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[upcoming 2007] Deru Toko Demasho! 出るトコ出まし&#124

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Guest sylver

Maki Horikita, Shosuke Tanihara, Eiko Koike
Horikita stars in another manga adaptation

Sun, June 24, 2007 (5:18pm EDT)

Teen actress Maki Horikita has been chosen to star in another television drama based on a popular manga. This fall, Fuji TV will broadcast a 2-hour adaptation of Shinji Inamitsu's "Deru Toko Demasho!," which is currently being serialized in Big Comic Spirits.

Horikita takes on the role of Shizuka Kamei, a high schooler who gets a part-time job as an assistant to the lawyer Hiromu Nonaka (Shosuke Tanihara). (Kamei, Nonaka, and other characters are named after well-known politicians.) The rest of the cast includes Eiko Koike, Yoichi Nukumizu, and Masaomi Kondo

Taken from Tokyograph

Personal thought: Wow! Maki Horikita is getting really popular. She hasn't even finished Hana Kimi yet and already she got another drama lined up after her current drama finishes. But this isn't really a full length drama, right? Based on the newspaper report, I think it's more of a drama special since it's only 2 hours. Besides Maki, Shosuke Tanihara, Eiko Koike and Youichi Nukumizu will also be taking part in this drama. Incidentally, all three of them are in Yama Onna Kabe Onna which is also currently airing. Will update when I have more info.

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