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Guest sara62

chakita babe

said: Thank you @sara62 and @damifino for the Giordano memories...I too think these two SJS

WOW...and neighours too...how lucky is she, or how lucky is he....no....how lucky are THEY!.....woop woop!

I agree too that with the right role, SMA would shine also as an actress, shes so beautiful...I wonder if these two would ever pair up in a drama...hmmmm... Didnt we discuss somewhere here about the characteristics or particular resume' an actress should have when wanting to star alongside our SJS in a movie/drama...LOL!...

I mean, being so close in vicinity, they can pretty much just run to each others homes and rehearse together....LOL!


:-h :-h

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Guest Crystaln

I'm not suppose to repost, but I just love  love  how he swings his jacket OMG  with out a blink, staring at this gifs, my eyes really got tired, pull me a way some one??

I wish if he's banking his baby away and allow me to access, if I have a boy looking like him   :\">   .. 'course my husband will kill me first ..

He's still looking the same as youthful and so handsome, love his CF so much.  Thanks guys for posting and keep the updates..

I wish other than his CD , his invested film, not seeing much CF, he would just go to more events so I can drool looking at him more... sigh.. I'm so dying here ,  missing to see him so much.

Just learned how to make gifs kk

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Guest Crystaln

Wow he's neighbor to some one's friend :) :) :)  easy access , out of paparazzi sights  .. great to know he's neighbor to many of other great actresses, he's no short in hand .. :D  :D  love to see him having a happy life.  

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Guest damifino

Sorry it took so long, but here is part 2 of the SJS interview in the March issue of "Gentleman"


Interviewer: Appearing on <Infinity Challenge> was also like that.  If it were me, I
would have tried to stop you.  The risk seems huge for an actor to be exposed on a variety show.
SJS: Hmm I don't know.  I feel that when you are trying to wrap yourself tight, you have to be completely wrapped up, but when you are trying to loosen up, you have to completely loosen up. Frankly, if I were trying to put up a front as an actor and tried to appear cool even when going on a variety show, it would probably have been better not to go on at all.  But for me, appearing on <Infinite Challenge> was really fun.  I think even from the point of view of the audience, it will be rather poignant to see an actor who has a certain image to let it all go on a variety show.  I made a promise to go on the show once more within this year so if the conditions fit, I want to appear on it again.

Interviewer: Is there ever a case where the agency representative or the employees try to stop you?
SJS:  A lot. Ha ha. Especially the agency representative, he is a smart person so he hardly ever just says 'yes' to my opinions.  It's the same with the employees.  So there are a lot of times when we make decisions based on majority rule if at all possible.  Of course, that's all probably because all the employees are my people and my family.

Interviewer: Since you became a star, I'm sure there have been lots of people who tried to take care of you so you've probably become accustomed to that.
SJS: First of all, my personal preference is such that I don't particularly like excessive kindness by others.  Also, it hasn't been that long since I've received star treatment as I do now.  As always, I'm uncomfortable when there are a lot of people and more comfortable when I'm alone.

Interviewer: That's unexpected.
SJS:  Basically, I'm of the belief that there is no person who treats you well without a reason.  So I prefer cool relations.  If there is something to give, give it, if there is something to receive, accept it.  Situations where both sides are ambiguously looking at the other's reaction to decide what to do next appears distasteful.  I think that is a more clear relationship in this day and age.  On the other hand, long relationships where you don't have to measure what you've gained and what you lost seems more precious.

Interviewer: As an agency representative, don't you perhaps have thoughts of representing other actors or singers?
SJS:  I've recently been considering it.  The agency is of the opinion that we should think about starting to represent other folks and at this point, I have no desire to do so.

Interviewer: This is an era where you train and sell actors.  It might be a necessary task to diversify.
SJS: I don't know.  I have no desire to increase the company size in order to plan something.  Aside from that, I am sort of curious as to what it would feel like to help apprentice another actor.

Interviewer: There are so many audition programs, you don't have anyone you liked?
SJS:  I don't particularly like audition programs and on the few occasions I've seen it, those who appear on those shows seem like a completely different person than me. If we were to apprentice a new talent, I suspect that it would be someone that's completely unknown.  On the few occasions I go to events where a lot of my fellow actors are present, I say to myself 'Ah it's a celebrity.' I'm still like that. Celebrities feel like celebrities, they don't feel like peers.

Interviewer: An outcast, that's what you are.
SJS:  Ha ha. That's right, I'm an outcast.  As always, when I go to that clique, I feel awkward.

Interviewer: Don't celebrities form cliques amongst themselves and help each other out and such? Doesn't one need that kind of a friendly relationship?
SJS:  I don't like it.  First of all, I'm of the personality that doesn't form friendships easily and these days I don't have anyone that I want to become particularly close to.  There's a difference between a close person and a really close person.  I have quite a lot of people that are close.  But I don't have very many people I'm really close to and I think it will be that way in the future. But for me, that's plenty.

Interviewer: Now that I see you, I've come to the conclusion that this is probably the reason you don't have anti's.
SJS: Ah is that still so?  That's a relief.  Ha ha.

Interviewer: Do you read all the replies below news reports?
SJS: I don't read all the replies, but I check out how many replies there are.  Having 'No replies' is not pleasing.  The strange thing is, I dislike being the center of people's interest, but what I dislike more is people having no interest.  This profession of being an actor, there has to be someone looking for you in order for you to work so you have to sustain a certain level of interest.  That's how I can keep doing what I love, acting.  It's hard to maintain that line [where there is a certain level interest, but not too much interest].

Interviewer: Actors from previous generations, all they had to do was act well, but actors today have a lot of things they have to think about.  Actors like yourself have to even think about the foreign market. 
SJS:  I think a world where you can become a star just because you can act well and are good looking are over.   You have to be good at interpersonal relationships, business, and more.  In the midst of all that, your personal life also has to be exemplary.  I think the public has an expectation of 'when will that person fall from grace.' It's tiresome. That's why [folks in the public eye] keep asking for the public to give them a little hole for them to live.

Interviewer: Outlets like Dispatch [Korean paparazzi newspaper], are they still objects of fear?
SJS: In the past, I was afraid of them, but I'm no longer afraid.  I feel like if you get caught by the paparazzi, there's nothing you can do.  If your behavior changes because you are afraid of the camera, it becomes too miserable of a life.

Interviewer: What are you most afraid of?  Scandal?
SJS: It's been a long time since I stopped worrying about things like that.  It might be an obvious answer, but honestly, the scariest thing for me is when my acting doesn't come across the way I want it to.  It's most difficult when I can't control my acting.  At first, it was even to the point where it was terrifying to go on set.  When I was young, whether it [acting] went well or not, I just withstood it, but now I can approximate how I will appear on camera so it gets more scary.  As always, there are times when I just want to run away.  However, hiding even that [the fears] is what it is to be an actor.

Interviewer: Even with all that, half the kids in any given classroom nowadays want to become actors.
SJS:  I'm envious.  They probably want that because they really like it.  I became a model and then an actor in order to make money.  Their starting point is different than mine.  Those guys will be happy if they become actors, but honestly, I wasn't happy.  It wasn't a job that I did because I wanted to.  Of course, now I've come to enjoy acting.  Also, the only thing I have the ability to do now is acting.

Interviewer: You have now entered the end of your 30s. Won't roles made for you slowly dwindle? It's not like you can make a drama like <Heirs>.
SJS:  As a matter of course, I think that's the way it should be.  Also, I'm sure that there will be appropriate roles created for my age. Fortunately, sunbae [veteran] actors are all keeping hold of their positions so it's a bit easier for hoobaes like me.

Interviewer: It's soon going to be 20 years since you debuted.
SJS: The environment that surrounds me has changed a lot. It has become better.  However, I don't think that the person that is So Ji Sub has changed a lot. There have been times when I've made compromises, but there isn't much difference in So Ji Sub as a person from when I debuted until now and I want to continue that way in the future. I want to continue to be an unpredictable actor and unexpected person. Maybe the reason I still receive love as an actor is perhaps for that side.

Interviewer: Any new projects?
SJS: Scenarios are constantly coming in, but I haven't found anything that stuck me just yet. I'm not in any hurry.  I'll take it slowly.

translated by damifino

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