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[Drama 2004] Magic 매직

Guest thunderbolt

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Guest thunderbolt

[sBS] Kang Dong Won, Kim Hyo Jin, Yang Jin Woo, Eom Ji Won


Production Details

TV Station: SBS

Aired: August 28 to October 17, 2004

Episodes: 16

Writer: Yoon Seong-hee

PDs: Hong Chang-wook; Ko Kyeong-hee

Official Site: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/magic

Official DVD: released by SBS in June 2007 with English subs & OST

Synopsis (by dramaok)

Kang-Jae (Kang Dong-Won) is sexy, charismatic and ambitious, with dreams of becoming a famous magician. Like a true magician, the once poor and desperate Kang-Jae successfully transforms himself into a modern-day prince charming, through his courtship with Yeon-Jin (Eom Ji-Won), a beautiful and wealthy woman hampered by a weak body, and his mentorship with a dedicated magician who is resented by his own son Seon-Mo (Yang Jin-Woo).

But even Kang-Jae is vulnerable to being exposed when true love beckons. Yeon-Jin's younger sister, Dan-Young (Kim Hyo-Jin), who is playful and sweet despite growing up in Yeon-Jin's family as an adopted daughter, likes Kang-Jae. When Dan-Young reunites with Do-Young, whom she believes to be her long-lost biological brother, the secret behind Do-Young's true identity slowly leads to another secret that will reveal the real Kang-Jae beneath the magic and Dan-Young must find the strength in her to resolve the damage before them.



Character Description (by thunderbolt)

Kang Dong-won as Cha Kang-jae

"My talent is indifference. I'm not interested in anyone except myself."


Abandoned by his mother and raised by an irresponsible and often absent gambler father, Kang-jae grows up learning to fend for himself. Charming yet seemingly callous, he views life and events like a disinterested spectator. One day, while trying to protect his father, he is assaulted by the latter's creditors. To his bewilderment, his father runs off and leaves him to be beaten. That selfish act will forever be seared on Kang-jae's mind and harden him even further. The injured Kang-jae is saved by the magician Lee Da-hae. An instant bond forms between the two and Lee asks Kang-jae to be his assistant. Eager to escape his wretched life with his father, Kang-jae happily accepts the magician's offer.

Kim Hyo-jin as Yoon Dan-young

"Dad, my birthday wish is to see my brother."


The second daughter of a wealthy businessman, Dan-young is a happy-go-lucky high school student. Confident and optimistic, she is adored by her father and older sister but merely tolerated by the woman she calls "Mom." Dan-young does not mind her mother's cold treatment; she accepts it as cheerfully as the knowledge that she is adopted. Separated from her brother Do-young at the age of 5, she awaits the day when she can see him again. However, on the day of her birthday when they are supposed to be reunited, he fails to turn up. She instead bumps into a young man who gives her a teddy bear and invites himself audaciously to her family's hotel suite. As if they had always known each other, the two strangers hit it off immediately in a comfy sort of way. Years later, she will bump into him again and find out his name is Cha Kang-jae.

Yang Jin-woo as Lee Sun-mo

"Don't talk about Mom. It pisses me off when you mention her."


To fulfil his mother's dying wish, Sun-mo goes to live with the father that he has always despised. He is accompanied by his good friend, Do-young. Father and son have not seen each other since the former left the family to pursue his dreams of a career in magic. In Sun-mo's eyes, his father is an irresponsible and unworthy man who promised his wife and young son that he would return but never did. Despite his bitterness, Sun-mo is unhappy to see the warmth that his father displays towards the injured stranger who stumbles into their lives one day. Unlike the gentle and kindly Do-young, Sun-mo views Kang-jae with distaste and the two have an uneasy relationship that will worsen years later.

Eom Ji-won as Ha Yeon-jin

"I don't want to be the princess who helps a fool to get to the top."


Through her mother's 2nd marriage, Yeon-jin becomes the heiress to her stepfather's business and riches. Quiet and sickly, she comes out of her shell only when she's around her immediate family. Although she and Dan-young have no blood ties, she dotes on her younger sister who in turn adores her. After she returns from her studies in America, Yeon-jin starts work at her father's company. A confident young man, Kang-jae, comes abruptly into her life and announces his intention to be her suitor and protector. His forwardness both frightens and flatters her.



01. The Story (Instrumental) - Lee Sung Yul

02. hoo hwe - Kim Dong Wook

03. dan ae - Lee So Jung

04. The Story - SG Wannabe

05. Rainbow - PB's

06. Without You - M TO M

07. ah reum da oon nal ee myun - Lee So Jung

08. geu gil eh suh myun - Plyzen

09. geu rim ja chuh rum - Lee Wan Soo

10. young won - Plyzen

11. bit - Kim Sung Pil

12. The Story (Ballard Version) - SG Wannabe

13. dan ae (Instrumental) - Shin Sang Woo

14. hoo hwe (Instrumental)

15. geu gil eh suh myun (Instrumental) - Jung Yong Min

16. young won (Instrumental) - Shin Sang Woo

credit: daramji, soompi

The Story MV - SG Wannabe

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Guest athena

Definitely an underrated drama. You can watch it on youtube w/ english subs. Kang Dong Won's acting was awesome as usual, and I liked the main girl lead too. The second girl was so annoying. I wish they made the final love triangle between the two guys and the main girl, not the two sisters and KDW.

And I'm still not sure what happened in the final scene. It was kind of confusing.

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Guest Alohamsk

First of all, thunderbolt, thanks for thread!!!

I have bought new version Magic on dvd in YesAsia about which spoke dada_princess! I'm so happy! This version include OST.

About Magic ... I think, it's one of the best drama. The good story, good music, excellent actors and the sad end. As I say, it's a best role of Kang Dong-Won-sshi.

athena, yes, you're absolutely right, Magic is underrated drama. But I'm not agree with you, Kang Dong-Won-sshi is not as usual there. He's more better, than usual. I think, the end is sad, but it's right. Kang Dong-Won's hero make many bad things, therefore the end is fair. YouTube version isn't good, some moments without subs and bad quality.

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Guest lovegoodfood

this is a gd drama....its a bit strange not much people talk about this drama.... Kang dong won wardrobe is great....v pastel and stylish...... personally his hair look good too....kang dong won is v charming in this drama......

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Guest ripgal

I actually have a copy of this drama at home, due to my uncontrollable obsession over KDW back then. ^_^

I didn't get pass Ep 1 tho, maybe because it was too dark and solemn for me. But reading your comments thundie makes me wana give it another chance. I think I should.. cos seriously, KDW has never disappointed me in any of his movies and dramas. I will finish the drama when I get back home and leave comments here.

Thanx for starting the thread anywayz! :D

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Guest thunderbolt

Hi athena, Alohamsk and lovegoodfood

Thanks for coming by to support this new thread. :)

I agree that Magic is an underrated drama. It has a strong script, intriguing storyline, and good acting. I like how it explores the themes of abandonment, adoption, deception, desire, redemption, relationships (especially the father-son relationship), etc. The OST is great too.

When I watched Magic the first round, I didn't really cry until the 2nd half of the drama. However, tonight as I was rewatching Ep 1, I started to tear when Kangjae called out, "Father, Father" and then when he opened his eyes, he was startled to see a stranger in front of him. Little does he know that he would come to love this stranger so much.

Regarding the second female lead, I felt her acting was superb. She started out being so insipid and dull (and not even very pretty) but as the drama progressed, her character changed so much.

I didn't get pass Ep 1 tho, maybe because it was too dark and solemn for me. But reading your comments thundie makes me wana give it another chance. I think I should.. cos seriously, KDW has never disappointed me in any of his movies and dramas. I will finish the drama when I get back home and leave comments here.

Hi ripgal!! Great to see you here. The drama gets better with each episode so hang in there. B)

A major reason why I love Magic is because KDW is really good here. He looks very appealing (more than in 1% of Something) and his acting is excellent. Looking forward to your comments.


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Guest thunderbolt

There's a scene where one of the characters commented on Cha Kangjae's eyes (one being bigger than the other). That made me laugh because it's true! But Kangjae (KDW) still looks cute, hehe.



Kangjae's dad :tongue2:


all caps by thunderbolt

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Guest thunderbolt

It has been deleted from youtube

The reason could be because there's an official DVD set (English subs + OST) that was recently released by SBS. It's available from various online retailers.


Some wallpapers from the official site:








credit: sbs.co.kr

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Guest thunderbolt

I've updated the first post with the character descriptions. :P I tried my best to ensure they were spoilers-free for people who have not watched the drama yet.

More caps (all of Kang-jae):


credit: hancinema

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Guest thunderbolt

Magic Review by dramaok

From the pictures and press releases, this seemed like yet another trendy drama featuring beautiful young talents, but a few episodes into the drama, you realize this is a gem of a story. Barely 16 episodes long, but somehow the writer packs in strong humanism through poignant dialogues contrasting the love that one shares with a sibling with the passion between lovers, and even the confusing love that you may have towards an enemy.

The strong script and great acting are plus points of the drama. Kang Dong-Won is the irresistible 'bad guy', Eom Ji-Won plays the innocent but obsessive 'quiet woman', Kim Hyo-Jin is the loveable 'innocent girl' and Yang Jin-Woo rounds up the quartet as the grounded and protective 'dependable guy'. The result is a complete story showing us how love changes you no matter who you are. By the end of the drama, we see a transformation in each of the characters as love matures them into who they are destined to be. It's the stuff you expect from 50-episode dramas, not a mini-series such as this. You'll definitely need a box of tissues and don't be surprised if you find yourself in deep thinking mode after the drama ends. My only complaint about the drama is the abrupt ending, but this was still a surprise find and I encourage others to give this underrated drama a try.

Rating: 9

credit: http://soompi.com/?q=node/584

I've also added dramaok's excellent synopsis to the first post.

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Guest Alohamsk

btw, who is Plyzen? i love OST Magic, especially "Yong Won" of Plyzen and "The Story" of SG Wannabe ... but, i can't find info about Plyzen ... i dream about karaoke-version, but it's impossible, i think ...

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Guest st3lak0

do you know where i could watch it without downloading it? my friend told me that it was in youtube but they deleted it........... -3-

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Guest Mannan


finally I can find someone who knows about this drama ..

Since I knew Maya acted in this drama, I really want to watch it ..

But I can't find it anywhere ..

Anyone knows where I can download it?

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Guest thunderbolt

Hi Mannan

Oops, I have no idea where to download Magic. Sorry! I'll post the links if I find out. Maya is funny in this drama.


Some screencaps from Episode 1 (from the official English-subtitled SBS DVD set):









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