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[variety] Thank You For Waking Me Up 깨워줘서 고마워

Guest Solly

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Guest dream_on

oh wow i didn't know there was a thread for this! ^_^

ep. 2 of thank you for raising me was soo cute! i'll help upload a megaupload/yousendit as soon as a LQ is out.

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Guest danny4rang1004

May I request for Waking up Epi 5 (? - 21-01-2006?) where Hyun Joong was the first to wake up and cook for them please? Oh, and English softsubs (if available) on non-CB please. Sendspace or YSI prefered.

Thank you. ^_^

i think i have it..

be back when its done.

might take a while



sorry it cancelled on me..

i'll try again

heres today's link tho~

Thank You For Raising Me 2-18-06

i'll post it with my first post too so its on the first page

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Guest inoyume

heh heh ... Jeong Min's 'sexy' pose with the dog is hilarious!! is it possible for anyone to upload the HQ version of the lates episode on FF or Megaupload?

thanks for sharing the vid and pix.

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Guest danny4rang1004


i got it

Waking Up With SS501 1-21 (Thank You For Feeding Me)

will add it to first post also.

can someone upload 2-18-06 episode please on yousendit or megaupload? it's always clubbox links -0-+++ i'd appreciate it! thanks!!

-S0LLY ^3^

i did post the link for today

it's two posts above you and also on the first page

its a ysi link

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^here you go [: just reposting it xDDDD

Mirror mirror...

SS501 Thank you for Raising me! Epi 1 formerly known as SS501 Thank you for waking me up! Epi 8 - 11-02-2006 (~378MB)



They just changed the title to Raising Up as they now enter season 2 and their theme now is to raise a dog - a 20 year old (?) female American cocker spaniel (?). Watch SS501 struggle with the dog.

Oh, if anyone has my requests, please share. mOm

Thanks to danny4rang1004 for original upload. ^_^

-S0LLY ^3^

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Guest inoyume

from the first to the seventh shows, it has Park Kyung Lim, the host coming to their house and waking them up from sleep. in the process of doing so ... a lot of hilarity occured. and in one of the episodes, it was the guys who came to Park Kyung Lim's house and woke her up. the eighth and nineth episodes ... there's no more waking them up from sleep instead a dog was handed to them to be taken care of from which of course ... the hilarity continues!! ^____^

i love this show ... and i love them more because of it!!

hope that is of some help to u ...

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Guest aquarigon

AHHAHAHAH!! I LOOOVE this show!!

been watching it with the chinese subs...^0^

i would love to draw on someones face with they were sleeping..MUAAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

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Guest azn_chunsax

LOL Solly i think we should put like a show synopsis on the first post :)

and available links for each episode as they come out?

for those that don't know,

Thank You for Waking Me Up is a segment on King Saturday (so right before Image Survival)... first season was about Park KyungLim (Xman MC :)) waking up our lovely SS501 boys and all sorts of fun things.

Second season (which has aired for two weeks) is about apuppy that our boys are going raise up :) who they have christened Ddaeng501. :) i assume it will go on for another couple weeks and (maybe) enter Season3.

There are simplified chinese subs available for episodes 1 - 7.

And ENGLISH subs are available as well.

English subs are ONLY available at clubbox.co.kr/fiveohone.

they go up there as soon as they come out, and as are all silver clubboxes, come down in 10 days... which means if you DO want English subs (hard subs, AND soft subs are available) you will have to either leave a reply or personally PM me :X (the latter is preferred).

that being said.

omfg :X SS501 is so cute T___T every singer should get promo shows like this T__T

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