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euleuh said: @sara62
That's true because SJS has much much more to give in terms of talents besides his gorgeous look. That explains his guerilla date in 2012 where people only remember him in MISA which was 8 years ago. Even the MC said he seemed didn't have any work for 8 years. During that 8 years, flower boys (and fangirls) rule the k-ent and SJS took roles that didn't emphasize on his good look much (he can be one if he wanted to of course). But i prefer him this way tho. I love the gorgeous SJS but i love him even more with his personality and choices he made. I knew him thru WHIB when i was in junior high school but i was more of Jo Insung than SJS back then. I did regret about forgetting him all this time during those fangirling idols years. But i'm glad he's back now with a bang thru TMS. People can appreciate and remember him more now because SJS the actor is always there giving his best and he totally deserves all the appreciation and love from all the people.

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Going through SJS's wiki and finding little gems of other artists' music videos!I've already watched all of his own videos, so here are other's songs.I'm sure someone has posted these before, but love seeing him in other work.

SIG & SJS before TMS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmwJYTDeV2ESJS & Park Han Byul: 

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He sure died a lot back then haha!
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Guest dongwookie


Don't if posted before: http://koreandrama.com/so-ji-sub-makes-a-rude-comment-i-look-too-normal-to-be-an-actor/ 

Off topic: I really dislike that kind of tabloid approach "makes a rude comment" oh c'mmon, gimme a break. Normality need to be wrapped up, huh?!

Huh? What's rude about someone saying he looks normal? These tabloids would really do lame in order to get readers' attention.

The article mentioned though how 15 years ago he left an event without saying anything. That would have to be around 1999 or so, way before WHIB and Misa which brought him to fame. It's interesting to note how he evolved along with his fame. He's much more aware now of his social obligations in the entertainment industry, although at times he still come off as this unique guy who would do his thing no matter where he is. Do you remember what he did in the 2012 SBS Awards? The very short and precise "Thank you" speech after he won as Best Actor? Haha. He really threw convention to the wind and shocked everyone.

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I thot that was really cool! It just show he doesn't need to milk these type of event for exposure. He loves acting & not all the glam that comes with it. I like that he's low key...so he can focus on his work. That said, I miss him so much since TMS ended. :(

I just finished re-watching Phantom. Love that show too, and only he can make those boring suits look so good lol.

Voted TMS as best drama. Can I vote everyday?? :D

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Guest dongwookie


Exactly! Plus, how much do I love that he isn't comfortable to be under the spotlight? And that coming from an actor who has to work in front of the cameras all the time. Ji Sub is really one unique guy. Such a breath of fresh air for me after getting hung up on attention-grabbing actors/idols/idol-wannabies.

Ya, I LOVE Phantom too! Such a tightly written, well-researched, and overall exciting drama. I think he is even more gorgeous in it than in TMS. I'm actually hoping to see him in his upcoming fansign event sporting the same haircut. That would be super super awesome!

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Guest charlesriver

After TMS, very happy to see so many new fans showing up.  SJS shed the image that he can

only play melodrama roles... Let's hope he'll get the top award at the end of year.

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