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[variety] Lee Kyung Kyu’s Hidden Camera 몰래카메라

Guest htruc

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awww... i didn't know this show was getting cancelled. :( i love this show with the ep's that i have collected with my fave gasoos. =D i didn't know there was a thread for this though, so i didn't post here earlier. :P wonder what the new segment would be.

available in my CB



Thanks a bunch, Kim! :D

[HQ] Sunday Sunday Night Hidden Camera - Shinhwa (2007-11-04) [532.6MB]

Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Min Woo

We got GOLD! :w00t: Thank you so much for all of your support!!

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can someone please explain the last episode Lee Min Woo, cant undertand it...was it successful?

Yups. It was unsuccessful which really sucked to me. It was the last episode....but

it failed. If it didn't fail it would be so hilarious. Shinhwa<3. LOLS. Oh well.......i think it

failed because Hye Sung and Min Woo had schedules. so yea. i'm just guessing.

Anyways...sad that its ending. Hope the new show will be interesting.

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Guest babymarzy07

^ also it seemed like Minwoo and Hyesung knew something was up. Or felt this might be a game show.

the ep didnt feel as funny. maybe cause Minwoo and Hyesung wasnt that into the prank or something.

ah hope the new segment would be good.

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I think Hidden Camera chose wrong topic for Dongwan to fool Minwoo and Hyesung.

They been together for 10 years and I think they know each other pretty well that it's kind of unrealistic that after Dongwan dating for 2 months wants to propose marriage in front of Shinhwa members. I think each members would propose in private romantically rather than in a cafe/bar with no romantic setting at all. That is why Hyesung laughed out loud and suspected Hidden Camera right away.

There's raw version (I think it was over 500 mb) that showed more talk between Dongwan, Lee Kyung Kyu, and the female newscaster. Dongwan received text message from Hyesung and Minwoo after they left. Hyesung indicated on his message that he hope it's not Hidden Camera and Minwoo wish them well. Dongwan indicated that he didn't stop them from going because both Hyesung and Minwoo have very busy schedule and it'll be more suspicious if he stopped them.

And I'm sure everyone heard that Hidden Camera made mistake and broadcasted Minwoo and Hyesung's telephone numbers when showing their text message and they were flooded with prank and fan phone calls so they had to change their cell phone numbers.

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Guest choong jae

just finished watching it, such a great eposide. hyesung is really smart to notice somethings was fishy, but minwoo was so sweet and really believed in dongwan's acting. the last episode was the best!!

it would have been extra good to if all of the members were there! oh well.......but i wonder if eric, junijn and andy would have been tricked or not?

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Guest flowerlight


the send space links (all parts) say the files are no longer available.

plus, the YouTube accounts with the Ivy hidden camera (eng sub, and otherwise) are no longer available earlier.

Just an update for you all.

Also, the detailed account written on page one- (the one without dates, written in green) are pranks from the show

'my favorite', not the one for which this channel is about. The clips are a segment of that show.

Some of those links are:

- Junjin's and -Yeom Jung Ah (prank segment) are shown on the same episode, from the end of part 3-part4

link part 3: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/LsQLVsWuxig/

link part 4: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ERVA7jP-bBU/

- Eun Ji Won (prank cut)

link : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=G6ErkgOxDRo&fmt=18

- Andy

Just the prank cut : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DWwMSrBQG4M&...ated&fmt=18

Whole episode : http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/G3R09bg3jYg/

a few seperate min sections of the whole episode have been Eng Subbed by windchijmes. written out subs under the 'more info' heading.

Hyesung Talking About Andy link : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pdjxATOTEPU&fmt=18

Andy lie detector link : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ItYwUudOdjs&fmt=18

(etc, other clips are on winhijmes vids from the ep)

- Ayumi (prank cut)

link : http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2x5_EVfsr0E&...ated&fmt=18

hope been a bit of help.

p.s. Kalena85 had 35 vids of the hidden camera show as of yesterday for a clubbox version of Lee Kyung Kyu's Hidden Camera.

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Guest Prince Tony


You mean where to watch it online? I don't know neither but if you want to download, there are few clubbox that has it. But not much though. I myself have been looking for it and of course the HQ one. Hehehe...

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Guest bitter SOOweet

lmao i was looking through this section and found this thread

hahaha awwwwww man i miss this show

i remember i'd laugh so hard watching these

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Guest bboy

this show has always been like on my top 5 of all time korean shows. even the ones looooong time ago in the 90s were so good and they cancelled it and brought it back in 2000 something and they cancel it again T_T the show was slowly going downhill though i guess, i also heard there were celebrities that were getting upset about the show and there were also complaints -_-

im kinda sad that the best ones arent talked about much :/ like the best one i think so far was on Cho Hyung Ki, he's this man around his 50s i think though. i think it was the show's best prank ever. He's good friends with Lee Kyung Kyu the original host of this show. and they had him sub for him, so he thinks he's hosting this episode and pranking on another celebrity by using actors that are suppose to "act" as mafia gangsters and the whole time everybody is pranking on sub host instead. And later he overhears that these guys arent actors but "actual" gangsters, obviously a prank, but the sub host is like omg im subbing for this show and these actors are real gangsters?! in his head. and wooow, from there it's hilarious cuz the guy he's supposedly suppose to prank really pushes it with the gangsters and causes a lot of drama, which is all acted out to fool the host. The host tries to calm them down and stuff and he gets so scared of the gangster actors and blah blah. its so funny cuz every time he gets near the gangsters he cant stop sweating lmfao. and a lot of stuff happen, theres parts where the host tries to be manly and tough, but fails hahahaha. i dont know that one was probably one of the funniest ones ive seen. plus many more other ones :P but that one was my favorite

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