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[drama 2007] Fly High 날아오르다

Guest nancy3310

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Guest burntred

Please yell me if any clubbox has the drama on their box. I am liking the drama but it is to small on veoh and when I enlarge it I cant seem to sell it to well. I waould appreciate any help. Thank you.

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somehow, both versions that i saw had portions missing. i think i can figure out what happened, but if i get anything wrong, please correct me. these last few summaries i've done have gotten so long. apologies for such wordiness!

eps. 18 & 19 summaries (final 2 episodes):

last week: jinhee has made the decision to go back to jawoonjae so that she can be with woojin. just as she gets to the house, james arrives to stop her.

james asks what jinhee is doing back at jawoonjae, and she tells him that it’s too hard for her. james says that he knows things are tough, but they agreed to tough it out together. jinhee reminds him that when you can’t have it all, it’s the obvious choice to give up the things that are less important. to her, james is less important compared to woojin. (ouch!) with that, she leaves james.

of course, the mother-in-law has a fit that jinhee’s being allowed back in the house. the grandmother quiets her by asking what’s wrong with a woman who couldn’t leave her child. there are some people in the world who can throw their children away and then live well. so, if she wants to criticize someone, she should go and criticize her own sister.

james is distraught. jinhee is trying to let go of james, but james won’t let her. james tries everything to get in touch with jinhee, but she’s not budging. james tell yoonmi his woes, and she figures out a way to trick her into coming to the office. she gets her co-worker to call jawoonjae asking for jinhee to come immediately because there’s a problem with the baek-hwa-joo. when jinhee arrives, yoonmi brings her straight to james. they finally get a chance to talk. but, jinhee still isn’t budging.

meanwhile, the reporter comes and spills all the beans to james’ mothers’ husband. about how she had him in her brother’s hospital and then gave him up for adoption. and how she’s so cold. james’ mother, furious, comes to james’ work to confront him. (she had been trying to get in touch with james to prevent this from happening, but james had been firmly ignoring her calls. she even went to jinhee to ask her to ask james on her behalf, but jinhee refused saying that she’s the one that broke them up, and she’s currently in no position to be going to james to ask for such favors.) she arrives just as james and jinhee have finished talking.

james’ mother slaps james and spews hatred at james. when james showed up, he looked so much like his father that she thought he had come back from the dead. it was a dreadful thing. james just came back to ruin her. she yells that she should had aborted him when she had the chance. and he has to leave the country immediately, because obviously, there will be a demand for a blood test. so he has to leave. james is so upset. he never asked to be born, and she should have aborted him to avoid his having such a miserable existence. he lost jinhee because of her, and now he has to be run out of the country? he won’t. not that he can’t, he won’t. and he runs off.

jinhee witnesses this whole exchange and is devastated and finally moved to reconsider her stance to not be with james. she yells at james’ mother saying that the things she said were unbelievable. if anyone is to blame, it’s obviously her, not james. but james’ mom is still too wrapped up in her own concerns. she tells jinhee that she doesn’t know anything. apparently, when james father drowned, she was so happy, she wanted to dance. jinhee is still unbelieving. she asks if she’s once considered how difficult it must have been for james to have come to korea to find her. she tells his mother that really all james was looking for when he came to korea was a mother, not to ruin her. if she would have just embraced him once, he would have given his life for her. and jinhee runs off trying to find james, but he’s already long gone.

in the meantime, joonoo and youngsun have decided to get married, but the mother and grandmother are opposed to the marriage. the mother because she would reject anyone. her son is too good for anyone. and the grandmother thinks that she is too good for him.

also, dr. kang finally confesses his love to jinhee, but he’s rejected. miri tries to set him up with one of her *friends* and when they finally meet (he stood her up once), she confesses that it’s her and that she likes him.

jinhee cannot get in touch with james for what i am assuming are days. during the jae-sah (ceremony for the anniversary of a death), she hears that there’s someone outside who looks like he is there for the the jae-sah but isn’t coming inside. suspecting that it’s james, jinhee runs outside. but, because of all the people and the formalities, she’s unable to talk to him, or even stay outside. later, jinhee gets a text from james saying that he didn’t think he would get the chance to see her one last time, so thanks for letting him see her. she drops everything and goes out to find him. they meet. and embrace. woohoo! but, of course, all the women have chased her out to find out what was going on. and they are shocked at the disgraceful display. when jinhee sees the women, she tells james that she has to go back, otherwise, she will never see woojin again.

james’ mother’s husband gets in touch with james and asks to see him. he’s arranged a surprise meeting for the three of them to meet. when he asks whether this rumor is true, james says that his biological mother is someone who was too poor and gave him up so that he might have a better life. his mother thought about him every single day. and that person is not this woman. her husband sort of cuts through all that and says that that’s not really what he’s asking. and regardless, what he really wants is for james to leave the country so that they will not be able to perform a blood test. could he leave in a couple of weeks. james says that 2 weeks is too difficult, but he can leave in 3. he says that even after that, his wife cannot contact james, and that james won’t be able to come back to korea for 5 years because of his political career. james agrees to the deal. (i’m not sure why this deal goes through so easily. simply because it’s the husband who asks him to do it?)

jinhee and james get the grandmother's blessing to be together and take woojin with them to the states. the grandmother says that she has faith that they will do a great job raising woojin for their family and that it will be the best thing for woojin. she also feels that their family has no right to ask her to give up her son. but, the grandmother also finds out that she has stomach cancer. she doesn’t want jinhee to find out because if she does, she knows that jinhee won’t leave. but right before they are set to leave korea, miri stops by to say her goodbyes (and it ends well with everyone giving everyone well wishes) and says that she hopes that the grandmother’s surgery goes well. shocked, they rush to the hospital, and of course, this means that jinhee will be remaining in korea to take care of the grandmother (though her decision doesn’t happen immediately, but when she recalls all that the grandmother has ever done for her and how she’s been her family these past 7 years, she decides to stay).

jinhee meets james to say she cannot go to the states with him. she leaves james with a token of the cell phone charm that she had promised him. and because james knew this is what jinhee would decide as soon as they found out about the grandmother, he’s prepared a present for her as well. it’s the necklace that his mother gave him. he says that he’s never had it off his body once his entire life. please take care of it for him. (for one we know that that’s not true because he lost it that day when he came for the homestay. but also, considering that his mother is the whole reason why they can’t be together, if i were jinhee, i hardly think it would remind me warmly of james. i think it might incite hatred and anger in me instead.) they’re not splitting up. she will join him once the grandmother gets better. but secretly, jinhee doesn’t know whether he will still love her by the time she can leave.

there’s also this awkward moment where kangoo’s mother sits with james and says that she hears he’s leave korea because of her sister. things were hard for her. she was conned by james’ father. he took all of their parents’ money. she was only 21 at the time. her parents made her give james up for adoption. he blackmailed her for years after that. and so when james showed up, looking like the spitting image of his father, she was flooded with dread again. she asks if he had a necklace. it was her sister’s absolute fave necklace, and she gave it to james when he was given up.

after hearing this, he texts his mother saying that he’s sorry that he ever came to find her and hopes that she will be happy.

and he’s off to the states with his dad and daniel. but not jinhee or woojin. also, it turns out that he’s ground down the stone in front of jawoonjae where she’s always tripping. she calls him to tell him that she won’t fall again until he comes back. and thanks him.

we fast forward to three years later. joonoo and youngsun have gotten married and had a baby girl. earlier they had had this whole discussion of whose name the baby will take. will it be a park (park joonoo) or a pi (pi youngsun). or will they hyphenate the name to be park-pi, which is like a facial peel, or pi-park, which is an empty hand in go-stop. anyhow, joonoo and his family call her pijin for park pijin. and youngsun calls her jin for park-pi jin. eesh!

dr. kang is announces his engagement to miri.

and james has come back to korea. james goes out to the fields to find jinhee. she tells him that with the grandmother doing well, and she really was going to go to the states after this season. but james tells her that there’s no need. there’s no longer any reason for her to come, because… he got a job in korea and he’s going to be here at least for the next five years. everyone call all be together. and he got a call from his mother saying it was okay to come back, even though her husband was still in public office. but james still hasn’t heard one thing from jinhee. she asks him what. and he says i love you. she pauses and pauses. and finally says me too. (i wish she had said i love you too!) and they kiss. woohoo! the end.

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the cb links aren't working now...it seems that fly high files were deleted from godlove's cb...i was still downloading ep3 from it...but now it seems i cannot finish my download...does anyone know where i can get fly high episodes from?

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Guest jinjooshii

the cb links aren't working now...it seems that fly high files were deleted from godlove's cb...i was still downloading ep3 from it...but now it seems i cannot finish my download...does anyone know where i can get fly high episodes from?

you can watch them on veoh

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Im going crazy NOT waiting for the episodes on TV.

Now i know all the spoilers!! Kekekekekekeke.

Finished epi. 6 today and this thread should grow!

I really like the show! Grrrr!

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Guest jinjooshii

^^ i like it so far..well im on ep10 so i dotn know yet..

but by reading the summaries its getting so good

Do anybody know where i can watch the full version of ep10 bc veoh is cut off at the end..

ep10 cutt off is like 15 mins?

or is it just my comp?

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I accidentally deleted the first episode(Chin. subbed) of this drama from my pc :angry: And cococrust's file is not available anymore! Can anyone who has it upload to SS or other links except MU for me or PM me the link?? Thx a bunch for your help!!

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