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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

Guest damifino

The coffee brand that SJS filmed the CF is Binggrae's A Cafe La coffee


For a better look at just the drink

Direct link to company

So that makes SJS's list of CFs filmed since TMS finished
- refrigerator (Dimchae)
- vacuum cleaner (Moneual)
- women's lingerie (Vivien)
- men's skincare (Vonin)
- watch (Archaemides)
- beer (Asahi)
- coffee (Binggrae's A Cafe La)
- pain reliever (Xero)

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Guest sara62

I'm a Ghost.
I watched "I'm a ghost" tonight. Without English sub. Full in Japanese. But the movie is not exactly a dialogue-centered one. So you enjoy it either way. 
I loved it. Firstly, because I love mild-action movies with a suffering hero fighting with the enemy alone. Secondly, because the movie is calm in a strange way. It's action. People die. There are few violence scenes too. But it somehow is not exactly a loud action like "A company man". The hero is the typical lonely murderer with the painful past and a golden heart longing for a bit of love. But the difference here is that he doesn't speak. So you need to read his feelings from his eyes and enter his world through his subtle face expressions. Therefore Jisub's murderer hero is totally appealing and different. If I'm to compare it with Won Bin's hero in the movie "Man from nowhere"(My comparison is just because both movies' subject matter seems a bit similar to me). Won bin's hero is calmly loud, and Jisub's hero is loudly calm. He walks softly, gets close to his enemy quietly and kills them calmly too. Still he's not scary. The look on his face and his deep eyelight justify his actions. You watch him killing many people but never even for a moment feel annoyed or hateful. The cinematography also helps the viewer to love him. You rarely see a blood bath scene like the ones you see in "Man from nowhere". The irony is that he kills to protect some one. But he even doesn't know why he's doing it. In the few first scenes of the movie he seems more like a robot programmed to kill. Gradually, he feels like a human and in the end gives up his whole being for the girl he's trying to protect. He even learns to let go. 
Sonick shines in this role. To say it more precisely, it's of those movies you totally forget the one on the screen is So Ji Sub. He's the silent hero.


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Guest damifino

^  They CGIed all his tattoos :(  but love his short hair. 

You can see all 4 versions of the Xero pain reliever CFs from their official site


Also, Jung Joon Ha recently had a birthday party for his son's 1st birthday that they mentioned on Infinite Challenge, I wonder if SJS went to it...

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Guest sara62

Wow. The new CF is wonderful. Without wig. Hot with short hair. He's so strong.But his tattoos are covered :( . Personally, I love them. I think he does love this CF. Exercising. He calls it a friend. videoplayback_6_mp4_000013980.jpgvideoplayback_6_mp4_000013847.jpg

And look at those muscles. He's killing me.videoplayback_6_mp4_000014681.jpg

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Guest sara62

Yesterday, Binggrae (means "Smile" in Korean) A cafe la CF team ordered this lunchbox for So Jisub to have lunch during CF shooting.

It's so lovely. 
Thanks to 한초하 for the info.

And four versions of his new CF. Watch them on their channel. Like them and leave a comment too if it's possible for you.

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