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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

Guest Dahee Fanel

Wow, I'm impressed by the rate this thead is growing! It reminds me of the "good old days", before he enlisted in the army. :P I don't have much time to post this, so I'm just copying and pasting from my So Ji Sub community at LiveJournal...


From "Glass Slipper":





From "What Happened in Bali":



Credit: Hotelier2002

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The MOST beautiful pair of hands in K-entertainment:

(and that's just being modest... :P )



(credit: cafe.daum.net/sojs; uploaded by thunder)

loved those hands :P ...agree with u definetely, those pair of hands are the most beautiful hands ive ever seen. :P:P

thanks thunderbolt for posting :P:P


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Guest Thursday

Hi! I'm not a member of Youngsosa, but I like the song they composed for our guy!

Don't want king of face, don't want king of body

Numerous flower guys OH NO~

Don't want other actors, don't want all other men.

Only Jisub, OH YEAH~

Gentle, good body, perfect face

He exactly meets my high standard

The atmosphere, Charisma, and acting ability

He can act all characters.

I like Jisub, I like Jisub, I love him so much, So Ji Sub JJang!!

I like Jisub, I like Jisub, he is my best in the world.

I love only So Ji Sub.

(Official Jisub song by Youngsosa fanclub; translated by Saturn)

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Guest Priscilla

I WAS WAITING for the excitement to 'cool off' so that I can start putting my two cents in here... (& kept myself busy rebuilding the more quieter UTW site, instead...) But I guess I need to start somewhere, right?

HERE is one of my favorite articles I've ever translated... It revealed so much of our Ajusshi's attitude and perspective in life, written as far back as 1997.


I can't believe I'm done translating this!!! This is the entire article where SJS spoke those 'words' of wisdom, touching his fans recently... I was supposed to finish BALI first, but I did this instead... this article gives me so much insight about SJS as a person... And in fact, he does remind me of Kang In Wook here. And to think that he wrote this when he was only 20 years old, ready to start his second acting project ever. I want to thank Shinmi who typed this entire article and posted at the Cafe. She said there were many pictures too, but she didn't have a scanner.

So I'm posting a photo from an old magazine posted by Boola at Soompi. As far as I know, this photo might end up being from the same magazine, since it talks about his next project: "Ready go."

What really caught my attention from this photo was the title in BIG LETTERS: ?Instead of being a star, I want to become a seasoned actor with acting skills.?



[[magazine]] I am the main character in my life!~ So Ji Sub (20 years old)

From Youngsosa Cafe, News Section

Posted by Shinmi on May 8th, 2003 / Translated by Priscilla on June 14th, 2005

[[MAGAZINE]] I LOVE STAR, December 1997.

-Quitting Modeling, "Ready Go" TV personality So Ji Sub-

I, So Ji Sub, debuted as a model for the Fashion Catalogue <STORM> and as an actor in the SBS-TV drama "Model."

I am presently working on the opening scenes for the MBC-TV Youth Drama Ready Go.

Until now, I had been working as an unpolished model, giving unpolished performances.

But now, I am in the process of coming up with a So Ji Sub STYLE.

What would I like to hear people say?

"Indeed, that's So Ji Sub. That character would not have been possible without him."


I have a healthy physique, but my personality is introverted, and rather than bright, I have many dark corners which leaves such gloomy impressions of myself. Right now, I am working hard in trying to change that and make my personality brighter. Since exercising was all I knew, I may be really ignorant(?) but still, in so many ways, I am a fine man!!


Really, without kidding, would you believe me if I tell you I always wanted to become an ordinary white-collar worker? The most I would dream of was to open a Sports Center one day, if that can be considered a dream. I was interested in modeling, but I had never thought this would actually happen to me. And right now, my dream is to succeed as an actor.

Working for the drama "Model" was important since it gave me a basic foundation in acting. Through that, I was able to experience what acting is all about. This being my first time acting, I was really worried that I kept on reading the script again and again, so much that the paper got all scrappy and old. However, once filming started, my mouth would not open. This got worse if I had to speak looking straight in the eyes of my co-casts. Who acted as my older sister? Wasn't she the famous super star Kim Nam Joo sunbae (older colleague)? The same thing happened with Jang Dong Gun sunbae and Han Jae Suck sunbae. How would I have dared to look straight into their eyes?

This is how I started this drama, but while monitoring my own acting I was so embarrassed I had to watch it by myself, hiding from others. "That guy over there, is that really me? I really look like a fool." I had thought to myself. I think it was a good experience since it taught me how to become part of the surrounding with body and soul. Nevertheless, I cannot be satisfied with that. Right now, I want to challenge myself into real acting, as a real actor. No more try outs, once is enough, and I don?t want people to label me as a newbie anymore. My dream is to get rid off the title of an inexperienced beginner and thus stand as a recognized actor.


What I have learned while acting has to do with my self-confidence. I have always been lacking of it. I know that if you have too much confidence, you can appear to be arrogant and rude. That's why what I need is just the right amount of confidence that can boost me without hurting others. I am about to start a new drama soon but this is very different than the previous "Model" where my lines were overshadowed by so many big names. In the youth drama "Ready Go," which will be performed by a young cast, I need to concentrate more on the lines. I haven't been able to fully understand my character yet but since this is a drama that pays attention to each character individually, I feel this will help me in building my confidence. Right at this very moment, what I really want is to have the right amount of confidence, in order to act well, so that I can do my best for my new role.


I really had a tough time during my High School years. Back then, all I thought about was how on earth will I be able to survive this hell? I am the only male figure at home. In a household without a father, I had always felt an unspoken responsibility living with my mother and older sister. Neither my mother nor my sister ever pressured me in any ways, but I had always felt a heavy burden on my shoulders. I knew nothing but sports, and yet the days seem to be going by so routinely and pointlessly. I saw no way of escape from that. The fact that I was able to get out of such hellish situation is due mostly to my fighting spirit and to my mother?s trust. My mother was always a strong supporter of anything I did, and she would never check on me nor would she get disappointed. Right now I am confident I can support my home the way I was supposed to.

I have lost some weigh so far. After exercising for 11 years I had taken a break because of modeling and acting, and unawares I have grown heavier. Thinking that I should take care of myself as an actor, and that I have to overcome my weaknesses helped me. The following also helped me strive harder. Not wanting to go through another hell like experience, where my life may take undesired turns, I decided to discipline myself and go through a severe self-training.


It was during the Premier Show of the drama "Model." I surely came out in the first 2 episodes of the drama, but I couldn't attend the Premier Show. No one had invited me. That felt bad, or even worse than that. That feeling was closer to sorrow. Since there were so many famous stars in the drama, the role which I was playing was so small at first that the producers may have overlooked me. But this was why I was hurt all the more. I was not hurt by anyone in particular. I was just feeling so insignificant carrying the title of a newbie. Nevertheless, I decided to move on and to forget my hurt feelings. I felt it was too early for me to expect so much while I haven?t even built a base.

Instead of being suddenly cast as the main character from the beginning and being in the spot light, I?d rather walk up the ladder one step at a time. And thus I will stand on center stage. Only if I understand how hard it is to walk up that road, will I be able to stimulate my hoobaes (the younger generation) and be a friend without self-conceit. After having built such diverse experiences, I think I'll have the freedom to become a better actor.


I get this question a lot. Before becoming a Stomp Catalogue model, I had a friend aspiring to become a model. He found an ad from Stomp Catalogues about an opening there so all I did was to go along with him in sending my application. The end of the story is always the same. My friend who really wanted failed, and I who was tagging along without much thought, got in.

Of course, since I could start acting only because of modeling, that small incident has now become important. And the friend who failed is now studying music and closely monitoring my acting. Until now, destiny has taken me through many extremes. This is not what I had longed for before, but I can see the boundaries are changing before my eyes, and I feel this may be the providence from above. However, I will not continue thinking this is "heaven's providence" or "destiny" and stop right there. I still haven't figure out who I am, but the road I must take is set, be it a clean asphalt or a dusty and muddy road. Whichever it is, I will walk up that road with my own efforts. Even if I grow tired while walking, I won't borrow someone else's car. I may have to cut a branch of a tree and use it as my clutch, and the night may fall while I take a break, but I won't depend on the good fortune anymore, nor will I let other's hands to carry me. I am the main character of my life!!

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I miss SJS so much. I hope that there would be news from him. SInce MAPO visits have been stopped right. But as long as he is okay. Then that would be fine too.

Hi! zashibear

I totally agree with you. Hoping he's fine.

I miss him so very much. My feeling for him getting stronger every. :lol:

Here's one of my favorite picture. He seems so sad in this pic. Thanks again for the owner.


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Guest rochinipark

hi girls.came to soompi today & was like wats happenin.so soompi mus hv totally crashed or decide to delete & start anew.we gona start all thread from scratch.hope saturn will come back & contribute news of ji sub for us. :lol: seeing all the pics :lol: B)

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