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[variety] Thank You For Waking Me Up 깨워줘서 고마워

Guest Solly

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Guest jihunny79

Thank you danny4rang1004 for the YSI! Now for more download option, in MU:

Thank you for raising me up! Epi 3 25-02-2006 LQ (~45MB)


Kyu Jong <3 <3 <3 And his goldfish! Ha...ha...ha... Did he change rooms because Hyun Joong brought Ddaengi to sleep with him? Poor Kyu Jong...

Anyway, in this episode, they brought Ddaengi to the vet for a check up and then they went to the park to have a picnic and they also did short movie parodies. They had to pair up with Ddaengi as the female partner. Jung Min did Titanic, Hong Saeng did the scene from Ghost while the other three did scenes from Korean movies. Kyu Jong was funny! Imagine him not even daring to touch the dog. ^^;;

At the end of the show, Kyung Lim noona joined them for more commercial parodies! It was Jung Min and Hyung Joon's turn to be dressed in drag! Ho...ho...ho...

Enjoy! ^_^


mikaney, that link is for part 3 of King Saturday. That's not SS501 part, right? Hmm...

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Guest inoyume

that sounds funny ... can't wait for the downloading to finish!! is there an HQ version for this? heh heh .. just asking!! not that i can download from CB anyway.

thanks so much for providing so many alternative links for this episode.

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Guest lilxtiffstah

ahh, when i try downloading from that clubbox everything works but it won't start to download even when i click start. it doesn't move or start to download =P.

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