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•Kim Dong Wook 김동욱❤️• • [Winner of MBC Daesung Awards 2019]

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This guy is really cute. I can not believe he is the same actor from Coffee Prince :O


He is now a Daesang winner!! He has a boy next door vibe. The more you see of him, the more you see his appeal shine through. Rooting for his new drama to be a success!

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Some old articles I found for The Concubine:




Q: What drew you to Prince Seong-won? 

A: On top of everything else, I felt enormously sorry for the guy. Before meeting Hwa-yeon (played by Jo Yeo-jung), who later becomes the object of his almost-lunatic obsession, he had never been loved by anyone. He had never been in love. This is a guy who is forced to live a life that he has no interest in. He is repressed in every possible way, and never gets anything he wants. And in spite of all that, ironically, he becomes the king. While feeling sorry for him, I also found the complexity of the character fascinating. That's what drew me in.

Q: Did you find anything similar between you and the character? 

A: Well, I've been in love as well ? the similar kind of love that Seong-won feels for Hwa-yeon. It was intense and obsessive. I was so absorbed by my own feelings that I couldn't hear what everyone else was saying. I didn't know why I was the way I was, and could not help but keep expressing my feelings. I think that's how Seong-won felt, too, when he first discovered he was in love.


Q: In the movie, concubine Hwa-yeon gives up her moral probity and destroys others for her own survival. How far would you go to survive in the most extreme of circumstances, like those of Hwa-yeon? 

A: I honestly don't know how far I would go. But I do understand Hwa-yeon and her evolution into such a merciless individual. Not only does she have to protect her own life, she also has to protect her son. She lost her father and the man she was in love with. This is the woman who lost so much, and is eager to protect what she has left. So I find the decisions she makes convincing.

Q: It seems like Prince Seong-won's tragedy mostly stems from the abusive relationship he has with the queen mother. How did you understand the dynamics between the two characters? 

A: Much of Seong-won's obsessive and irrational behavior is in fact due to his relationship with his mother. The queen mother actually loves him very much ? in the way she thinks is the right way of loving him. And of course, her "love" only causes him pain and distress. Until he meets Hwa-yeon, the only form of love he knows consists of enduring enormous pressure and trying not to disappoint the other. So his world is turned upside down when he forms feelings for someone aside from his mother, for the first time in his life. He is forced to break away from the world he once belongs to. Director Kim Dai-seung once said Seong-won in fact is seeking what he never received from his mother in Hwa-yeon, and that's why he becomes so obsessive later on. It's almost like Oedipus complex ? he's never had a father figure in his life, and survived the throes of death with his mother alone when he was a little kid.

Q: Despite its substance, "The Concubine" has been simply promoted as an "erotic thriller," triggering media hype mainly for its nude scenes. Any thoughts on this? 

A: That is why I'd like as many people as possible to see this film. The way it is being promoted represents only a small fraction of what this piece is all about. I'm more than ready to accept the responses of my viewers as long as they actually see the film. And I am confident that most of them wouldn't be able to say, 'Oh, there is no difference between the actual film and how it's been promoted.'

Q: You have played a variety of roles, such as the bubbly waiter in the "Coffee Prince" and the ski jumper in "Take Off." What roles are you interested in playing in future? 

A: No character was ever easy for me to play to begin with. The only character that I genuinely enjoyed playing was, in spite of the enormous physical challenge, the ski jumper in the "Take Off." Right now I'm really up for any happy character. I guess it's because I just finished "The Concubine" and playing such an intense role.

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"I′ve been in an obsessive love. I was young. Isn′t everyone like that in those times? It was so hard, but I couldn′t bring myself to break up. Now, I know that′s not the right way to express my love. King Seong Won, however, is someone who can′t love properly. He doesn′t even know his methods are wrong. King Seong Won has never been loved, nor has he loved properly. That′s why he doesn′t know how be in a happy relationship. The meek King Seong Won starts to express his love, but Hwa Yeon never notices. This is when they start to sink."

We asked Kim Dong Wook on which scene was the most difficult to shoot. He answered, "It was all hard. No matter what I imagined it to be, the real thing turned out to be even harder than that."

"For every scene I had to tense up and think hard about it. The director said he wanted to ′express hell′ through the film, but the shoots were hell in themselves. I′ve never attended shoots with a light heart. I would be proud of myself once we finished a scene, but I would be burdened again at the thought of shooting another scene tomorrow."

We were most curious about his bed scenes. Kim Dong Wook showcased a sexy part of himself never shown through his previous pieces.

"Bed scenes are really hard. They′re shoots in which you have to show a lot about yourself in a short time. You have to show yourself physically and you can′t let go of the emotions, either. I did go on a diet, but just before an important scene I was involved in a car crash so I didn′t get to finish the diet. That′s why I have a different body from the beginning in the end. I′m sorry for that. About my sexiness, I do believe I can be sexy. (Laugh)"

Even before the interview, Kim Dong Wook had praised Jo Yeo Jeong while talking about their bed scenes. He had said the shoot was easier thanks to her lead. Even this time, Kim Dong Wook still had high praise for Jo Yeo Jeong.

"Jo Yeo Jeong has great passion and determination toward acting. She never swayed even once during our shoots. She has great conviction and trust. It′s a bed scene that makes everyone sensitive, but she stepped forward and pointed out the parts that could be done better. I was so thankful because the actress played such a role. If I was a moviegoer, I would choose to watch the film just because Jo Yeo Jeong′s in it."

We asked what meaning The King′s Concubine had to Kim Dong Wook. He answered, "It′s a piece that let me start over not only as an actor, but in many different ways."

"I want to meet a piece that goes beyond my imagination," said Kim Dong Wook, before adding, "At the same time I′ll be a healthy actor."

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Another old interview that I think was not posted:




Actor Kim Dong Wook, The Man Of The Moment

bnt newsMay 15, 2015
View photos

[by Oh Ara, translated by Sora Ghim] He consistently and firmly acted. In that time, he went to the army and came back and his aura changed. What remained the same was his bright laughter and charming baritone voice.

After being discharged from the army, he joined drama ‘Maids’ and was finally able to fulfill his wish of playing a romanticist. We met with Kim Dong Wook, who returned to himself after playing the naïve Eun Gi.

Q. How does it feel to be doing a pictorial after a long time?
It’s really been a long time since I did a pictorial, it’s awkward. That fact that I have to pose in front of the camera. The pictures probably came out well?

Q. Of course. You were plenty cool.
Ha ha ha. Thank you.

Q. Your work after being discharged from the army received a good response. What are your thoughts on ending the drama?

It’s already been a month. If you want my thoughts, I’m glad I was able to do a good work and I’m thankful to the audience for loving it.

Q. In drama ‘Maids’ you became a romanticist. However, looking at it, Eun Gi was not a flat character.
Romanticist (laughs). He wasn’t a flat character. He was a person who changed following the flow of the plot. That also became the character’s charm.

Q. At the last dying scene, every woman’s heart wept. 
There were many people who complimented the last scene. Did I do well? (laughs)

View photos

Q. Very well. When Dong Wook cries, it seems sadder. In particular, your gaze seems to deafen.
Really? If that happened, then I did well. But, are my eyes sad?

Q. After finishing the movie ‘The Concubine‘ in 2012 and completing the mandatory service in the army, you chose your return work as a period drama. You probably thought about it a lot and were probably pressured too.
Firstly, it didn’t pressure me. However that doesn’t mean I felt comfortable, when I saw the character, I really wanted to do it. I haven’t done an ardent romance before so I really wanted to try.

Q. What about physically? If it is period costume, aren’t there are many things to worry about?
There are definitely hard things physically. Period costumes are very cold when it’s cold and when it’s hot, it’s very hot. In those cases anyhow…

Q. While acting Eun Gi, were there any parts you had difficulty understanding?
Yes. While acting there were times I would think ‘Why do I have to be here doing this?’ and felt frustrated. On these parts, I would talk to the director a lot. There were things I would try to understand and things that were solved while talking with the director.

Q. Of course it is inevitable to feel regret when doing a work. What is the thing you regret the most?
Regret…I feel it with every work. However, like every actor, the end of a project is bittersweet. Rather than feeling regretful in other aspects, after it ends, it’s relieving? When a work ends that slightly feeling of emptiness? You can say those things are regret. 

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Q. Then, through this work what did actor Kim Dong Wook gain?
Phew, I gained a lot. The actors I worked with, the staff, and the parts that I acted.

Q. Drama, movie, you did various works. However, if you had to choose just 3 that made an impression in your memory. Also, the reasons.
I’m really bad at things like this. I have to choose just three? I’ll just say what’s on my mind right now, my first work. Every actor isn’t able to forget their first work. Also, ‘Coffee Prince,’ and ‘Take Off,’ ‘The Concubine’ also comes to mind. Um…don’t do things like this (laughs).

Q. Personally, I really liked Harim in the drama ‘Coffee Prince.’ Also Heung Chul in ‘Take Off.’ The characters just really seemed like Dong Wook’s true self.
Many people really loved that character. It was also my real self too. Of course it didn’t fit 100% but many parts were similar.

Q. That was in your twenties right? How is your real personality?
That was in my twenties. My real personality is half-half. There’s a bit of Harim and a bit of Heung Chul.

Q. After being discharged, I heard that you filmed ‘Three Summer Night’ in 3 months. Its release is coming up. What kind of story is it?
It is about three friends who go down to Busan to have fun and the situations that happens overnight. If you are a guy, it’s something that everyone dreams about? I think many men will be able to relate to it (laughs).

Q. This time it’s a comedy. It’s a 180 degree different side than your previous work. It’s been a long time since you did this kind of character.
While filming I laughed a lot. The actors I worked with had a lot of fun parts.

View photos

Q. Do you remember the line you said before you died in ‘Maids?’ ‘I just wanted to give you love,’ are you a romanticist when you date too?
Not to the point of a romanticist but I think when I pay attention, it is definite.

Q. Your ideal type?
Well… a person that has a good feeling? Appearance yea, but I think it’s good if we are compatible and understand each other well.

Q. When you’re resting, I heard you tend to drink or work out. Is there a group you usually hang out with?
(laughs) I need to stop talking about alcohol. During interviews I talk about alcohol a lot so people might think I’m a heavy drinker. 

Q. It’s the last time. We won’t ask anymore.
The members that meet up frequently change each time. The people who can come, come. Lately, I see Shin Ha Kyun a lot.

Q. Have you worked together?

Q. Oh, okay?
I answered really stiffly huh? Everyone said it was difficult when doing an interview with me. But I’m probably better than Ha Kyun? (laughs)

Q. Ha ha ha. Are you preparing for you next work? Is there a character you especially want to do? What kind of scenario attracts you?
Rather than a character I really want to do, I just get this feeling. I seem to be attracted to those characters and stories.

Q. An actor you wish to work with?
There’s a lot. Who should I say first is the question, but first Shin Ha Kyun. If the opportunity comes, I think it’ll be fun to meet in a work too.

Q. What kind of person is Kim Dong Wook? What kind of actor do you want the public to think of you?

Um… average? (laughs) Let me see. What kind of person? (laughs) An actor who acts well is nice and I would like it if people are curious and continue to wonder what this person will do next. What work will he choose next? I want to become an actor that is not obvious and has people always wondering.

For more bntnews.co.uk
Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk



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I stumbled upon Kim Dong Wook in Find Me in Your Memory drama. Never know him beforehand but it turned out he appeared in Coffee Prince back then. Making a little research about his personal life but quiet scarce maybe because he does not have SNS and rarely have an interview. What makes me get immersed with him, not to mention his charisma and handsome-looking, he is indeed a versatile actor:)


What I love the most recently is KDW is getting more recognition and gaining a plenty of international fans after his success appearance in FMIYM drama. As short as I notice, the IG post below has the most massive comment and get fast liking just within a minute among other Keyeastofficial post.



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