachi to save Gaara. someone plse tell me wat happens.

anyway, ugh. english version. translation, voices, n dialogue were ALL HORRIBLE. for example, Manga version-

Sasuke: Here.

Sakura: blah blah blah blah blah Kakashi-sensei told us blah

Sasuke: You're no use to me if you're just gonna be a liability

anime version-

Sasuke: Eat.

Sakura: blah blah blah

Sasuke: We're a team. We need to gather our strength to work together.


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EW, cartoon network makes naruto look bad! it takes out the blood and all the emotinal words. JUST BLAH.

I love Naruto to death <3 DL it online with the translations are SOO much better.


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the 4th hokage is NARUTOS father, and his also the leader of the akatsaki

i KNEW it... -____- even without going past the part where naruto goes to the sand village... sheesh the series is so predictable at some points...

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i love naruto. the drama. the wit. the characters. the plot.

I'm behind like 30 ish episodes... and i won't be watching it during the school weeks cause i gotta study. gonna have naruto-marathons during winter break when i go home. (something i look foward to) woot

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