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[drama 2007] Fly High 날아오르다

Guest nancy3310

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Guest johanaiscrazy

Is that guy really American? or is he mix? could someone upload for us in mega or sendspace links.. thank you so much....

wang Nitba bangs are not attractive to me..they look kinda weird for her face..

nope julian is french .. i loved him in my tutor friend 2

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Any summary and/or translations?

Anyway, I think the younger brother is cute. He is currently playing the same role (younger brother) in the KBS morning drama 'Destined to Love'.

I first saw him in 'Successful Girl', I thought he was cute there too.

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Guest nancy3310

Summary for Eps 01

hi, everyone, i am sorry i am really not a story teller, i don't know how to write the summay, so i just pick some key points or conversation in the drama, hope it can be helpful ~~~

Jin Hee caught the last bus to get home,

Jin Hee (JH ): I am late because I took party in my friend’s birthday party .

granny- in- law ( G ) : Why you have heavy oily smell? I know you help others prepare food for the memorial ceremony to ancestors. How much can you earn?

JH: 100 thousnad each day

G: Just stop , such excessively tiring job will bring you more trouble.

The old granny took out her own jewelry and asked Jin Hee to sell them , she said maybe they can support the their family expenses till the next month, in fact in order to pay J’s husband’s medical severice, they have sold what can sell in her family.

Jin hee’s granny has made much Baek Hwa Ju ( wine brewed by kinds of flower, that’s a priceless treasure cuz only her granny can brew it in her country ) .she wants to sell the wine for money.

Granny has prepared some food for Doctor Kang and asked JH to send it to him today , coz tomrrow some gusets will have a two or three days Home-Stay in her home.

G: ( to JH ) two American men will come here, they are your friend Yoo Jin’s American boss and brother, you must tidy the room and prepare some food for them.

Mother- in –law: You mean they will pay for their staying overnight here? Our family has only women, how can we entertain two american MEN? No matter how poor we are now , but we used to be a traditional famous and prominent family, how can we make money by this way? That’s shameful to our ancestor.

G: one day and night for 600 thousand. Now we even have no money for meal..

At the airport, Yoo Jin meets her boss, quite funny scenes~~~

At the supermarket, James O’neil mistook JH as a thief and broke her wine

JH: are you suspecting I am stealing the wine, no. that’s our Baek Hwa Ju made by my granny, nowhere can buy it in Korea. it’s priceless, you can’t pay for it.

At JH’s home, James came for home-saty. By chance on that day JH’s family held the memorial ceremony to ancestors. When James knew her name is Lee Jin Hee he got quite surprised, in fact Jame’s birth mother also named Lee Jin Hee. But at night James found his necklace carved his mother’s name Jin Hee was lost, he got quite worried and asked Jin Hee to help to find it for him.

To Be continued for eps 02

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Guest nancy3310

Summary for Eps 02

Jin Hee dresses up her son Woo Jin for the memorial ceremony for ancestors,

Woo Jin: oh, mum, I just found your necklace, it has your name “Jin Hee” on it, I remember I put it here but now why I can’t find it!

Jin hee: where? Where have you been today?

Woo Jin: to the gate… to the shop … and to the hill behind our house.

At night, James went to the hill with a falshlight to seek for his necklace, so did JH.

James: what are you doing here.

JH: I must responsible for what my son has done, if we can’t find here we must go somewhere else to seek for it.

James: it’s too drak to see anything, let’s go back.

JH: sorry, although I don’t what the necklace is, seems it’s important for you. I must try to keep seeking when it dawns tomorrow.

( On the way back home ) JH: But who is Jin Hee? Coz the necklace has the name on it , my son has made a mistake, who? Your lover? Why do you keep silent? Did you quarrel with her?

James: do we have good relationship? Korean are really strange, why do you concern more about others’ private things even we have no close relationship.

JH: I just think it’s maybe your lover coz at the deep night you come here to look for it instead of having a sleep.

James: it means nothing for you but for me it’s the most important thing. ( then JH stumbled a stone and fell ,James caught her BUT then threw her on the ground, funny~~)

James: I am afraid you will punch my face again~~ I have got that lesson, once is enough ( he turned his face aside to smile~~)

At JH’s home, all the family member gathered and ask doctor Kang In Sung about JH’s husband ( Kang Woo ).

One elder asked: Doctor Kang, what’s the Probability for Kang Woo’s Regaining consciousness

Doctor Kang: Unless a wonder happens.

Another elder: now we have to face the reality, we have tried our best during the past seven years. Now it’s not necessary to leave Kang Woo in the hospital, just take him home.

Mother- in-law: What? That means to kill my son Kang Woo

Elder: not means to kill Kang Woo, but means to save Woo Jin ( JH’s son), you have sold out what you can sell, now it leaves nothing except the old house, I must prevent you from selling the house.

Woo Jin found the necklace at last and sent it to James, he told James something about his father. James held sleeping Woo Jin in the arms and found JH is crying at the courtyard.

In the hospital , JH’s busband escaped from the danger once again, all the family member can go back to breathe except JH’s brother-in-law. he said: is it really a good thing? Won’t it be better for us and for himself if he dies. If he is sent to the ICU(Intensive care unit) again, it will cost millions of money.

At JH’s home , granny invited James to taste her Baek Hwa Ju, she ask James how much the wine will cost if she sells it in the supermarket.

Cha Yoo Ri took James to see his father ( the president of the mall where James works now ).

President ( to James ): I have heard much of your fame, you are so excellent both in your diploma and business….. today we have a business meet, welcome to my home and have a drink with me in the coming days, then you will be regarded as my son-in –law in the future .( here they talked much about ideas of business, I can’t translate clearly, sorry.).

Yoo Ri: dad, we are not such relationship.

James: I haven’t planned to marry.

To be continued , really tired now.

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OST ( mp3)

1. Fly High ( By Kim Tae Woo ) ( Quite touching )

2. Never Mind ( by An Ji Hye)

CB dl link for Eps03

CB dl link for Eps04

Hope I can write a summary a couple of days later~~~~

Thanks for posting up the 2 songs...especially the one sang by Kim TaeWoo....

Wanted to add a bit more information about TW's song. I read article saying this song supposed to be in TW's first album but there were too many songs being selected, at the end this one was being taken out. However, don't know how SBS knew about it and requested for it to be the OST of this drama.

I think I will watch this drama since the storylines looks interesting...

Again, thank you all for posting up and sharing the links/clips.

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I find it strange that everyone is so hung up about whether the actor's English or Korean is good enough. I don't really care. In chinese series, it is very normal to dub the voices of the actors/actresses if he speaks mandarin but the show is in Cantonese or vice versa.

I am more concerned about how this story will end. I don't like it if at the very end, WBN leaves James because of her son's sake. then it's like a dead end story. Why bother with the story?

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