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Guest sophia76

About 5th youngososa anniversary - 2005/05/01


Yesterday was the 5th aniversary of Jisub's fan club, Youngsosa. Jisub attended!!! Here are pics of him. He said he put on 4 kg because of all the lunches his fans had been preparing for him.





Jisub shook hands with all 600 fans at the Youngsosa 5th anniversary celebration



Jisub sings "Happy Birthday" to the club:


Clips of the celebration. Saturn says these clips will not last long. Download quickly!



http://loftyme.com/ddongkangazinamisa/mobsosa/0501-sosa-3.wmv ://http://loftyme.com/ddongkangazinami...501-sosa-3.wmv ://http://loftyme.com/ddongkangazinami...501-sosa-3.wmv ://http://loftyme.com/ddongkangazinami...501-sosa-3.wmv

Saturn translated what Jisub said at the celebration when he was interviewed on stage.

rough translations... (by Saturn)

part #1

Jisub: Happy birthday to you hapy birthday dear youngsosa~

Did you enjoy video watching? I didn't watch those scenes for long time.

It made my heart beats. Some scenes made me tear.

part #2

Admin : How are you these days?

Jisub: As you see at Mapo, I am working hard.

fans are singing Youngsosa song~

Jisub picks seat numbers and gives presents to fans.

He is shaking hands with all 600 fans.

part #3

Admin: They are Japanese, please say hello in Japanese

Jisub: Gonichiwa..

Admin: We are all witness. Next time, he studies Japanese, say longer greeting in Japanese.

Jisub: You may expect.

Admin: What are you doing after work?

Jisub: I go to gym.

fans : Where? where is the gym?

Jisub: I feel embarassed to see mirror, I gained 4 Kg due to your lunches.

Admin: What is the movie you watched recently? at the theater or video tape?

Jisub: Nothing.

Admin: What kind of work are you doing at Mapo office?

Jisub: I am doing someting important. but that's a secrete.

Admin: You go to work regularly. Do you have any difficulty?

Jisub: Waking up early every morning is so difficult to me. I wake up at 6.

But it seems good to me.

Admin: How are the lunches these days?

Jisub: Thanks.

Admin : Every time your ideal type has changed. What is your current ideal type of woman?

fans : Me !!

Jisub : ummmm... currently, woman who is good at cooking.

Admin: When are you gonna marry?

Jisub: Do you want me to marry quickly?

fans : NO!!!

Jisub: Then when do you mean I have to get married?

Umm... no plan of marrage. after 35 years old. I delayed.

Admin: How much do you drink liquar?

Jisub: I can't drink much these days.

fans : Boooo (Jisub is a heavy drinker)

Jisub: If I drink, I can't remember at all from the next.

Admin: How about quiting smoking?

Jisub: I am trying to reduce.

fans : Please quit smoking....!!

Admin: But you said you will quit after drama.

Jisub: ..... (hangs his head) Don't you have other questions? anything else?

Admin: plan for future?

Jisub: I will work hard for the duty period.

And.... it's difficult to answer. I hope I can act soon.

During these day, I want to act really badly.

Admin: This was the last question.

We believe we can see your acting as well as we wait for long time.

We hope we see your better acting in next work in the future.

Jisub: Next work is after 3 years. If you wait for me, I will do my best to show better acting.

fans : Yeh~

(credit: Saturn - posted by Thunderbold on hotelier2002.com)

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Guest sophia76

The following was reported by KBS:



Actor So Ji-seop met with his fans one month after graduating from army boot camp. So made a surprise appearance at a fan meeting on May 1 at 1 p.m. at the Mapo District Culture and Sports Center in Seoul, which was organized by his fan club “Love So Ji-seop Forever” to celebrate its 5th anniversary. The over 600 of So’s fans who attended the meeting were ecstatic to see their favorite actor in person.

At the meeting, scenes were shown from dramas starring So such as “Sorry, I Love You,” as well as from the making-of film showing the actor posing for a catalog in Japan and holding an autograph-signing event prior to joining the boot camp.

When the show was over, So, who had been watching backstage, appeared holding a cake and singing a congratulatory song. When his fans saw their favorite actor, wearing a black cap and glasses, the venue broke into a loud ovation.

Following a brief Q&A session, So presented his fans with his favorite caps, belt loops and T-shirts. At the end of the meeting, So shook hands with each of the fans and expressed his appreciation.

Members of the fan club impressed So by donating books to physically challenged people on that day and raising money in front of the meeting venue to benefit the needy.


(posted by Thunder on Hotelier2002.com)

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Guest sophia76

Ji Sub greetings...


By saturn, May 2 2005, 06:57 PM

Video clips shown on the big screen at May/01 5th anniversary of Korean fan club Youngsosa.

Jisub's cute greeting & Choi Yeo Jin (from MISA) and Park Yong Ha's greeting.


(by this time, I think this link doesn't work) :(



So Ji Sub: This is So Ji Sub speaking. Hello everyone!

Youngsosa is already celebrating its 5th anniversary.

To all of you who so faithfully watched me all these years, I am more thankful than words can describe. Even if I don’t say it out loud, you already know how dear Youngsosa is to me, don’t you? I hope we can stand together like this next year… No, 5 years later, or even 10 years later, I’d like you to always stand with me.

Have a wonderful time today, and be happy. Once again, congratulations. Mmmmmwa!!!

(Change of Scene/Outfit) And now, let’s look back at our five years together, and let’s all fall for Youngsosa World with So Ji Sub!


Choi YeoJin: Hello? To every member of Youngsosa Café, my heartfelt congratulations on your 5th anniversary.

And hello Jisub oppa! How have you been? I was told you debuted 10 years ago, but did you know you lied to me? You told me you debuted 7 years ago…

You were just lying or were you trying to deceive me about your age? I’m just kidding.

Congratulation again. The Café Coordinator came all the way to In Cheon’s filming site in order to record this.

I’m really jealous of you, for having these kind of amazing fans. I wonder where mine are... ?

It must be hard for you, to work as a public officer. Still, I believe you will finish your duty really well, and be careful of the chilly winds (take care of your health).

I will be waiting for your return, expecting to see more of your charming acting.

Oppa, you were my partner in my first drama ever, and you helped me a lot, and it was a real honor, and I really enjoyed it.

Admin: Miss Yeo Jin, you and Mr. JiSub shot scenes speaking in English for MiSa. What do you think about Mr. JiSub’s English pronunciation?

Yeo Jin: Uhhh… In my opinion… He spoke English during Bali, right?

I feel he has improved a lot since Bali. My pronunciation isn’t great either, but I can speak it as a native. Maybe I should be his English teacher after he’s done serving? Razz

Admin: Thank you.

Yeo Jin: Congratulations.

Admin: Do well in your drama.

Yeojin: Please support “Hardtack Teacher & Star Candies!”

Admin: You’re so pretty. Thank you.


Park Yong Ha: Through the News and the Media I know that he’s doing well, but I feel a sense of regret now, knowing that I should go see him today, but I can’t.

Anyways, I thank you all for coming to this special place prepared for my friend So Ji Sub, and although you won’t be able to see him for a while, I believe just like you do, that he will show us a well prepared, and more matured face in the future. So I ask you to watch his back and continue supporting him.

I wonder what kind of rap Ji Sub will sing today… Will he do it or not? I’m not sure.

I remember last time he rapped.

I don’t know what kind of events he has prepared but have a great time, and if by any chance I could attend, I will definitely be there.

But I think that’s going to be hard. That’s why I’m recording my greeting in advance.

Please, continue showing your love to Ji Sub, and have fun today,

And lastly to Ji Sub! Pick up the phone when I call. We should meet up.

Everyone, have a great time today, and I will greet you again in another time.

Continue loving, and continue supporting the always striving Ji Sub.

OK! Thank You All! I’m Park Yong Ha.


(Translated and posted by Priscilla on soompi, reposted by Priscilla on Hotelier2002.com)

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Guest sophia76

Here's one more videoclip shown on 2005/05/01.

Iit is clips from the photoalbum shooting in japan.


(by ahssah79,May 3 2005, 08:15 PM)

(posted by Piscilla on Hotelier2002.com)


Other clip...


(by ahssah79,May 3 2005, 09:31 PM)

M=manager, JS=Jisub

M: what is the task at hand?

JS: um…I have 2 interviews

M: where and where?

JS: KNTV and Takeshi…

M: Takeshobu

JS: Takeshobu…again!!

M: Where are your interviews?

JS: I have interviews with KNTV and Takeshobu.

M: What’s after your interviews?

JS: Picture taking for the photoshoot

M: Keep up the good work!

JS: **pointing to the camera** You keep up the good work too!

**i'm not exactly positive of what they were saying...it was a little mumbled**

JS: How much is it?

Stylist: 10,000won?

M: it was a thousand something…

JS: you scared me

M: around 100,000? In Korean money of course

JS: you were about to get in trouble

M: She should get in trouble, she needs to get in trouble even now

JS: Even if it was around 100,000 we couldn’t have bought it

M: What is attractive about Japanese women?

JS: They are still pretty without having to get anything fixed

M: They look natural?

JS: Yes

M: So are you saying Korean women don’t look natural?

JS: **chuckles** that’s not what I mean…so Japanese women don’t really wear too much makeup so in Japan that’s attractive. Now Korean women in Korea when they wear makeup that’s attractive too. Both are pretty….(grabs head…uhhhhh)

M: giggling

JS: Oooh…this Korean women, Japanese women issue…I need to be careful! I could get in trouble in Korea. I have to organize this!

In the Bed

JS: If I was going to be undressed they should have all just been taken at the swimming pool…PLEASE!

M: How is it to be in Japan? Ooh he’s not even listening or answering.

JS: Man my nose just won’t stop running

M: giggling

TRANSLATED by Ahssah79

(posted by Priscilla on Hotelier2002.com)


Thanks Pianpilai, I think to finish the work early...

Goy, thanks a lot!! :)

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Guest sophia76

About 5th younsosa anniversary...2005/05/01

by csttsc00,May 2 2005, 08:48 PM

5th Anniversary Venue decorations and souvenir/gifts to fans




(from cafe and reposted by KyesangJisub at lovejisub.com - reposted by Priscilla on Hotelier2002.com)

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Guest sophia76

Ji Sub as public worker in Seoul...


Posted by Saturn

Well, I see so many public workers in Seoul everyday.

Their uniforms are ... the most ugly uniform in the world.

But I can't believe my eyes. Jisub is still so fashionable even with this uniform.


The flea market was held by Mapo district office.

Jisub sold second-hand things. But just in 15 minutes, too many people came to see Jisub.

So Jisub had to leave there.

The people, they are not fans, took pictures at the face of him, pushed him, touched him.

Jisub was so puzzled.

So, some fans visited Mapo office at 5:00pm to cheer him up.

But Jisub looked so bright and happy to see fans, he was wearing red t-shirt and red cap.

(He is wearing red T-shirt inside the uniform)

I heard he was so pretty and cute with red color.




(credit to Saturn - posted by Thunderbold on Hoteliers2002.com)

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