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[variety] Lee Kyung Kyu’s Hidden Camera 몰래카메라

Guest htruc

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^bada receives a call from her close friend (the girl who was wearing the black shirt) that her dog (jaekjaekee) bit a little girl. she rushes there to see her dog in a cage with the sign 'dangerous' on it (this is the first time she cries). the guy there tells her that she can't touch her dog. the little girl and her mother come and cause chaos (mostly the mother) ^__^;; that's the summarized version of it. and yeah, at the end she thought for a second that the lady was his wife.

Thanks! So it was her dog and not her friends?

Hehe, her reaction when she thought the lady was Lee Kyun Kyu's wife was so cute. Her jaws dropped low and she covered her mouth.

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this show is so funny. I saw the one with mc mong in it and he was scared when they played the ghost prank on him. thank you so much for sharing these cool shows. your the greatest.

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Guest iyeiluj

Yeah, what was that about? Why was he so scared of his seeing his dad?

basically his dad told him that he shouldn't be drinking cuz alcohol makes eru gain weight...and so after a schedule he goes to meet kim jang hoon to have some drinks but he lies to his dad on the phone

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Guest kellyngt

lol, i watched the epi which Ivy was the guest, lol, it was so funny haha, i love when Ivy chasin the fake ghost. She was so cute.

Especially her hat, lol, she was so cute & so innocent. I love this show, hopefully they'll have english sub

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Lol, Kim Hyun Chul also didn't know he was being pranked. He saw Lee Kyung Kyu come in and he even had a handshake with him and he asks "Hyung, why are you here?" Lol.

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Sunday Sunday Night (07.08.19) - whole show!

Lee Kyung Kyu's Hidden Camera - Kim Hyun Chul

Economy Play - Kim Dong Wan

Dong An Club - DJ DOC's Jung Jae Yong and Lee Haneul, Park Sang Min, Kim Hyun Chul, etc


credits to godlove3494, quainte, sjblue, Kalena85's clubboxes.

Credit to baekkyungzqt @ the non-clubbox thread

It's combined all together.

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i feel quite stupid asking this but, are the links (non-clubbox/youtube) eng hardsubbed or non-subbed?

It's okay. They are not subbed unless they are noted. I think only Ivy's old one is subbed and it's on YouTube.

And I think this show has finally been replaced. It's that show where Jung Hyung Don, Kim Jae Dong, Kang In and a female MC goes to Dubai. =(

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^whew I'm glad it's not cancelled because I love this show<33

Btw, will this thread update us on the guest list?

Yup! I will post the link and guest list when I have/know them. I'd post the guest list early too, that is if I knew who would be on. Can't really find time to stalk each celebs schedules...

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Lee Kyung Kyu's Hidden Camera (07.10.28)

Guests: Kim Yong Man


Lee Kyung Kyu's Hidden Camera (07.11.04) Last Episode

Guests: Kim Dong Wan, Min Woo, Shin Hye Sung, Moon Ji Ae announcer


credits to Kalena85 and godlove3494's clubboxes.

Credit: baekkyungzqt @ the nonclubbox thread

Sad that this show is ending. It was really hilariou watching it. My best one was Eru. So cute. KEKEKE.

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