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[movie 2006] Birth Of A Family 가족의 탄생

Felicia Soh

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Guest Pucca.sg

This is from a Japanese magazine

Happened to find Uhmforce's pictures and article inside.... :)



And I was told that this movie OST has released

See the info below:-


가족의 탄생 (Special Box Package)

가수/연주자 : Soundtrack

CD개수 : 1 CD

기획사 / 음반사 : M&F / Ales

발매일 / 국가 : 2006-05-25 / KOREA

판매가격 : 13,800원


1. 오월의 아이 (Performed By 말로)

2. Prologue

3. Main Theme

4. Love Theme

5. 가족의 탄생 (Performed By 말로)

6. 사랑

7. 남남

8. 사랑은 멀리 있지 않아.. Piano Solo

9. 사랑은 멀리 있지 않아 .. (Performed By 안양여성 합창단)

10. 同病相憐

11. 明暗

12. 분주한 오후

13. 期約

14. 연인

15. 母女

16. 여행

17. 운동회

18. Epilogue

19. 가족의 탄생 (Performed By 고두심, 문소리, 엄태웅, 공효진, 봉태규, 정유미)

연기파로만 구성된 호화 출연진에 탄탄한 극본과 연출로 상반기 한국영화계 최고의 화제작으로 꼽히는 『가족의 탄생』 OST!

『봄날은 간다』, 『외출』을 잇는 조성우 음악감독 작품!

사랑의 탄생을 기다리는 당신에게 찾아갈 아름다운 멜로디, 재즈 보컬 '말로'의 '오월의 아이', '가족의 탄생', 고두심, 문소리, 엄태웅, 정유미, 봉태규, 공효진 등 출연진이 함께 하는 테마 송 '가족의 탄생' 수록.

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Guest Pucca.sg


How do you spend most of your time these days?-an interview with Sports Seoul

Uhm Tae Woong enjoys mountain climbing.because he likes the intense feeling of excitement and refreshment that he is able to have when he stands on the summit after overcoming so many difficulties on his way to it that he is tempted to give up climbing.

Asked"where do you think you are on your way as an actor comparing to climbing?" he answered with smile "I can say I just approached the outskirts of the mountain." Considering that despite he made his debut in the movie 'the Amazing Men' in 1997,he had not been known as actor Uhm TaeWoong but only called 'the younger brother of Uhm Jung Hwa' until three years ago, his answer is very convincing.

He has lately distinguished himself through KBS2 mini series dramas such as 'BuHwal', 'delightful ChunHyiang', 'Gumiho' and some movies from 'Silmido' in 2003 to 'Family 2004','Public Enemy 2nd' Although he grieved in a moment with the interruption of drama 'Wolf' resulted from Eric's traffic accident, he is now very busy in making publicities for the movie 'Birth of Family' released on last 18th of May and preparing for SBS drama 'Stranger than Paradise' to be aired around the end of July.

Q: What are you doing nowadays?

A: I had seldom taken rest for the past three years but the production of drama 'Wolf' having been interrupted by an unexpected accident ocurred early this year, I was forced to be free for a while.

I have almost finished the publicty activities for 'Birth of Family' released some time ago and now I am preparing for shooting of new drama.I am going to start work for 'Stranger than Paradise' from June 7 and will leave for Canada for its location to be made June15-25. My role in the drama is a younger brother 'SanHo' of Lee SungJae. He is nearly a tough bum.

Q: He looks like HyongChul of 'Birth of Family',doesn't he?

A: At first sight, you are right. But he is quite different from HyongChul in terms of their inner characters.The latter looks like a cute guy who is shameless,very composed and delinquent rather than a tough one. In some respect,HyongChul is more similar to Yoon SungMo of 'Wolf'. I still miss 'Wolf' in many ways. I would like to confess I did too exaggerated acting in its episode 1-2. However, I was confident that I could describe the character right well from the episode 3-4 but there was the accident.....

Q: Do you know the bed scene with Go DuSim in the movie attracted public's interest?

A: At first I had no idea when I heard I should act an opponent role of the outstanding senior actress nearly as old as my mother. But I could finish my job well thanks to the senior actress Go DuSim who guided me in detail.

Moon SoRi, my elder sister in the movie and I are of the same age.

As she liked to drink a lot irrespect of the sorts of liquor, soju or beer, we drank together very often and worked in friendly atmosphere. I think my drinking capacity (two or three bottles of soju when I am in good condition) is no less than others' but she is really a heavy drinker.

Q: what does your sister Uhm JungHwa mean to you?

A: she is five years older but from time to time she looks like my friend or my younger sister or my father. Without her support and encouragement, I might not continue to act. Since my father was dead long ago,she had to take care of our household from the days when I was a little boy. Now that I make money a little for myself, I come to realize how much difficult it was for her.

Q: What do you think is your appeal?

A: A kind of diversity? Outer looks seem very strong but quite the opposite in fact. I am tender and soft so as not to be suitable for my nickname 'UhmForce'. According to some of my fans,they like the genuine and seemingly sad look in my eyes.

Q: Could you tell me what made you become an actor?

A: In my school days, I started drawing from 1st grade of senior high to enter an art college. I didn't know at that time it would effect my life as a turning point that I had an experience of a pinch hitter singer for a week in a group sound of school when I was a 3rd grade high school boy. I was afraid I would tremble on the stage but unexpectedly I felt at ease very much. In a moment I thought I would have been happy if I had had such a job like my sister. And then after a period of jobless I entered the entertainment field.

Q: Can you define what acting is ?

A: Umm.., it is not easy to answer it since I do not have a long job history yet.....If I should compare it to something, It seems to be a costume coordination, doesn't it? I guess to act the character I take is like a process to look for the garments most fit for my body,my feeling and my aura. When the color and design of the garments go with me well, I feel my fans like it more.The characters of 'ChunHyiang' and 'BuHwal' are examples as above. Sometimes,I wish I would wear costumes in different color and design. Thus,I chose such characters as Yoon SungMo of 'Wolf' and HyongChul of 'Birth of Family'.

Q: How do you spend most of your time when you are free?

A: I am introspective and shy. I still hesitate to show myself in the public eye.I am afraid of strangers much. So,I have a small number of entertainer friends limitted to Kang SungJin, Lee Sun Gyun and a few others.I like to take a rest alone and enjoy so called mono-sports like mountain climbing,mtb, scuba diving and water skiing. So, I am not good at ball games that a number of people enjoy together.

Q: Do you have any idea for your desirable wife to be? And how about your marriage plan?

A: I would like to get married at or around the age of thirty five. I wish she would be wise and kind enough to understand me and my job fully. As an actor I don't have any tremendous objectives to achieve. I like to enjoy my job and always do my best at the moment when I work as the water flows. A man who I like to follow the example of is senior actor Ahn SungGi. He is a model of an actor as well as a husband of a family that I am anxious to be.

Credit to Bill from uhmsky :)

Cheers *^^*



My Planet

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Guest Pucca.sg


Another interview report to share with you all :)

Uhm TaeWoong,beautiful is shyness covered by his tough image-AM7 star gallery

In front of camera,the various looks of Uhm TaeWoong,who has mainly shown a tough masculine attractiveness until now, are more lovely than expected. The moment when I newly recognized his unartificial charm,his careful and self-conscious voice said "I am lately told to be a cute guy very often..." Having distingushed himself to audience with the character Byon HakDo he took in KBS drama 'ChunHyiang' broadcasted last year,he has emerged to be a top class actor since he successfully played a double role in KBS drama 'Buhwal' starred by him.In the movie 'Birth of Family' now showing, we can also find his new feature.

When appearing himself in the studio, he wore a shirts without sleeve exposing his shoulder with highly developed muscles and white trousers with a pair of suspenders. Even without any indication from Kim JoongMan,a photo artist continuousely pressing the shutter of camera focussed on him, he posed his multiful face looks by himself. After performing a cute look of a michievous child and a sullen one and again a serious one frowning eyebrows for about five minutes, the sheepish smile he made was gentle and bright.

In line with the artist's order, he changed his clothes, got his hair tangled and took off his dress shirts and put it on again skillfully. It was pleasure and cheerful only to watch him diversify his face look quite differently in accordance with each different garment he put on. However, once we began to have a short interview, he suddenly became awkward and shy as if he had been a different person, given that he had been vivid before camera until even a minute ago. And his answers were very short too as follows.

For examples, asked "when was the hardest time for you since you had this job?" he said "when there was no work while I wanted to do" and questioned "then when was the most joyful time?" he answered "when I was working." Talking about his own character he said he was so prudent and shy of strangers apart from the tough image he had ever shown in dramas. He insisted Hyong Chul of 'Birth of Family' is more similar to himself.

"Whenever I go to the place where more than four people attended, I become so embarrassed and don't know where I have to stand there. I don't feel at ease. Except for some cases I have something to do work there, I used not to go to such a place. I think I would rather avoid to go there instead of trying to get over my tendency"

As soon as he became relaxed after shooting, it was obvious he felt tired. He told it seemed because he had stayed up all night seeing movies in a cinema nearby his house. Replying to my question asking "didn't you care for your skin a day before the date when this photographing was scheduled on, do you?" he answered " no, after all my skin is not good by nature....it doesn't improve with much sleep." "What kind of mark would you like to give yourself in your acting skill?"

"I think I have not played so remarkable performance yet that it has touched the audience, satisfying myself as well." was his answer.

Having an interview with him, I could feel energenic power hidden behind his tranquil attitude.

Credit to Bill from uhmsky cafe :)

Cheers *^^*



My Planet

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Guest Pucca.sg

Just share with you all a translated article from UTW's cafe :)



The movie 'Birth of Family' that has maniac fans thanks to its unique framework and substance is seeking after its long run of play in some appointed cinemas as the number of screens for it has continuousely decreased.

While the movie has once become a subject of conversation fostering the so called 'B.O.F maniac group',its showing has nearly come to the end now as well as other domestic movies being attacked by hollywood blockbusters like 'Mission Impossible3' and 'Davinci Code' occupying a huge number of screens.

The producer has adopted this kind of a long run policy because some of the audience still come to see it spontaneously after they heard mouth to mouth compliments given by people who got impressed much with the peculiar scenario and the splendid performances by Uhm TaeWoong,Moon SoRi,Go DuSim,Gong HyoJin,Kim HyeoOk, Bong Tae Gyu, Chung YouMee and others.

Being now played on screen in Lotte cinema( in Busan,Gumi,Songnae),inCGV Inde-Cinema(Gangbyeon,Sangam,Inchon,BusanSeomyon),Filmforum,Chungju Cinema,Hyeondae Cinema Jeongeup, 'Birth of Family' already plunged in its long run in the cinema,Sponge House Apgujung branch from the 1st of June.Sponge Cinecore branch will also follow its Apgujung sister from June 8.

The producer wishes it would get a fame as an art movie of long run of a play following the examples of 'Jozeetiger and Fishes' 'Eternal Sunshine' 'Maejongdhimiko' and 'Brokeback Mountain'

'Birth of Family' is a feature film telling what kind of life each member of the various type of families leads in the movie and how they gather together in the end.

Credit to Bill from uhmsky^^*

Cheers *^^*



My Planet

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Guest Pucca.sg




The article of June issue of magazine Woman Sense

Please refer that this is a translation of selected sentences from the article about Uhm sister and brother printed in June issue of Woman Sense,a monthly magazine.


"I thought the long unstable life of HyongChul in 'Birth of Family' was the same as mine of the past because I had also wandered as an aspirant for an actor for a long time till people began to recognize me as a real actor. Actually I had lived at the expense of my sister like him. Moon Sori's character in the movie warmly welcoming her brother who suddenly appeared himself after his missing for 5 years is just my sister who has ever cheered and supported me with her wholeheart waiting for me as I am."

Uhm JungHwa had been so afraid that her brother,who was of over thirty years old and had already spent eight years as a unknown actor without any fruit, might be a permanent jobless person. However, she had tried to hide her anxiety before him and then encouraged and lashed at the same time. She said "the age of thirty is like a starting point for a real life in a sense. My assistance for you has some limitation. From now on you should try yourself to stand on your own feet."

Having been encouraged by his sister's advice, he learned basic acting skill in theatrical performances and continuously challenged for drama auditions. In one of auditions, he had an unforgettable bad experience to let him feel sore at heart and depressed too much. He heard a comment,nearly the same to a personal abuse from the program director of the audition.The P.D said "you had better know your face is not only plain but dull. And the possiblility for a sister and a brother together to succeed at the same time is naturally too low in this field." On the way home after he finished the audition,he heaved a sigh of sorrow thinking that there was no chance for him in the broadcasting company to where his sister could go everyday.

Notwithstanding, Uhm TaeWoong was given a favourable reception with one act drama 'the Blue night of Chejudo' that year and then he was soon cast to be the main supporting role in KBS drama 'delightful Chun Hyiang',which made his life quite different in an instant. His high popularity gotten in 'Chun Hyiang' had been exploded in 'BuHwal'.Two years later when he accidently met the program director who had nearly abused him, the P.D seemingly not remembering the audition said to him "you are the best actor of today".It was a praise enough to remind him of his changed status.

The moment when he won the excellency award of act thanks to his remarkable acting played a double role in 'Buhwal' the end of last year, the first ones that came across his mind were his mother and sister who had never given up supporting him,only a unknown actor for more than eight years.But while he was expressing his gratitude, he didn't mention the name of his sister on purpose because he had a strong intention to postpone delivering her name openly to audience clapping their hands in applause until he wins a better award and he feels he is now of the same rank with his sister.To him his sister Uhm JungHwa means a sister or the closest friend or his father. Her continous support for him has still lasted since after he became a top star, attending all kinds of events for him like his fan meetings and VIP premiere of 'Birth of Family' to where she escorted her mum.

He said with smile "we are already of the age for marriage so that my mother always welcomes once she or I intend to get married."

He admits he had so particular preference about marrige in the past that he wanted a woman having pretty hands to be his wife but he says a woman with a good impression to him is ok now. Neverthless,he still has a firm precondition to be required for his wife to be.She must be so generous and broad-minded as to live together with his mother who has had hard time for him until now. Having ever dreamed of a fatal and romantic love able to disregard any conditional one, Uhm JungHwa is about to sincerely look for more realistic love. Now that as an actor and an actress they all have fully accomplished, it would be welcomed whoever get married first.

Credit to Bill from uhmsky^^*

Cheers *^^*



My Planet

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The Dong-A Ilbo

JUNE 09, 2006 07:16

by Mun-Myung Huh (angelhuh@donga.com)

Rising Star


Audiences will rave over the masterfully acted-out Korean movie, “Family Ties.” Goh Du-shim (playing Mu-shin) who looks after the children of her ex-husband’s, Moon So-ri (playing Mi-ra), who takes care of her older sister-in-law, Gong Hyo-jin (Seon-gyeong) who doesn’t respond to her mother’s love but has a generous heart herself: these are all women who are dish out love indiscriminately. And the core of this love fest is actress Kim Hye-ok (49).

There are some actors who are better known for their image than their names, and she is one of them. Some may not recognize her name, but one glimpse and they inevitably say, “Oh, I know her.” She has been doing television appearances as a supporting actress, playing every role from the First Lady to a stalker, and this year marks her peak.

She was the imprudent mother in the KBS 1TV drama “Peculiar Man, Peculiar Woman” that recorded ratings over 30 percent, and in the MBC drama “Dr. Gang” that just wrapped up, she was the gullible mother of a son played by Yang Dong-geun. In the MBC weekend drama “I Really, Really Like You” that’s currently playing, she is the folksy First Lady.

Requests for her are pouring in, and after “Dr. Gang,” she jumped right back into the television scene with the MBC drama “Over the Rainbow (tentative name)” that will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting from July.

The mother types that Kim plays usually defy the traditional Korean mother stereotype. Instead of sacrificing for her children, she is faithful to her own needs and follows her own fantasies.

In the movie Family Ties, she falls in love with a married man with two sons, and has a son herself. She is unembarrassed in front of her wondering daughter. To add salt to injury, she indulgently and insensitively tells her daughter who is suffering from an incurable disease that, “You’ll understand when you get older.”

“You don’t know how much I cried after that scene when the daughter fights with her mother because she can’t understand her. It was so hard to keep my voice from being choked up.”

Kim dresses in inconspicuous clothes and wears no make-up, but once she gets in front of the camera she’s a different person, thanks to her 20 years of stage experience.

“During my theater years, I got acting directions from so many great senior actors. It trained me to focus not on how others would see me, but how the role itself should be played out. Others turn down roles because of their images, but I don’t care. It’s how life is.”

Kim’s face holds many emotions, ranging from sadness to comedic laughter, yet sometimes exudes a sense of numbness. Kim says, “There’s something of that person who’s innocent and shy and comes out into the world leading a checkered life in my acting. Through acting, I really find my inner beast. As an actress, I love how I can cry and laugh and love with no limits. It’s a great job.”

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Truly indebted to Pucca for extending endless assistance to me while I am away. Joongmal gamsahmnida, chingu! :D

After reading the above articles, I guess by now many are aware how shy UTW is! I can only conclude that he is a great actor who perfectly manages to separate his real personality from his role character. Perhaps, Shin-Hyuk's role character come close to his real life personality....just my guess. :rolleyes:

Appreciate Hyc for sharing the article on Go Do-Shim.....indeed she is a "Rising Star"! Love her guts for playing UTW's lover. :P

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The best movie in the first half of this year!

The best movie in the first half of this year recommended by reporters of media was announced. 'Birth of Family' was selected as the best movie by four media like Joycine, Yonhap News, Ddanzi Daily and Screen Interview.

Following is a review by Seo JungHwan ,a reporter of Joycine.


'Birth of Family' is a beautiful and warm-hearted movie that is brilliant with its fresh and creative scenario and good performance of actors and actresses playing in it.

In three episodes of the movie, the every part of a sister and brother, of a mother and daughter and of a lovers shows personal ties and love stories that have got entangled with each others.

According to the conventional concept, a family sets limits to a blood ties. However, Director Kim extends its scope to 'compassion' beyond 'blood' in this movie. The movie emphasizes on the point that a family finally becomes established through affection and hatred growing in the relations of person to person who happen to have ties.The ending scene that most of characters of the movie are passing by not recognizing each others like strangers gives us a strong impression that a family is woven by natural process seemingly by accident with a lot of lines of longitude and latitude of fate scattered by each of strangers as if Chung YouMee is winding thread on a spool in the movie.

I am sure to say it is a rare outstanding work of today that makes the director's sincerity look better, needless to say his producing capability.

Credit to BILL at Uhmsky

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Appreciate Hyc for sharing the article on Go Do-Shim.....indeed she is a "Rising Star"! Love her guts for playing UTW's lover. :P

Um, actually, the article was on Kim HyeOk (the actress playing GHJ's mother). ;) Go DooShim has been a bonafide veteran star for a veeeeeery long time.

[Twitch] 가족의 탄생 (Family Ties) DVD Up For Preorder

[Twitch] Review @ TIFF

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awwww … now it's not coming out till August 5! I can't wait to see this one, though, definitely ordering it! Thanks for the heads-up!

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

The Birth of Family (2discs/region3) (2006)

가족의 탄생


asiandb price: US$34.98

availability: Preorder

payment: credit cards, paypal, cash, bank transfer

Item Details

subtitle: English, Korean

audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, Dolby Digital 2.0

release date: Jul 26, 2006

company: KD Media

country: South Korea

aspect ratio: 1.85:1

case: Keep Case

Region Code: 3, NTSC

Single Side Dual Layer

Disc 1 (113min)

- Feature

- Commentary Track 1

- Commentary Track 2

Disc 2 (128min)

- Kim Tae-Yong's Filmmaking

- Interview with casts

- Interview with director and staff

- NG cuts

- Meaning of Family

- Deleted Scenes

- Family Karaoke

- Trailer

- Still Gallery

SOURCE : 가족의 탄생


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By the way, the movie "Birth of Family" DVDs has released :)

Here I enclose the picture to share :)


Thanks Pucca for sharing the DVD set of BOF. Definitely won't miss the chance to own a copy of it. Where can I purchase it? Has it been released under YesAsia or at local stores? I am pretty sure, I won't get to buy it so soon unless I order through the internet! As always, appreciate all you've done in this thread, my dear chingu! emotbighug.gif

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Felicia: YesAsia is selling it! I pre-ordered mine and it's on the way! Probably won't get it till some time next week, I can't wait!

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Guest Pucca.sg

Felicia: YesAsia is selling it! I pre-ordered mine and it's on the way! Probably won't get it till some time next week, I can't wait!

Hi mj07

Is this the site that you went in and order the DVD? :)

How much you pay for it in SGD?

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