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Deep Fried Coke?

Guest kissmyface

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Guest kissmyface

My arteries just clogged.. >.<
So i don't know if anyone has posted this yet but there seems to be Deep Fried Coke out there now. Now i know what your thinking how can you fry coke?? o.o

But what it is, is batter mix with Coca-Cola then it's deep-fried and severed in a cup with more Coca-Cola poured on top with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and cherries. Is it just me or are they deep frying everything now an days?


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deep fried coke..? doesnt sound very yummy to me..

look wise... not that yummy either.

how does it taste like? hahaha. personally im not really a huge fan of coca cola so i doubt i will like it. =x

and ehhhh. i wonder how much calories that cup of thing contain..

batter with coke....... lol. its like eating flour with coke. -_-~~~~~

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