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[variety] Truth Game 진실게임

Guest jahye

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When did Kim Nam Ils brother appear on this show? What is teh date?


sorry, other things I wanted to say

I absoulutly love this show. I agree with someone who said that some people just go on the show to show their faces. Like in the age one (who is really ___ but looks like this age __, who looks younger then they are) that one girl who said she was 35 just danced and sang, and trust me she was a good singer and dancer, but it totally gave off that she wasent 35)

but Yoo Jae suk is soo cute!

Remember the YooJaeSuk look alikes, omgosh so funny

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Guest luckyyou

t1xx2.th.jpg t2iv3.th.jpg t3zb7.th.jpg t4ta8.th.jpg

Truth Game - 101006 - Find the Real Star's Entourage

available @ http://clubbox.co.kr/NowNForever

I haven't been watching Jinshil Game religiously :( I only watch when I have time and if we happen to have it rented. Anyways, this episode looks fun. Haven't seen it yet. You have to find the real star's entourage. Here are your choices

1. PSY's bodyguard

2. Kim Jong Min's driver

3. Hwan Hee & SG Wannabe's vocal instructor

4. Lee Hyori's pose instructor (teaches her how to pose basically)

5. Dong Bang Shin Gi's fan club president

6. Goh Hyun Jeong's younger cousin

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Guest theLEGEND

Here's the episode with Fly to the Sky, also the special episode with GOD and KJK, two very funny episodes

Fly to the sky-Don't know what this episode is about


Christmas special with GOD and KJK-This episode is about which one is the real girl


Episode with Minwoo-I think this episode is about if the people are really mother and child


Can someone re-upload those episodes? Fly To The Sky, GOD & KJK and Minwoo

I'm sorry for asking too much :sweatingbullets: Thanks!

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Not a lot of people watch this show huh? Lol.

Did anyone see that dude that solved the rubix cube? Like the whole thing.. Amazing.. O_O.. Not only could he do it one handedly but the whole thing blind folded. Again, amazing!

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Guest luckyyou

available @


a1cs2.th.jpg a2vs2.th.jpg a3gk8.th.jpg a4nh4.th.jpg

Truth Game - 122606 - Find The Star's Real Family Member (Jun Jin, Ayumi, Harisu, Chun Myung Hoon +)

Truth Game has done this topic before but this one is different since the stars come on with their "relatives" (only one is real). Usually before they only had the family member come out and talk. Anyways here's the guests (not the panel guests, the guests along with their potential family member)..

Jun Jin w/ his uncle (father's younger brother)

Ayumi w/ her younger brother

Kim Jin w/ his younger cousin

Harisu w/ her older sister

Chun Myung Hoon w/ his younger cousin

Jung Joon Ha w/ his sister-in-law

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