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here's a "Top Ten" clip, posted by boola, Hotelier2002


and here's Priscilla's comment on her translation below

...the reporter talks soooo fast and the images are not that clear I had to second guess A LOT... so much, that I decided to skip many parts and just write WHATEVER! <_<

I'm sort of a perfectionist, and I don't really like to do things like this... but for this News Clip... let me just leave it at that. I'm just glad I translated SJS's part almost to the fullest. The rest, you may have to fill in the blank with your imagination! (The first 4 or 5 before SJS's pretty consistent though).

Music Flash: THE BEST TOP 10!

Voice: for our fifth survey, we had researched Korea’s representative Best Looking Men. It’s based on extended research, internet survey, and interview with experts and colleagues. We’ll look at the 10 models of masculine beauty in (Korean) alphabetical order.

Actress Kim Ji Ho: I think he’s eyes are very charming. Somehow he looks cold and sharp, but on the other hand he can look innocent and warm hearted.

Voice: First, the man of charming eyes Kang Dong Won. Lee Jae Jin: His double-lid eyes are of different shape. Both sides are different.

Recky (Perfume): When he looks down and he looks up again, only one eye has double-lid, and I feel that’s quite cool. Really cute.

Ko You Jin (Flower): He looks shy, even his smile.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): His eyes and his lips are somewhat feminine. And his face as a whole seems cute. All together, he has a handsome face.

Voice: He’s picked as the best Adam for all Eves of today. Through his playful eyes and soft smile, he’s receiving love of 20 to 30 year olds. His neutral image also attract the male gender.


3 actresses (perfume): When he smiles, his eyes twinkles and I realize… ah… he’s younger!

Voice: Next, handsome image guy Miky Yoochun.

Jood (Vivasoul): I think he’s cute, really. And he has a clean image. A very bright image.

Ha Ha: It may be because he’s young, but he has a baby skin. Milky.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): His thin lips and his small chins gives him a cute young image. His eyelids give him a fresh feeling. I think that’s his charm.

Voice: Fresh eyelids and nice chin that gives him a cute young image, making him be among the representative handsomest men, raising him to an idol status.


Ken: He is the definition of handsome created by the 21st Century. If we were to go by old standards, he is not that good looking. But he is the type that’s liked by today’s youth.

Voice: Continuing, a bright smiley, cute guy SEVEN.

Hwai (Perfume): He looks masculine and playful at the same time. He looks cute.

Ken: I think above his chins to the top of his lips, that’s were he’s most cute. That area’s divided, showing masculinity too.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): His eyelids are very cute. He has a soft image. His lips and chins are quite masculine. I think those two images are well combined.

Voice: Masculine strength and feminine softness are well expressed in this new style of masculine beauty, singer SEVEN. He’s known as a star with a nice smile, but his eyes are also attracting female attention.


Song Sun Mi: He feels like a lonely man. A sad and rebelious one. I think that image’s pretty strong.

Voice: Next, owner of deep gaze, actor So Ji Sub.

Jood (Vivasoul): I feel his eyes are very unique.

Ha Ha: Without double lid, but still large though slightly cut eyes. I think that’s really, really, REALLY charming!

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): Without having double lid, he still has large eyes. and his curved end of noise gives him an Asian feeling. And as a whole, he looks tough. His penetrating gaze makes him look taller too.

Voice: With his gaze alone, he gives a deep feeling. Actor So Ji Sub. He has an Asian and mysterious charm, through which he was able to portray unforgettable characters. With his unique look, he boasts of a diversity of fans. This is So Ji Sub.


Oh Yoon Ah: I was surprised. He was so good looking. I could only see his eyebrows. Everything’s nice in him, but his eyebrows are the most charming.

Voice: Next, the possessor of charming eyebrows Song Seung Hun.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): He’s well proportioned. He’s the ideal look.

Voice: deep eyebrows, kind looking eyes, handsome face Song Seung Hun. Through his muscular body he makes the female hearts beat faster revealing his masculinity.


VIEWER’S CHOICE (Internet Poll):

10. Kim Sung Hoon (2%)

9. Jun Jin j(3%)

8. Bi (5%)

7. SEVEN (5%)

6. Kang Ta (6%)

5. Kwon Sang Woo (6%)

4. Eric (8%)

3. Son Ho Yong(9%)

2. Young Woong Jae Joong (22%)

1. Micky Yoochun (24%)


Flower: He’s good looking. Some people may feel this is too burdensome, but he’s not like that. He’s comfortably handsome.

Voice: representative of good looks #6, Eric.

Kim Ji Ho: He’s cute and sexy.

Lea (Perfume): Eric’s lips are pretty.

Lee Jae Jin: Whichever angle you look at him from, he’s good looking.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): The size of his eyes are just perfect, not too large nor small. It gives him a soft and tough feeling at the same time.

Voice: It may be due to his intense gaze that is full of charisma. As an actor, he continues to portray strong and unique characters.


Ha Ha: Instead of good looking, I think beautiful is a better word for him.

Voice: continuing, representative handsome Wonbin.

Jung In Hyuk (Flower): He’s good looking, charming and gorgeous. But there’s a shadow about him, a feeling of loneliness.

Lee Jae Jin: His smiling face is very nice.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): Divide a face into 3, the upper portion beginning with the eyebrows, and the lower portion in between the nose to the upper lips. If that division is perfectly proportional, we say it’s a well shaped face. When we look at Mr. Wonbin’s face, his lower portion looks smaller, but this is what makes him look even more handsome.

Voice: …. Cute and shy smile. At the same time rebellious. He’s charming.


Park Shi Eun: He lost weight recently. He reminds us of Johnny Depp. His everything’s charming.

Voice: representative handsome #8, pretty face Jang Dong Gun.

Kim Sae Ah: He looks innocent and hot.

Ha Ha: He is REALLY handsome. Like a sculpture.

Jun In Hyuk (Flower): His nose, really, looks unending.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): Normally for westerners, the nose and the double lid eyes begins from the upper section. But this is rare for Asians. But Mr. Jang Dong Gun’s nose continues right from his forehead. It will be hard to compete with that, very outstanding.

Voice: There are not many words needed to say that Jang Dong Gun’s one of the representatives of male beauty. Nice forehead, deep eyebrows, almost perfect face.


Ken: Even I as a man, I feel he’s hot.

Voice: now, with overflowing unpolished charisma, Mr. Jung Woo Sung.

Kim Sae Ah: I think it’s his wild looks that’s charming, and he’s very handsome of course.

Jood: It’s his charisma. And the feeling of the untamed youth.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): We can say he’s the profile of beauty. When we measure his face, the proportion from the end of his nose to the end of his chin, the where his lips are located at, it’s all at the ideal place.

Voice: as time passes, he’s charms increases. He’s handsome not only in the eyes of women, but men also aknowdledge he’s good looking. His eyes hide loneliness and a slight smile. That’s his unique charm.


Vivasoul: He looks smart. Clean and simple. Someone not dirty.

Voice: Lastly, with a clean face, handsome star Jo In Sung.

Recky (Perfume): With a nice nose, the entire face looks handsome. But Jo In Sung’s handsome not just because of his nose, his everything's nice.

Park Joon Sub (Surgical MD): From bellow the ear, till the end of his chins, the continuing lines very smooth. It gives a masculine air without forcing it.

Voice: Even women can be jelous of his good looks. His kissable lips are also part of his strength! He’s arousing female interest once again!

Next week, we’ll be going over the representative female beauties. Please send your internet votes!***Translated by Priscilla

(posted in Hotelier2002)

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Summarised by Priscilla, Hotelier2002 with her comment:

Let me give a brief summary of what I read at SJS’s Café, News Article Section #2712, on April 12th, 2005 (a VERY LONG article!). The results for me were not AS OBVIOUS... for example, didn't expect SJS to be there since he's out in sabbatical, and where are Lee Byung Hun, Park Shin Yang and Lee Jeong Jae?

[sunday Paper] [survey among 50 TV producers and Film makers] Star’s Casting Report (#1)

There are many ways to measure an actor’s popularity, etc, etc. The entertainment industry was trying to pick their top stars, those they would like to cast most. They interviewed 27 TV producers, 6 movie directors, 12 movie enterpreneurs, and 5 more working in the drama industry, a total of 50 people. This report will be divided into two, the second part coming up next.

Accordingly, the results were quite predictable:

#1. BAE YONG JOON & Kim Tae Hee... BYJ won #1 by far (20%)


1. BYJ (20%)

2. Choi Min Shik, Sul Gyung Goo, Jang Dong Gun (12%)

5. Jung Woo Sung (10%)

6. Wonbin (8%)

7. Eric, So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung (6%)


1. Kim Tae Hee (14%)

2. Shim Eun Ha (12%)

3. Jun Ji Hyun, Moon Gun Yung (10%)

5. Song Hae Gyo, Lee Young Ae, Jun Do Yeon (8%)

8. Go Hyun Jung, Son Ae Jin, Ha Ji Won, Lee Hyo Ri (6%)

But they also admitted that success cannot be guaranteed by just casting the stars. They also asked who the best actors are, and they got totally different answers, but it seemed that only 7 stars got more than 2 votes here, which points at the lack of really good actors in the industry.

They also surveyed the most popular supporting actors, etc…

They also mentioned how they would ask the #1 in their individual list, and they would go down that list depending on if they got a 'yes' or 'no.'

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Don't want king of face, don't want king of body

Numerous flower guys OH NO~

Don't want other actors, don't want all other men.

Only Jisub OH YEH~

Gentle, good body, perfect face

He exactly meets my high standard

The atmosphere, Charisma and acting ability

He can act all characters.

I like Jisub, I like Jisub, I love him so much, So Ji Sub JJang!!

I like Jisub, I like Jisub, He is my best in the world.

I love only So Ji Sub.

(Official Jisub song by Youngsosa fanclub; translated by Saturn)

(reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)

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here is the link for Jisub's greeting:


Jisub: Hi I'm So Ji Sub. Nice to see you. Did you enjoy watching MISA?

This is my first time greeting in jisubforever. I'm sorry. I will try to say hello here more often from now.

Manager: You're in new life. How is it?

Jisub: I'm still adopting myself. I'm doing well. My co-workers are doing very nicely to me.

You guys don't worry about me at all. I'm accustoming myself well.

Manager : You have a lot of free time. What do you do in your free time?

Jisub: Free time... currently I'm taking a little bit of rest. I am planning to learn Japanese language.

Actually I am studying Japanese.

Manager : Did you learn much?

Jisub : Well yet... I have strong will only. (laugh)

Manager : I read you like older women than you. Is it true?

Jisub : Older women.. Yes I do. Now I'm going to 30.

Manager : you mean you're becoming to like younger girls?

Jisub : Uh... that's... I still like older women.

Manager : Say a final greeting.

Jisub : I know well, you are with me always, with unchanged shape.

When I'm running just looking forward, you were looking after me silently.

When I need you mostly, you were beside me always.

I believe you're not gonna changed just like now.

I will do my best to keep your expectation. I wish your health and happiness.

I love 'jisubforever'. Thank you.

Translated by Saturn in soompi:

(reposted by boola, Hotelier2002)

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the following is another article posted by Saturn

(This picture is from photo album 'The gift')


saturn wrote:

(Apr 18 2005, 04:53 AM)

From Japanese magazine

At the filming location

This was the first time working with Japanese staffs. Before starting, we worried a lot.

Can we make enough communication? Can we finish it in schedule?

But as we start working, Jisub was fully relaxed, enjoying his shooting job.

Mr. Takuma (Japanese photographer) built good atmosphere, my worrying could be gone.

I appreciate all staffs, we could make really good photo album.

Actor So Ji Sub

I'v been working as manager for 11 years. The first time I met Jisub, I was scared.

How should I do if he is fastidious? Would he be cooperative to a woman? I worried a lot.

But, after 10 monthes working together, what I felt is, he is the most informal celebrity I've ever met, so I could trust fully.

He is so sincere that he never spare his effort. He is never be lazy, he takes care of his co-workers always. So we staffs are moved by him always.

We staffs are all women. He naturally carrys heavy loads. While walking rough roads, he adjusts his pace to women's. Whatever he does, whatever he eats, he takes care of others first. He is such warm-hearted.

One more, he really hates to do harm to a person. His theory is, what you get with doing harm to others is valueless.

But this warm-hearted guy concentrates on his work fearfully. His this shape is no-doubt professional, a great pride of us.

To fans

Japanese staffs and fans welcomed Jisub warmly. We are working hard to keep you being able to be proud of Jisub.

Now, we release the photo album. I hope you can feel the natural Jisub as he is.

Jisub did this job to show the other shape of himself and natural side of him.

Please keep cheering Jisub. Thank you.

So Ji Sub's manager, Kim Soo Jin.


(reposted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002)

Hello Daeda, but I'm confused who you are, sorry my dear :P

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