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[movie 2006] Birth Of A Family 가족의 탄생

Felicia Soh

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source : Twitch March 20, 2006

Korean Weekly News - March 20




After his career making performance in 부활 (Rebirth), Eom Tae-Woong has been on the mouth of everyone in the TV Drama and Film industry in the last few months. His leading debut in the film 가족의 탄생 (The Birth of a Family) has the potential to become his gateway to stardom, but Eom Jung-Hwa's younger brother will continue his activity on TV as well, as he's been cast alongside Lee Sung-Jae in 천국보다 낯선 (Stranger Than Heaven). The show, a Popcorn Film production which will shoot half the episodes before broadcast, is produced by PD Kim Jong-Hyuk of 봄날 (Spring Days), and will soon decide which station will enjoy its services, alongside casting the final 'angle' of this love triangle. Lee and Eom will play brothers fighting each other for a woman, in what marks a long awaited return to the small screen for Lee, who hasn't been on TV for years. The show will start shooting in Canada from May.

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source : Twitch March 20, 2006

Korean Weekly News - March 20




After his career making performance in 부활 (Rebirth), Eom Tae-Woong has been on the mouth of everyone in the TV Drama and Film industry in the last few months. His leading debut in the film 가족의 탄생 (The Birth of a Family) has the potential to become his gateway to stardom, but Eom Jung-Hwa's younger brother will continue his activity on TV as well, as he's been cast alongside Lee Sung-Jae in 천국보다 낯선 (Stranger Than Heaven). The show, a Popcorn Film production which will shoot half the episodes before broadcast, is produced by PD Kim Jong-Hyuk of 봄날 (Spring Days), and will soon decide which station will enjoy its services, alongside casting the final 'angle' of this love triangle. Lee and Eom will play brothers fighting each other for a woman, in what marks a long awaited return to the small screen for Lee, who hasn't been on TV for years. The show will start shooting in Canada from May.

Thanks HYC for sharing the above news at this thread. :)

Can't wait to see how he develops his relationship with Go Do Shim. :rolleyes::w00t: He is one pretty busy namja and is gonna hop on a plane to Canada come May!

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Yeah, I really can’t wait to see how UTW exudes his charm on Go Do Shim. This goes to say that the Korean society has changed a lot and it’s now more open as compared to 8 years back when they did the drama SARANG/LOVE (1998). Kim Mi Sook played the older woman in love with Jang Dong Gun (age-gap of 13 years).

For those who were not aware, when LOVE was aired, many Korean viewers were upset by the older woman-younger man storyline of this drama, so a new writer was brought in and the storyline changed half-way through the drama.

Btw, the age gap between UTW and GDS is within the range of 19~23 years (birth of date of GDS given at some sites varies).

The poster (many thanks to MELUSINE for the delicious poster) of the above cast on BOAF looks attractive enough to capture everyone's attention with UTW's naughty-boy-look holding GDS closely to him. :lol: The remaining cast look kind of like sulking... :rolleyes:B)

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Teaser poster of " the Birth of Family"

Go Du Sim distributed a notice saying that she lives together with her lover Uhm Tae Woong 20 years younger,which is in the teaser poster of movie " the birth of family" (directer Kim Tae Yong/producer Blue Storm). The one thing that attracts public attention the most in the poster is the appearances of Go Du Sim and Uhm Tae Woong, the former seated on the lap of the latter putting his arm around her waist. :rolleyes:

Moon So Ri glaring at them at a loss for words is very serious. Moon and Uhm are a sister and a brother in the movie. And what makes Moon puzzled is that Uhm Tae Woong suddenly returns her house together with Go Du Sim, his sweetheart 20 years older after his absense of 5 years and begins to live with Go Du Sim sharing her house with her. ;)

Next to them in the poster, there are Chung You Mi with a solid look on her face and Bong Tae Gyu taking her shoulder in his arm. They do not somehow look a normal mate too. Moreover, fully crammed Ddukboki (broiled dish of rice cake, meat, eggs, hot seasonings,etc), Sundae (a sausage of beef and bean curd stuffed in pig intestine) and Eermuk (broiled fish paste) before them in the poster look something awkward to them. All these disharmonized things previously announce the birth of a family filled with various kinds of scandals enough to bring sensation in the whole country. :o

It is remarkable that Go Du Sim, having an image of an emotional mother character has entirely changed her acting style and shows excellent performance compatibility with Moon So Ri. " The birth of a family", a new movie director Kim Tae Yong made after 6 years since his first movie "The scoop story 2'nd of a girl high school", will come in the end of May. :D

Credit to Bill at UHMSKY for the translation

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Preview of "The Birth of A Family"

Is Uhm Tae Woong and Go Du Sim really a pair of lovers?

At last their mystery relation was released in secret. In advance was made public the preview film full of love affairs, scandals and secrets of the movie "The Birth of A Family" due in cinema on May18 that consists of unique love stories of people who, only with the word" love", want to be happy , having their hearts pounding, and being deeply touched.

The preview presents us a romantic atmosphere in which we are likely to hear a sweet whisper of love from somewhere, showing the scenes that a lots of white bird downs are falling down in a bed room all decorated in red color within the sentimental sounds of familiar chanson "La vie en rose" but simultaneously its narration gets us confused with a incoherent and irrelevant dialogue between two persons like "I feel shame on you very much" and "I also love you very much".

It continues to show Moon SoRi's look of affection in her eyes, a somehow sad look of Go Du Sim and Uhm Tae Woong with helpless smile standing vacantly. It is not Moon So Ri but Go Du Sim to be lopsided with Uhm Tae Woong when they are smashing pillows against each others so hard for feathers inside to burst out ,as if triangular lovers are wrangling. After the close-up of Moon Sori's sullen face, consecutive scenes show that it is MuSin (Go Du Sim) who Hyong Chul (Uhm Tae Woong) introduces to his sister (Moon So Ri)as his bride to be when he comes back to Moon's house after 5 years away from home. In the situation that the roles of Go Du Sim and Moon So Ri seem to be in reverse, what will such an awkward face to face of them bring about?

The preview of "The Birth of A Family", telling love stories of people annoyed at a crossed destiny, oppressed in an absurd situation and dropping tears with angry, introduces one by one each character of the movie who is apt to rush for the same objective, happiness, in the end.

In particular, the last scene of the preview stimulates viewer's curiosity more and more when the characters who get entangled with clamorous scandals in different love affairs are gathered and say "hush-hush" in a voice as if they still have one special secret for them not capable to open now.

"The Birth of A Family" that cast all the best actors and actresses famous for their brilliant acting skills such as Uhm Tae Woong, Moon So Ri,Go Du Sim. Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Hyeo Ok and Bong Tae Gyu including dark horse Chung YouMi, who lately got the New Face Award at Paek Sang Art Award ceremony after getting the same one of the Cinema Criticist Awards held last year, and is going to show three colors of love and eight scadals will come and open its reserved happy secret on May 18 wishing that it would make a sensation enough to move up and down the whole country.

Credit to Bill at Uhmsky for the translation

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Many thanks to Melusine for the updates and Shirley for the great family poster! :D

Here's an article relates to Birth of A Family which was attended by Uhm Tae Woong and Gong Hyo Jin.

A fan's impression on his talk show dated May 2nd (토크쇼)

Followings are based on the report written by a fan named “밝은 마음이”.of the talk show that Tae Woong attended yesterday .

"On the question by MC Lee Hyi Jae what he felt about his attendance at the show,he said he felt tension so that his feet was unstable when he entered walking on the red carpet. We fans liked his frank and shy feature very much.

He told that 'Birth of A Family" was a movie that made our hearts get warmer as if we could feel it was our daily life rather than a movie.

Speaking of acting compatibility with opponent actress Go Du Sim,he said the performance harmony with her was so good as for her to be mistaken only 5 years older in spite of actually more than 20 years older than him. And besides,he slightly mentioned about the bed scene with her, a rumor afloat.

He confessed that he had played the bed scene with her for about 6 minutes in a hotel but he had been so embarrassed and shy. The talk show being the first time for him to speak of detail hidden stories of the movie, in the beginning he was stiffen and awkward but soon he became a good speaker and made audience laugh by unexpected his humorous words.

About the change of his acting style, actress Gong Hyo Jin co-starred in the movie and attended at the show told he had been really an easy laugher and had made them laugh very often being playful to them. He also said he could have found a lot of his resemblance in the character of Hyong Chul. The tender-hearted Hyong Chul seems to be similar to him in nature, doesn't he?

As Tae Woong felt awkward and shy for some time, MC Lee HyiJae was a little confused at first but he presided the show to be very interesting with his inherent wit.

After the show,Tae Woong waited in the lobby before leaving the building and welcomed his fans with his bright and shy smile. His fans attended there took a picture with him, which would be a great memory to them."

Credit to Bill at Uhmsky for the translation

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A late bloomer,Uhm TaeWoong of 'the Birth of Family"

The movie "the birth of family" consists of 3 episodes. The first, conflicts and reconciliation among an elder sister and a younger brother and his fiancee 20 years older. Moon SoRi and Uhm TaeWoong are sister and brother,while Go DuSim is his bride in the movie. The second, sufferings of Gong HyoJin who can not take care of her own love due to her indiscreet mum being unbriddled and easily falling in love. The last,a love story wrangling between a love-starved person, Bong TaeGyu and a lovely woman Chung YouMe.

These three different episodes getting entangled each other reach to an ending, namely the birth of family, in the end as the title of the movie means.

Having taken a lead role for the first time in movie, Uhm TaeWoong spoke of Go DUSim, his sweetheart in that movie."At first I was strained a little but I came to be at ease soon after I finished its script reading rehearsal with her. She was very kind to me as if I were her brother a few years younger."

On the question if he have some pressure about box office record of the movie considering severe competition with other movies like "mission impossible3","Davinci code" and "south of the border" coming earlier or later than "the birth of family" in May, and " for Horowitz"starred by his sister and coming following week, unexpectedly he expressed an optimistic view on that. " I don't worry too much. People have a tendency to see this and that if the movies are known to be interesting. I don't think young people of today make it a rule to see only one movie in a month after saving money. They are sure to see "for Horowitz" as well if it attracts their interest."

He already selected his next work, a tv drama. The drama " stranger than paradise" is about a story of brotherhood and crossed love between two brothers.The elder brother to be played by actor Lee SungJae is an adopted son in a Canadian foster home while the younger brother living in korea, Uhm TaeWoong is ambitious outwardly but so warm inwardly as to take care of his old mother having Alzheimer's disease.

He gave a tip saying "In this melodrama I take a lead role, different character from those of the dramas 'delightful Chun Hyiang' and 'BuHwal'.I have never played any role of melo movies yet although I have desired earnestly for a long time.I really wish I would act in a melo movie telling a sweet love story like 'life is beautiful'....Really(laugh)"

His ability to play excellently Hyong Chul, a bum in the drama in spite of his shy and self-conscious personality, may make his dream to be a good actor in melo movie come true sooner or later.

Credit to Bill at UHMSKY for the translation

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^I like Loveholic too! And again, I agree: the MV's pretty cute :D (and more informative than the trailer, imo).

I giggled when I saw Ryu SeungBeom... <warning: shallow comment> Man, I wish he and Gong HyoJin would get back together, they made such a cool couple.





가족의 탄생 (The Birth of a Family) Theatrical Trailer Released

Ahhh... what they say about love, that age is just a number?

Here's some numbers. Hyung-Cheol has been away from home for five years, enjoying life by himself and breaking Mi-ra's heart. A nice day he shows up with his new belle. Great! Now... there's a little problem. She's actually TWENTY years his senior. But since mommy is an hopeless romantic, she allows this relationship to continue. On the other corner, we have brutal realist Seon-Kyung, who doesn't want to hear anything about silly things like love, after her last relationship ended with tears... on the guy's face. Want more? Kyung-Seok and Chae-Hyeon have been fighting on and off throughout their entire relationship, and it seems like it won't end anytime soon. 7 people, 1 house. Can this 'big' family have a single day of peace?

Even before I knew anything about this film, just a look at the cast and... wow. This is the best looking ensemble cast since 살인의 추억 (Memories of Murder), in my book. Let's look: Mi-Ra is played by Moon So-Ri, who needs no presentation. The 'free spirit' coming back after five years is none other than Eom Tae-Woong of 부활 (Rebirth), his new, older prey one of the most respected (and most talented) veteran actresses in the country, Go Doo-Shim; Gong Hyo-Jin plays ultra-realist Seon-Kyung, finally returning to a film which gives justice to her immense talent; Bong Tae-Gyu and his newfound popularity along with super-talented Jung Yoo-Mi of 사랑니 (Blossom Again) (Voted best new actress by the Critics' Association last year) play the young couple constantly fighting. Kim Hye-Ok (you might not know her name, but her face will be quite familiar if you watch TV Dramas) plays the romantic mother, and there's even a cameo by Ryu Seung-Beom. If that weren't enough, Kim Tae-Yong, co-director of 여고괴담 두번째 이야기 (Memento Mori) returns to the directing chair (for a feature film, at least) after 6 years. Need I say more? This potential gem debuts on May 18, and now it's time to take a look:

가족의 탄생 (Family Ties)

Director: 김태용 (Kim Tae-Yong)

Cast: 엄태웅 (Eom Tae-Woong), 고두심 (Go Doo-Shim), 문소리 (Moon So-Ri), 공효진 (Gong Hyo-Jin), 정유미 (Jung Yoo-Mi), 김혜옥 (Kim Hye-Ok), 류승범 (Ryu Seung-Beom)

Official Website

Theatrical Trailer 1 (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media): mms://wms07.bcst.krn.yahoo.com/c/cine21.com/movie/trailer/2006/04/family_tr_700k.wmv

Theatrical Trailer 2 (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media): mms://vod.cine21.com/cine21.com/movie/trailer/2006/05/family_tr1_700k.wmv

Making Of (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media):


Music Video (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media):


VIP screening (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media):


Movie Stills/Posters

Budget: 1.8 Billion Won

Produced By: 블루스톰 (Blue Storm)

Distributed By: 롯데엔터테인먼트 (Lotte Entertainment)

Rating: 15 and Over

RELEASE: May 18 2006

» Posted by X at 04:27 AM


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Blood is thicker than water?-피보다 진한 정(가족의 탄생 )

“How could you do that to me?" this is a question full of hidden meaning to possibly be heard between the closest persons like family members or lovers. "Such a question is likely to be made in case that one feels mistreated too much by the other when the relation between them has become special and each gradually begins to feel sorry for the other more than before." said director Kim who has drawn people shouting with anger 'why did you that?' in three episodes of his new movie " the Birth of Family"

The first episode is a story that MiRa(Moon SoRi) living alone and peddling Ddukboki (broiled dishes of rice cake with meat, eggs,hot seasonings,etc) meets MuSin(Go DuSim). Her younger brother HyongChul who left without a notice soon after his completion of military service suddenly returns with MuSin 20 years older than him and then introduces her as his bride to his sister. He and MuSin begin to live together with MiRa sharing her house. Moreover, one day a small girl "ChaeYeon" who is known to be a child by MuSin's former husband and his former wife comes to MiRa's house to live in. At last MiRa explodes with anger suppressed upto now and the atmosphere of the house becomes icy and tensed.

In the second episode,a tour guide SunGyong (Gong HyoJin) is unbearable for her mum MaeJa who falls in heartbroken love with a married man. As she tries to leave Korea for good, her love with boyfriend is messed up. And when she heard her mum has a fatal disease, she is not able to discard her brother GyeongSuk 20 years younger and having a different father.

The last one is a love story of Gyeong Suk and ChaeYeon at age of early 20th's. ChaeYeon, a pretty and nice girl is always busy to help other men around her neglecting her boyfriend,Gyeong Suk. Being impatient, Gyeong Suk finally bids farewell to her but in the end he gets on the same train in which she is seated.

According to director Kim TaeYong, there are many characters who are shouting and fighting but can not help loving each others in the movie" the birth of family." The movie reminds us of an idea of 'alternative family' as the love and affection among characters having no blood relationship are brought to the fore.

The characters, being realistic and full of life, who sometimes like to leave for somewhere and are forced to forgive others lead the stream of stories. Directer Kim told he paid most attention to the creation of characters and casting, adding to say "at the stage when I prepared its scenario,I established those characters of SunGyeong, GyongSuk and Mira bearing GongHyoJin, BongTaeGyu and Moon SoRi in my mind. Moon SoRi and her role Mira who is womanly and fragile minded and always suppressing her anger without a word of protesting are most alike"

Introducing a unabashed character,HyongChul who puts his elder sister into trouble suddenly appearing himself and disappearing again, Uhm TaeWoong said "although he has no sense of responsibility,he is a born-good man. He and I somhow seem to be alike, for I had also lived getting pocket money from my sister Uhm JungHwa for some time."

Getting rid of her bright and cheerful image established till now, Gong HyoJin played SunGyeong who has strong vitality but feels bitterness at her family. Gong HyoJin emphasized on the key point of her performance saying" I tried to act her who intends to protect herself a lot but is more prematured in spirit than others of same age."

Director Kim TaeYong who had ever introduced documemtary films like"on the road two" for a long time since after his first movie "the scoop story 2nd of a girl high school" came back with his second long film drama" the birth of family". He went on "I don't think It is an exciting and thrilling drama but I wish it would be considered to be an interesting love story with lovely characters."

This movie will play on the screen permitting over 15 on May 18.

After Screening


Having kept long silence since he made his first work, Directer Kim TaeYong shows that his talent and passion toward movie came into full bloom again. There are few movies such a fanciful scenario of which might give us a deep impression. In that movie, he portrayed the essence of family humanism really required in these days. And besides, performances of actors and actresses joined in his work are all brilliant like shinning jewels. I was very happy all the time seeing the movie and after that I came to feel a new vitality to live in the world. The impressive last scene of this movie makes me to realize that the look on face of each and every person in a crowd of people is beautiful.

-based on report by Choi GyangHee(FILM2.0 online editor)


This is so sensible movie that the feeling occurred from camera focus, players' motion and high and low volume of voices delivers the meaning better than the contents of line .By this reason the development of movie seems to be a little slow but I am sure you could get enough compensation if you wait and see it till the end of its development. The skill of this movie that appropriately allocates characteristic actors and actresses such as Go DuSim,Moon Sori,Uhm TaeWoong,Bong TaeGyu and others in each three episodes and then let them gather together in the last part makes the movie far more interesting. My impression on this movie illuminating our love and life through unusual daily lives of unique people is that this movie had better be called "the exploration of love" rather than "the birth of family"

-based on the report by Lee ChanHo (CBS nocutnews reporter)

Credit to Bill at UHMSKY for the translation


Looks like the movie is kicking off to a good start with great reviews from both reporters. I can't wait to watch how UTW play his role as a young lover....and of course the entire cast too! Aja! Aja! Fighting.....indeed it should be called "the EXPLORATION OF LOVE" rather than "the BIRTH OF FAMILY".....absolutely agreed with the reporter, Lee ChanHo Ssi! :D

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Guest mj07

It sounds more and more fascinating as I hear about it, can't wait to see! Thanks for keeping us updated, Felicia!

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Excellent movie to attract viewers-살맛나는 수작(가족의 탄생)

After long time of silence,movie director Kim TaeYong returned with his new work "the birth of family" the title of which seems to have some special meaning.

I had thought it might be similar to the movies "A Bold Family" and "A Family,2004" that challenged in a genre of comedy and melo human drama or "A good Lawyer's wife,2003" that disclosed the dark side of a troublesome lawyer's family. However,my guess was completely wrong. I can not catch the point easily. I mean it is hard to define the sentiment of this movie in a word.While there is no dramatic events in it, its careful and sharp camerawork demands viewers for themselves to feel the emotion of the characters being tied with special relations.Moreover,the movie does not have the four steps in composition like the introduction,the development of the theme,conversion and summing up. It consists of three episodes that almost seem to be independent stories but are related to each others.

"The birth of family" talks about "the relations" and "love affairs" among its characters who are not family members in blood but have private relations tied up with affection never able to be cooled. There are a younger brother who suddenly appears and introduces a woman nearly at the age of his mother as his bride-to-be,and a daughter bitterly scolding her mum who is whimpering as usual as if their roles are in reverse. A woman who has become the girl friend of every man around her thanks to her exceeding kindness,and her timid boy friend easily getting angry at her carelessness for him and bidding farewell to her from time to time. Each episode of this movie introduces relationships among those characteristic people.The characters of the movie who have their own painful stories unexpectedly gather together in the last part.

Our thought that the characters struggling in disrupted lives and fates are sure to be always exausted in their hard daily lives is wrong. Because of the affection thicker than blood piled up between them,they forgive and embrace the others in wrangling and sometimes get hurt or become lively, which I believe is not possible without love between mother and daughter or lover and sweetheart or sister and brother or others whoever they are. Through outstanding performances by famous actors and actresses like Go DuSim, Uhm TaeWoong and others, this movie impressively explains that its main characters who being too close,frankly betray their emotion getting angry. reproaching even at trifles,and regretting it soon are portraying ourselves. However, regretfully I am not sure if the unfamiliar method to deliver the story and sentiment of the movie would meet public's taste. My thoughts : This is what I am worried too as the current trend of the viewers are not focusing into this kind of storyline but I hope with the casting of so many great actors, they'll be able to attract viewers! If given a chance to watch, I am sure many would agree with the reviewers comment!

“What the hell is it telling me?" You might say to yourself. But If you shake your sensibility grown dull in this tough world a little and pay more attention to the sound and the image that the movie wishes to deliver, you might take a moment for non-experienced feeling to bring in yourself. It is a point not to overlook that the role of women are brought to the fore tolerating good-for-nothing fellows broad-mindedly in this movie that describes 'a family without father's role' as 'an alternative family' or 'lovers' family or 'sister and brother' family, although the movie does not show clearly what kind of family it is.

Following the horror genre movie' the scoop story of girl high school 2nd' that described details of inside sentiments of girls at mental transitional stage very well, directer Kim's 'the birth of family' is a really excellent work enough for viewers to feel their hearts go pit-a-pat curiously seeing the scenes that flashed instant face looks of women and their emotion delicately.

-based on the report by reporter Seo DaeWon

Credit to Bill at UHMSKY for the translation


WoW~~ Another promising and great review by the above reporter. Like what Mar said, this movie sounds fascinating and indeed very fascinating to the dot ...... :rolleyes:

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