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[variety] Lee Kyung Kyu’s Hidden Camera 몰래카메라

Guest htruc

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Guest htruc

[MBC] Sunday Sunday Night Segment

This segment has ended and been replaced by another new segment.


a.k.a. Mollae Camera


Official Website

Sunday Sunday Night Segment starts @ 5:30PM Korean Time every Sunday


(i) Summary

(ii) Clubbox Links

(iii) Joining Software

(iv) Episode List & Downloads



Translation coming soon!



JOINING SOFTWARE Credits: silverwingz | Heather

  • Winrar
    1. Download all parts and save them in one folder/location.
    2. Double click one of the files and select "Extract to".
    3. Select the location you want to save it in and click "OK".

  • HJSplit
    1. Download all parts and save them in one folder/location.
    2. Open HJSplit and select "Join".
    3. Click "Input File".
    4. Locate the first part of the split file (has the extension .001) and click "Open".
    5. Click on "Start" and the program will join the files in the same folder the split files are located.


*All files are low quality (LQ), unless noted. I've only posted episodes with either links or guest names or both.


Guest(s): Ivy

Scenario: [Ghost In The Woods] Ivy has been told by her 2 managers to come to a funeral with them but on the way the 2 managers get hungry and they stop at a small noodle place in the middle of the night. While in the noodle place they hear sounds of cats in the walls. A bloody nosed granny and a random funeral walk in. Then the car they came in breaks down and the noodle disapears and Ivy is left alone in the middle of nowhere with ghosts walking around her. What will she do? Will she run away screaming in tears? Will she realise it's a hidden camera? Or will she chase down the ghosts? (ChaosAngelz)

English subbed on YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 (motoway065)


Guest(s): Lee Soo Young


Guest(s): Park Myung Soo


Guest(s): Shin Hyun Jun


Guest(s): Tony An


Guest(s): Lee Young Ha


Guest(s): Yoon Mu Boo


Guest(s): Park Kyung Lim


Guest(s): Shinji (Koyote)


Guest(s): MC Mong


Guest(s): Jo Hyung Ki


Guest(s): Lim Yae Jin


Guest(s): Baek Ji Young


Guest(s): Charles Pyun


Guest(s): Kan Mi Yeon


Guest(s): Brian (Fly To The Sky)

Scenario: [Fansigning Event] Brian holds a fan signing event in the same venue at a clothes warehouse sale. Security guards are hired. Even Brian's name was mispelled. But, no one came for a signature except for two fans and the employees working at the event. Does this mean Brian's solo popularity is declining? How will Brian take this? (Heather)

YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (silveragueous@YouTube)


Guest(s): Kim Heung Kook


Guest(s): Hwan Hee (Fly To The Sky) ft. Brian (Fly To The Sky)

Chinese subbed on YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (xousagio29ox@YouTube)


Guest(s): Kim Sung Joo


Guest(s): Yim Ha Ryoung ft. Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa) & Haha








Guest(s): Lee Ki Chan ft. Baek Ji Young & Jang Na Ra


Guest(s): Lee Seung Gi ft. Kim Jang Hoon

Half of my list disappeared. =(

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Guest htruc

Here are some old episodes with a scenario description (I don't have dates) that you guys may enjoy. These episodes can be found on iyagi's Clubbox. These will be moved up to the first post if there is a date.

Guest(s): So Yoo Jin

Scenario: [unexpected Proposal] Drama actress So Yoo Jin goes out to eat with a friend when he suddenly proposes to her. How does she reject him gently? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Yeom Jung Ah (actor)

Scenario: [Couples Spat] Yeom Jung Ah is eating dinner with friends when a couple rushes into their room. The man looks mad and ready to physically harm his girlfriend. What happens when she hides behind the actress and she has to get herself involved? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Jung Sun Kyung (actor)

Scenario: [Double Prank] Jung Sun Kyung thinks she's going to play the hidden camera trick on her friend but the prank is really on her. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Kim Jin (actor)

Scenario: [Medium At Haunted Diner] Kim Jin goes out to meet a fortune teller at a diner. When she leaves, strange things start to happen around him. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Koo Joon Yup (Clon)

Scenario: [bad Dancer] As a favor, Koo Joon Yup sits patiently through a friend's son's audition. It is clear from the start the son does not possess the skills to succeed as a singer or dancer. How will he break the news to the mother? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Sang Hyuk

Scenario: [unexpected Bill] Sang Hyuk is out eating with friends when unexpected guests arrive and his small dinner party turns into a bigger one than expected. What happens when he doesn't have enough money? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Yoo Min (actor)

Scenario: [Friend's Boyfriend's Crush] Yoo Min is out to eat with a friend and meets her new boyfriend. When her friend leaves the table, her boyfriend reveals his obvious crush for Yoo Min. How does she handle it? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Yang Mi Ra (actor)

Scenario: [Haunted Restaurant] Yang Mi Ra agrees to go to a haunted themed restaurant. Already freaked out by the fake ghostliness of the restaurant, how will she handle it when strange things start to happen that were not part of the plan? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Song Hyun Ah (actor)

Scenario: [Ghostly Photo Shoot] Song Hyun Ah is on a photoshoot to shoot some promotional photos for her new horror movie, Cello, when strange things start to happen on set. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Ryu Si Won (actor)

Scenario: [Japanese Fan Girls] With his popularity surging in Japan, Ryu Si Won finds himself the object of admiration for a couple of Japanese fan girls. They take their fan worshiping a little too far on the set of his TV show and become disruptive during the shoot. What can he do without offending the fans? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Park Kwang Hyun (singer)

Scenario: [interview With Jang Young Ran] Park Kwang Hyun thinks he's filming an entertainment interview with Jang Young Ran when his fanclub starts to interrupt her. Does he sit back and do nothing? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Rimario (comedian)

Scenario: [Jealous Oppa] Rimario is out to lunch with a friend and his friend's friend. What happens when the girl's jealous boyfriend shows up and thinks Leemario is the culprit? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Lee Jin

Scenario: [Magic Tricks] Lee Jin becomes the unwitting participant in a magician's bag of tricks. Unfortunately for her, she's doesn't have the most reliable magician in the land. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Kim Min Jung (actor)

Scenario: [Fortune Teller] Kim Min Jung is told by a casting agent that in her past she may have been a princess. Will she really begin to believe it? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Kim Jong Min (Koyote) ft. Hwang Bo

Scenario: [Hwang Bo's Crush] Kim Jong Min thinks he's out to eat lunch with his good friend Hwang Bo. Does he become uncomfortable when she confesses her crush? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Jo Sung Mo

Scenario: [Friendly Waitress] Jo Sung Mo is out to eat with a few friends. The waitress can't hide the fact that she is a huge fan of his and spends too much time with their table. Her boss finds out and starts to threaten the woman. Will he defend the waitress? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Son Ho Young (g.o.d.) ft. Park Hyung Joon & Kim Tae Woo (g.o.d.)

Scenario: [Park Hyung Joon's Girl] Son Ho Young, Park Hyung Joon, and Kim Tae Woo are out to eat when Joon introduces his dongseng to the rest of the guys. When Joon and Tae Woo leaves, what will happen between Ho Young and the girl? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Han Eun Jung (actor)

Scenario: [Yoga OotChatSah] Han Eun Jung thinks she's in a class to learn the latest yoga techniques. But strangely, the moves are more like the OotChatSah comedy moves than the latest in yoga. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Eugene

Scenario: [Gifts From Admirer] Eugene is eating with a friend when her friend leaves. When her friend is gone, a guy shows up and starts giving her stuff. When her friend gets back, Eugene learns that the guy is the new boyfriend of her friend. What does a girl do? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Daniel Henney (model/actor)

Scenario: [bad Interview Host] Daniel Henney is interviewing with an inexperienced entertainment reporter when her bad skills are threatening to get her fired. How does he handle things patiently? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Choi Jung Won (UN)

Scenario: [Catfight] Choi Jung Won thinks he's out for a quiet dinner until a few fan girls end up fighting over him. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Sung Si Kyung

Scenario: [Drunk Girl] Sung Si Kyung is out with a friend and his girl friend. When his friend leaves, the girl has too much to drink and displays some erratic behavior. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Shin Jung Hwan (comedian)

Scenario: [Rowdy Customers] Shin Jung Hwan is out to eat with his dongsaeng. The next table is loud and obnoxious. His friend tells them to quiet things down and eventually goes over to confront them, leaving Shin Jung Hwan in the middle. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Park Kyung Lim

Scenario: [Jealous Guys] Park Kyung Lim plays the mediator when two guys become jealous of their time with her. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Park Jung Ah (Jewelry) ft. Lee Ji Hyun (Jewelry)

Scenario: [Lee Ji Hyun's Admirers] Park Jung Ah meets her group mate Lee Ji Hyun's new boyfriend. When Lee Ji Hyun leaves to tend to another matter, Park Jung Ah is stuck in the middle when Lee Ji Hyun's other boyfriend shows up. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): MC Mong

Scenario: [Expired Cake] MC Mong's backdancers begin to have a strange epidemic of upset stomach during rehearsal. When they get back, someone notices the cake they were eating was expired. They find the girls who brought in the cake and reduce them to tears. How much longer will he let things go on? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Lee Ki Chan ft. Park Kyung Lim

Scenario: [Park Kyung Lim's Dilemma] Park Kyung Lim confesses to her good friend Lee Ki Chan that while she was away in the States, she met an American guy and she's no longer interested in him but he's found himself in Korea. She wants Lee Ki Chan to pretend to be her boyfriend so the guy will get the hint. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Lee Ji Hye

Scenario: [Meeting The Family] Lee Ji Hye is invited to dinner and gets to know more about the family than she wants to know. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Jun Jin (Shinhwa) ft. Shinhwa

Scenario: [Gangster Challenge] Shinhwa is in a restaurant to shoot an interview when the next table, full of tough guys, making constant remarks interrupting the interview. Junjin ends up in a staredown with the guys while his group mates keep things calm. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Eun Ji Won

Scenario: [Voices In The Studio] Eun Ji Won is laying down vocals for his new track when he starts to hear strange voices in his headset. When he asks his producer if he hears anything, no one else hears it. What happens when there's a blackout and he's left alone with a face he doesn't know? (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Rain & Kim Sun Ah

Scenario: [scandal] Rain and Kim Sun Ah find themselves the object of the latest tabloid scandal. (iyagi@Clubbox)

Guest(s): Andy (Shinhwa)

Scenario: [Ghost on Banjun Set] Andy is on the set of his banjun drama. While viewing the scene in the camera, the crew notices a strange ghostly image. Andy begins to hear some bells and follows them into an empty classroom. What can be hiding in there? (iyagi@Clubbox)

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Guest jikyle

Hi, I just wanted to add this to the first post.

Thank you for creating a forum just for this segment!

Correction/ Addition to info:

Prank on: Seol Woon Do

Guest(s): Lee Seung Hyun (son)


Prank on: Lee Sae Chang

Guest(s): Hwang Bo


Prank on: Lee Hyuk Jae (Comedian, co-host for YSMM)

Guest(s): Kim Jong Suh (Rock singer)


Prank on: Shin Hye Chul

Guest(s): Oh Jong Hyuk


*****ADD 8/6 (from [non ★ Clubbox] Variety Shows forum)

Prank on: Park Jun Young (Comedian on KBS GAG concert )

Guests: Kim Ji Hye(wife), Oh Ji Hun (Comdian on KBS GAG concert)

070805: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WHLLLBYR credits to baekkyungzqt

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Guest jikyle

this show is hilarious. i love it

Yeah... the show is great. I love the ones where the prank is on comedians. I was looking at couple of the old ones from like 90's. Lee Kyung Gyu looks so young.

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dude... the one with lee hyuk jae was soo cute and funnie!!!

esp when lee hyuk started to pray and cry bcuz he thought one of his sunbae was realli realli sick... and then the expression on his face when he found out it was all the hidden camera... was just priceless!!

and finally a thread about this show!!

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which one is the ivy one from this year i think it was in april right?

Yup, April 8.

If anybody would like to help summarize any scenarios that would be great!!! It would help attact more watchers so the links don't die as fast.

Just post your short summaries up and I'll add it to the list with credits to you. Thanks!

P.S. I'm only putting up links to YouTube if they are subbed or don't have a download link.

Edit: Bada will be on this week! =)

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Guest ChaosAngelz


Guest(s): Ivy

i suck at these but ok

Ivy has been told by her 2 managers to come to a funeral with them but on the way the 2 managers get hungry and they stop at a small noodle place in the middle of the night. while in the noodle place they hear sounds of cats in the walls a bloody nosed granny and a random funeral walk in. then the car they came in breaks down and the noodle disapears and ivy is left alone in the middle of nowhere with ghosts walking around her...what will she do? Will she run away screaming/in tears? Will she realise its a hidden camera or will she chase down the ghosts?

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^ Thanks ChaosAngelz. That's actually pretty good.

Check out the 3rd post! I was doing some searched on the internet and found some great scenario's. For those episodes, it can be found on iyagi's clubbox.

Can anybody do a translation of the SUMMARY, the writing in the picture? It would be greatly appreciated.

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This week, I couldn't really understand what's happening, but Bada's reaction was sooooo cute. She didn't realize it at first. I think she first thought that lady was Lee Kyung Kyu's wife until Lee Kyung Kyu told her she was on hidden camera.

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^bada receives a call from her close friend (the girl who was wearing the black shirt) that her dog (jaekjaekee) bit a little girl. she rushes there to see her dog in a cage with the sign 'dangerous' on it (this is the first time she cries). the guy there tells her that she can't touch her dog. the little girl and her mother come and cause chaos (mostly the mother) ^__^;; that's the summarized version of it. and yeah, at the end she thought for a second that the lady was his wife.

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