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A goodbye to soompi

Guest hmaster

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Guest Diamond_


Nooo...... T________T


Well.... good luck in everything you do, I'm gonna be there every step of the way on MSN to annoy you and ask you to send me your latest works... ^^

Haha.. I'll keep practising beatboxing... LMAO~ :lol:

<3~~~ Take care!~~

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i dont quite know what nsw and hsc is (im assuming hsc is high school career?) but good luck to you. pretty much, if rapping is as much to you as it is to me.. u will always find the time to write/record.. it's like an innate force.. from what i've gathered, you are well respected on this board.. working with the best.. and tried to help those that ever asked for help.. much respect for that. you caught me by surprise when i saw my name there.. but it means a lot.. thanks for the words of encouragement/advice. whats dope is that in college, i met someone in my suite with a set-up (compared to my non-existent set up) and im also in the hip hop club.. so im lookin to do some quality stuff now.. anyways, thanks and good luck studying and getting into the colleges u want.

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Aw. You're leaving?

Why does goodbye bring hurt and disappointment? :*(. This worries me.

Feel free to come back and check up whenever you can. Although I never talked to you, etc., I still recognize your name.

Take care of yourself and your talent! I'm looking forward to seeing your name spread everywhere someday. Fighting! <3.

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