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Guest efesun

He thinks too much. It has nothing to do with the role he's playing but with the attitude of the audience. I'm sure many people appreciate his acting skills so they watch his dramas and movies. Of course his appearance is a plus factor but not the main reason. But then there are people who are fixed on the looks. In this case it doesn't matter which role he plays as that's secondary for them.

A few years ago when I started watching K-Dramas I was in search of few good ones so I read in a lot of forums what people liked and suggested. Cain & Abel was one of these dramas. I read the plot and thought it doesn't sound bad. But when I saw the poster I didn't feel like watching it. At that time I didn't know many Korean actors and actresses. After watching few other dramas I thought to give it a try as really many people recommended it. I watched the first few minutes (several times on many days) but couldn't continue.. you all know the scene at the beginning... it was just too brutal for me. But sometime I continued watching it and liked the storyline and both actors.. because of their acting. Also LCI'n stepmother.. no actually I hated her.. now after watching "I hear your voice" and "Wang's Family" I like her a lot. LoL. Anyway I watched the whole episodes in a few days and absolutely loved it. I also loved the way one of the actors portrayed both roles so well. That was it. Then I watched few other of his works and then again C&A and thought.. "hmmm.. actually he doesn't look bad". LoL. So the main reason why I liked him was just his acting, nothing else. ;)

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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

Finished watching "The Company Man" the other day and I have to admit, I kinda miss our SJS in these rough-and-tumble-fighting-kinda-roles...sigh! I think TMS just absolutely took over all that I had encountered with SJS previous characters, and to watch him again in this -action-packed-film was truly memorable and I do miss him in these roles....sigh...!!
The scene where he fights with Seo Eun...WOW...what movements, momento-swift-and-fast...she was fantastic too and then to get hit by a vehicle....LOL!!! Such an inspiring tale of a assassin-cum-working-man, who has had enough and wants out and meets an OLDER woman (YAY for the older women...LOL!)...falls in love,he cant get out of the Company, she gets killed, hes left with the kids, but decides to take his revenge on the Company...who are all out to kill him....WOW!!.... sara62 said: Guys,Serious discussion! It would be great if we can discuss this.

Sonick says "Sometimes I think, what kind of role would I have to do so that they will simply see my acting and not my visual?"

What do you think about this? Has there been any moment that you've forgotten about how beautiful he is and just absorbed in his acting? If yes, when?


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Guest sara62

1. IMO beauty is a strange thing. Some people are beautiful, yet you don't feel anything for them and they are just like a passing breeze. Then when you love their personality and in case of Sonick his works, his talent too, your feeling completely changes and they seem even more beautiful to you. So Sonick is beautiful to us his crazy fans unknowingly or knowingly. 

2. Of course the whole package from the story line to OST play important roles in distracting viewers minds. If the story is weak, the chemistry is not good and the directing doesn't attract you, despite the actor's efforts, you are distracted.
3. And I believe it's important if you are a fan or not. What a fan sees is different from what a non-fan sees. Don't know if it's a positive point. But whether a fan or not, you might go extreme.

Despite three above points, there have been many moments that I was wowed by his beauty as So Ji Sub not the character, (It's not about his acting) as well as many "he's not So Ji Sub but the character" moments that I've forgot his beauty completely and just been absorbed in his acting. I can say I've felt those moments in his every work more and less. 

In WHIB, everything is weak and he's the only strength. So I hardly could forget he's not Sonick and was wowed by his beauty more than his character. Still when he acted cool to keep his face but his eyes showed his broken inside, I forgot about his beauty.
In MISA, most of the moments, I forget his beauty. He's so lonely that breaks your heart into pieces.
In Cain and Abel. At first I saw him as Sonick and thought "how hot he is with facial hair" but after just few eps, I forgot about it. He became LCI and I didn't see his visual either. The moment he asked his brother to apologize so he would forgive him, the moment he realized his parents were killed by his step-mother and those moments he was in conflict with himself to either save his brother or not, I just was impressed with his acting.
In Ghost, He is so hot appearance-wise. How you're possible to not see it? Still, all the moments he acted as hacker Hades killing viruses, the moment the villain committed suicide and he turned to see him and those moments he acted as KWH, I forgot his visuals.
In Road No.1. There wasn't a moment I thought he was beautiful. He was Lee Jang woo. I dearly love that drama. In the movie Always and A company man also his visuals never blinded my eyes to see his acting. He's wonderfully great in these two movies. Specially Always that is so special for me.
And the master's sun. There wasn't a moment I thought he is Sonick and how beautiful he is when I watched the drama for the first time. Only after watching it several times, I could focus more on his visuals rather than his acting.
I confess I just drool when I watch his earlier works. The story doesn't have much to say and he's a bit raw too. So I just faint "he's sooooo beautiful." ;)f817ba69acc8267d.669.thumb

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Guest olang

Guys,Serious discussion! It would be great if we can discuss this.

Sonick says "Sometimes I think, what kind of role would I have to do so that they will simply see my acting and not my visual?"

What do you think about this? Has there been any moment that you've forgotten about how beautiful he is and just absorbed in his acting? If yes, when?

I'm attracted by how an actor portrays a character.
So Ji Sub can act extremely well and has the emotional depth and imagination to absorb a role.
His interpretation of JJW was dynamic, spontaneous, improvisational and surprising.
He was able to vividly depict the gestural reality of the character.
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Guest damifino

sara62 said: Guys,Serious discussion! It would be great if we can discuss this.

Sonick says "Sometimes I think, what kind of role would I have to do so that they will simply see my acting and not my visual?"

What do you think about this? Has there been any moment that you've forgotten about how beautiful he is and just absorbed in his acting? If yes, when?
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Guest sara62

I need to write this. I know it's a kind of LOL fangirling thing. But can't help but writing it. Rewatching MISA, ep11. OMG. The girl with her pull and push is getting on my nerve badly. How she can treat Moohyuk that harsh. She even throws the milk on him. Crazy chick. I'm happy she's going to beg him from now on.
tumblr_mao8wn28VR1r6r7t1_large.gif?resizcr to tumblr


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I think I read it rather too late, but the discussion of compatible or desired actress for
SJS's next role was quite interesting :)

First of all, I acknowledge everyone has one's own taste and can have different views on acting. However, in my opinion, when it comes to evaluating or ranking Korean actors and actresses, his or her beauty takes great part. Its importance is more than you think in casting and getting production support, and that's why unwatchable actors/actresses are still working no matter how much they suck. Of course, there are few exceptions, for there’s always a powerful agency which could manipulate the media. But in general, almost no one can have the superstardom without a good looking since it’s the basic grounding for being an entertainer in Korea. I absolutely admire SJS's virtuoso performance, but if he were not that great looking it’s possible even he wouldn't be where he is now.

I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but those who are recognized as unarguably top stars are almost all in their 30s or 40s and had been in their business for more than a decade.  Yes, there are some famous stars in their 20s, but in fact they are still rising and their positions are somewhat unstable. There are numerous variables such as an absence due to mandatory military service, scandals, failures, lawsuits with their agencies, marriage, aging, and so on. One who can endure this rather chaotic period and maintain his or her place is very few, so he/she is called the 'top' star.

But ironically, the more it seems secured, the more risks wait for them. Those investors invest their money for his/her name value's sake, and viewers expect to see a higher quality of drama or movie when it stars the top star. Criteria for measuring success is harsher and even unforgiving, so failing to meet those expectations leaves tremendous damage to actors. In a big picture, even those top stars are not free from falling down after all: the higher up, the greater fall. Thus, even if he/she was a great success 10 or 5 years ago, there's no guarantee audience and the industry would still consider him/her like that now. Actor's, especially actress' age is crucial factor in one's career since there is not that many roles for the late 30s or 40s. What is worse, beauty tends to fade away as time goes by. It's not fair but that's how the business works.

Come to think of it, actresses I like are mostly in their late 30s or even in 40s, and I can’t be sure if they are right for SJS’ opposite role because there are just so many things to consider. Some seem to be losing her position, others seem to have limited spectrum of acting talent. Most of actors/actresses are good at acting the genre which gave them the stardom. There are not that many who even dare and success in other genres. Often times one cannot go beyond his/her hit character. Taking off the image of previous one is not that easy. SJS has many successful works and their genres are disparate, and he is in fact a rare case when you consider he is the top star who has a lot to lose. After the hit series, some actors do not work for very long time not only becuase it’s hard for them to find another role which promises success but also the fear of challenging and losing what he/she has now is monumental.

Anyway, as much as choosing a next role must be difficult for SJS, selecting his next partner is not that easy. The more I think, I can’t help but conclude that it’s more likely she would be below his level than on the same level. It's fundamentally because he is on the summit. Rarely the industry makes the film or drama with more than one top actor. Of course, there are always hero and heroine, but when you look closely, many are by no means equal partners. With the exception of What Happened in Bali, I don’t think not a single one of SJS's previous leading works shared equally balanced weight with his co-stars. It’s because top actor/actress is basically the one who is alway the center of attention and who will lead the story. Often times, thus, he/she should work with someone below than his/her level and should take the responsibility of its success/failure. No offense to them, but that's why most of his past works' partners were not on the same level as he. What he needs is not the co-star who would lead him, but the one who would support him. This goes the same for another top actor/actress. That’s why, unless the drama will focus a heroine instead of a hero, younger actresses seem to have better opportunities. It’s true actresses in their 30s often work with actors in 20s thesedays, but that means those older females are top stars who kept their beauty and position so well and they would have to lead the play.

I think SoJiSub’s responsibility and burdens on his shoulders should probably be greater than what we fans imagine. I guess this is why he constanly asks himself questions like "Sometimes I think, what kind of role would I have to do so that they will simply see my acting and not my visual?" I’ve thought about his acceptance speech at the SBS Award, and it makes me sad that he suffers because he is too hard on himself, but at the same time, I appreciate him for still doing that after all these years. Even I sometimes wonder if there’s anything left for him to acheive. I mean, it’s hard to name another top actor or top star who surpasses him. His career is at its zenith for more than a decade now. No matter what the quality is and no matter who the co-star is, his name itself is the brand which sells the movie and drama. But still, he distresses himself with those questions and I respect his neverending professional zeal. If he were one of mindless actors who just mechanically repeats what he/she is accustomed to, or if he were one of conceited ones who belives in his/her talent or stardom as much as to don't bother to learn lines and act extemporaneously on the set; SoJiSub I know now wouldn't be existing and I wouldn’t be his fan. :)

SoJiSub mentioned once on an interview that he is not afraid of the moment when people do not want him anymore because he would step down the ladder one by one as he did when he climbed up. I think this is how he could not lose himself in that crazy competitive entertainment business, and I deeply admire and appreciate him for that. :x

Sorry, I rambled too much ^:)^

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Thank you @littlekoala for your insight into the world of Korean entertainment. Your comments always intrigue and amaze me and I appreciate and admire your honesty, perception and everything that you say, thank you, it always makes me think..LOL!.... I agree too that it must be so hard for SJS to be this "top celebrity star" always looking for a new challenge, a new movie/role to do, but I guess because he has achieved so much already, what else is there for him to do. I guess the way in which he is choosing his work right now, he knows it is vital to his future and as you have stated "he is not afraid of the moment when people do not want him anymore because he would step down the ladder one by one as he did when he climbed up"....
Its interesting how you have pointed out the differences in status between the younger actress's, the older actress's and how they are paired with the younger guys these days, WOW...I didnt know that, very insightful, absolutely. I guess therefore it must be more of a challenge for these older actress's to find work (gosh, and they say older is like 30-40), thats not old at all....sigh! I too appreciate the older actress's work (30s-40s)...I guess if SJS did decide to do a new movie or what have you, his partner would surely be that of an unknown, a younger female actress who has just started acting perhaps, and that would probably enhance her career in doing other work...WOW, how interesting is that.
Gong Hyo Jin was amazing in her role as Tae Gong Shil in The Masters Sun, and I think their chemistry, partnership was absolutely brilliant and real, so I feel their levels were equal and even, (theyre both in their 30's), they both stood out, they both supported each other, they both complimented each other. On reflecting about SJS speech at the SBS awards, I too can see that he puts so much pressure on himself, absolutely. I was also teary when I heard his speech that night and respected and admired him more for his humility and his sincere honesty...sigh!
We as adoring fans should always continue to support him, embrace him, Bless him, appreciate him, adore him, enjoy him and admire him. Please dont put pressure on yourself SJS, Enjoy and Live Life to the Full, ....again thank you @littlekoala....FIGHTING!!!
Who wants a hug....HUGS ALL ROUND.....FIGHTING!!

>:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<

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