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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i


how are u??^^

miss u~

hi luckycarrienew!!!

i miss you too^^

quite fine recently getting alittle bit more busy at work.

however, i will not forget to come up here eveyday to check out the new post!

lolx...how can i live without this thread and you guys!!!! :lol:

how about you?

Hello, I'm the same "ivusonick" in hotelier2002

Here's what Priscilla told us about "Two Men Show", a tv program that SJS was invited with Song Seung Hun.

Posted by Priscilla at hotelier2002 on Mar 21,2005

Even the TV host made fun of SJS too. He said that they took a small plane together once, and that the plane was very shaky. So shaky that everyone was scared and grabbing onto each other for dear life. But SJS was... calmly reading. The host, after getting off the plane, approached SJS in a polite manner, and asked: "Weren't you scared?" SJS responded: "If we die, we'll all die."

The host exclaimed: "Oh, how manly!"



our ji sub is so MAN!

but thanks god that plane landed safely!

i think ji sub looks kinda cute in this top~

thanks Goy!

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Dear Saturn+dot

I've heard your name many times and been very appreciated what you share with us at your clubbox, many thanks to you. :D

And thanks for his pics, he seems fine, thanks God too! I can't wait seeing him back on the drama, I miss him so much.

Oh! those t-shirts, I really want one! :lol:

Here are his pics taken in USA on visiting SSH's sister and her children:



(credit: Saturn, reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)


Another news clip of Jisub leaving the army camp. This clip shows the army camp itself (exterior) which looks like a fortress! You can also see him motioning to the guys behind him to fall in line, plus the delighted look on his face when the officer in charge gives the command for them to be dismissed.


More "inside" news of Recruit Jisub. The following was posted by a fellow trainee who left a short message on his own mini homepage:

(translated by Saturn; comments in parentheses/brackets by Saturn)

Jisub's fellow trainee writes:

I was at the same platoon, but not the same barrack.

I couldn't talk a lot with him, but I saw him a lot during training.

One thing I remember is...

During marksmanship, we did PRI (don't know what it stands for)...

At that time Jisub suffered from his waist, he walked with a slight limp.

But this training is repetition of lying on the ground and running.

A number 2 trainee tried to help Jisub(trainee number 1), both were pointed out by the trainer.

The trainer said, "What are you 1 and 2 doing there?"

Trainee 2 tried to answer "Number 1 feels pain", but Jisub stopped him and said "I'm okay, I'm sorry.", then continued to exercise.

I never seen Jisub gets lazy. Other trainees kept saying as well,

"So Ji Sub looks splendid even with our men's eyes!"

(credit: Saturn, Soompi)

(reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)



=saturn,Mar 29 2005

Two men show is in my clubbox.


Click 2nd button.


Hosted by: Shin Dong Yup & Yoo Jung Hyun

Date: 2001/11/09

Starting Time: 00:25:27

***I skipped like 10 minutes where SSH talks about his trip to Taiwan with Song Hae Gyo, and how famous he is everywhere after Autumn Tail)

(Clap Clap Clap~Wow!!!)

Yjh: We will now ask more detail questions so we can get to know Mr. SSH better.

SSH: There’s nothing to know…

Yjh & Sdy: Let’s begin THE POINTING TALK!

Yjh: (Sdy takes out 3 toy weight lifters from under his seat) Since we’ve been talking about exercising, we’ve prepared weight lifters.

Sdy: Yes, usually we prepare nice dolls such as cute bunnies, but today, instead of a doll we’ve prepared this, so you’ll give it to the person who matches the answer.

Yjh: But what if we give this (taking out a HUGE one) to Mr. Park Yong Ha, instead?

Sdy: OK, let’s look at our first question.

Yjh: Who seems to be the best dancer? This could also mean ~who’s the best dancer?

Both hosts: One, two, three! (SSH and PYH points at SJS. SJS points at PYH.~So Ji Sub!)

Sdy: Wow! Actually Mr. SSH… he can’t dance. He really can’t. He’d like to dance so he tries, but he’s stiff… Mr. SJS, I thought you’d be more like SSH?

SJS: Like mentioned before, it’s not that I dance well, I just like dancing. The really good dancer is PYH. He even took lessons.

Yjh: Before deciding, you should show us what you have.

(Music up!!! The three stand up, but both SSH & PYH leaves SJS dancing by himself~ “SJS’s Feeling Dance”)

Sdy: (Trying to follow) Your hands… how you do it?

SJS: You bend your knees a little and let your arms go free.

(Clap Clap, wooo! Music’s over)

Sdy: Ahhh, so you go by feeling? Bending your knees and letting your arms go free… La laa laa… But wait… isn’t this an old man’s dance? Grandpa’s would put a rug under and go like this.

Yjh: When Mr. Sdy dances, we feel like… is that dancing? But when Mr. SJS dances, it’s still cool.

Sdy: That’s true… not that he has a special movement, but go by feeling… One of these days, we should go to the Night Club together and I’d like to watch you dancing. (Yjh: I’d like to see that too) Next question!

Yjh: Who seems to be the one who had his first kiss earliest.

Both hosts: One, two, three! (SJS’s picked~ even by himself) Wow!

SJS: If I tell my story, everyone will tell their story, right? Honestly?

PYH: (pushing SJS) Why are you doing that?

SJS: If I just talk, people won’t know who was really the first one.

Sdy: That’s right. OK then, Mr. SJS… Honestly, when did you have your first kiss?

SJS: During my first year in High School.

Sdy: How old was she?

SJS: She was my age.

Sdy: I see, she was first year in High School. Where at?

SJS: Like the usual. In front of the house, bellow a lamppost.

Yjh: It’s amazing how dark a lamppost could get.

Sdy: What about Mr. PYH?

PYH: I did it right after I entered college. (hey~~~!!)

Sdy: No, I’m talking of your first kiss.

PYH: I had too many fears in that respect.

Yjh: What did you have that you were afraid?

PYH: I was just embarrassed. I’m being honest so I’m saying this. What I disliked the most was the awkward feeling you get after kissing. (pointing to audience) You all know right, that it gets awkward? (pointing his mouth) The sticky feeling you get here. (around his mouth) I really hated that.

SSH: How did he do it that you get sticky? (Everyone’s falling off the chairs)

Sdy: Really, for us was just a beautiful first kiss. Yours sounds so dramatic.

Mr. SSH?

SSH: I didn’t do it yet. (wooo!!! %^&^* !! people hitting him)

Yjh: You didn’t do it?

SSH: (thinking) First year in High School? I think it was around the end of that year.

Sdy: In front of her house? (PYJ: You sure you two didn’t kiss each other?)

Then… (Yjh: they’re similar) how old was your girlfriend? (SSH: a six grader) Six grade???

SSH: (laughing hard) She was the same age as I.

Sdy: Same age.

(to Yjh) Wouldn’t it be strange… Let’s say, if a 3rd grader of High School does it with a 2nd grader of Junior High?

Yjh: Yes, I’m saying this because I’m married. When I was a Freshmen in college… my wife’s 8 years younger than me, so that would make her a 5th grader of elementary school. Which would make me a beast. But since I’ve met her after becoming adult, it didn’t matter. If I had met her during my Freshmen year in college, I would have married, not a high school student, not a junior high, but a 5th or 4th grader.

SSH: Your housewife… He~hem! Did you have your first kiss with your present wife?

(Sdy’s laughing hard. Written: Yjh’s startled by the sudden question thrown at him by SSH)

Yjh: What are you talking about? I too have my good memories regarding my first kiss.

SSH: Then?

Yjh: Then what?

Sdy: Don’t fool around with Mr. SSH. He’ll get you hard! He’s a scary man!

Yjh: Yes, he opened his eyes wide while asking me that… Oh, I’m scared!

Let’s continue.

Sdy: Maybe I should switch partner next time (???).

Yjh: Who seems to be most obsessed with being popular?

Both hosts: One, two, three! (None moves, they’re all quiet)

Yjh: Wow! Then being popular is a necessity, all 3 of you think that way?

Sdy: It could be that, or it could mean that none of them are obsessed? (voice: that’s right)

SJS: And none of us are self-conscious about being popular.

Sdy: Trully Mr. SJS, if you were self-conscious, you wouldn’t go everywhere dressed like that. Really, every time I see him, he’s wearing jogging pants… sneakers… sleeper… covered with a hat.

Mr. SSH, too… actually I meet him sometimes. He’s wearing shorts and sleepers, and covering himself with a hat. Once he was walking with me. And a young lady went like: ‘Wow, isn’t this Song Seung Hun? SSH!’ We really walked by fast. The other girl said: “Do you think SSH would look that unfashionable?!

SSH: That’s right. I wear comfortably on my regular days.

Sdy: You’re all like that. Very simple.

Yjh: Mr. Yong Ha, what do you usually wear when you go out?

Sdy: (pointing) Exactly like that. With a scarf.

PYH: I’m like that too. I wear jogging pants a lot. Or shorts.

SSH: ???? Ha ha haa!!!

Ending Time: 33:40



Translated by Priscilla, posted in Hotelier2002

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These are English subed files uploaded in my clubbox.

Log in is not required.


I want to see my friend (aired at 2001/Sep/27)

Two men show (aired at 2001/Oct/09) in 2001 folder

Star documentary (aired at 2005/Mar/06) in 2005 folder

Jo Sung Mo's music video of his 'My first' album, hard subed, high quality, 23 minutes long, in MV folder.

'We are dating now' epsode 1~4, high quality, English hard subed, in WDN folder.

If you want any other files, send me pm.

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Thanks a lot Saturn+dot

Thanks my dear Goy for your help :P

Here's the next one, posted in Hotelier2002 by Priscilla


Hosted by: Shin Dong Yup & Yoo Jung Hyun

Date: 2001/11/09

Starting Time: 33:40

VOICE: SSH, SJS, PYH, Song Hae Gyo, Lee Byung Hun. We’ll meet these 5 stars in our next CONCERT TALK!

Yjh: (The two hosts are pretending to be rock and roll stars, going wild) Hello everyone! We sincerely welcome you all to… our… “Two Men Show’s” Concert Talk!

Sdy: Are you… all ready~ee ee?!!

Yjh: Are you ready? (Audience: Yes!!!) Are you really?!!! (Yes!!)

Sdy: Mr. Yjh, don’t let your belly come out like that. The audience worked really hard to get here. If you see on the back, we’ll see people coming from Taiwan. Here they are! (bowing)

Yjh: When they see me, they’ll think I’m Jang Dong Gun. (in English) ‘My name is Dong Gun Jang. Why not?’

Sdy: Wow! They’re understanding you and in unison they’re all like ‘NO!!!’ (making x with his arms). But so many came to see this one person. Just looking roughly, I can tell there are like 50,000 people here. (Laughing) Let’s just call him. Song Seung Hun!

SSH: (hugs Sdy and faces audience, who goes wild) I really thank you all for coming here tonight. I’m glad to meet you. (he bows)

Sdy: Continuing, they followed us even to this place. SJS, PYH! (shaking hands)

Sdy: OK, all 3 of you, have a seat! (sitting down) Many of you know about Mr. SSH. So if you catch any of these 3 men lying, you can boo them loudly or you can even throw something at them.

Yjh: You can throw things like your wallets.

Sdy: Besides my underwear, what do I wear while I sleep? (Fans: Down!!)

Sdy: Down?!!! OK, what do I wear while I sleep?

Yjh: This is one(palms down), this is 2 (palms up).

SDY: if its none, like this (lowering arms down)

Two hosts together: One, two, three. (PYH palms up, SJS palms down, SSH arms down)

Sdy: Wow!!! (to SSH) But don’t you feel uncomfortable not wearing anything while sleeping?

SSH: No, I didn’t mean I didn’t wear anything. When I sleep, I wear square shaped boxers.

Sdy: Ah, boxers… Then Mr. SJS? (SJS: Me too, square shaped boxers.) Mr. PYH, you did up, right?

PYH: I wear sleeveless shirt on top.

Sdy: There are times when we want to return to our primitive states. Then, have you ever slept completely naked at least once? Honestly. Mr. SSH? (No) Mr. SJS? (I did). Mr. PYH? (I did too). Why did you do it?

PYH: There was a program where Miss Kim Hee Sun mentioned that, that she does that. (Sdy: Oh yes!) So I wanted to try if it’s really that good. But I felt really uncomfortable…

Sdy: I can imagine you sleeping and blushing on your own.

PYH: I usually don’t cover myself with the blanket, but on that day I did.

Sdy: What about Mr. SJS, why did you suddenly do that?

SJS: I heard it’s healthy for you… (lowering his head, laughing)

Sdy: Me too, I heard that. But many thoughts came to my mind while doing it. ‘What the heck am I doing now?’~etc. I felt embarrassed. But now that I got over that, I’m still doing it.

SSH: If my mother enters into my room suddenly, while sleeping, or my father… I’d be afraid they’ll worry.

Yjh: Why would your parents worry for?

SSH: Once before, I had drank till really late with my closest friends. Then, I brought them home and we slept. They’re guy friends, but many of them liked growing long hair. Most of them had long hair. So after drinking a lot, this friend was sleeping on my bed. Later I woke up and went to the kitchen to drink water when my mom dragged me and started hitting me: (hitting Yjh really hard) You bastard!

Yjh: (touching the ‘hit’ spot) I think he’s upset at me. 

SSH: My mother couldn’t see me well since I came home late. She was shocked, thinking I had slept with my girlfriend, bringing her home.

Yjh: Since he had long hair.

Sdy: He had long hair, and… your friend must have been half naked too…

SSH: That’s why my mother went like ~ ‘You bastard, you dare bringing a woman home?’ There was such incident before.

Yjh: (touching the ‘hit’ spot) It hurts a lot.

Sdy: While we were having so much fun like this, another surprised guest just arrived. I feel people who came from Taiwan may be especially happy. ‘Let’s welcome Miss Song Hae Gyo!’

(Wow!!~ Wild crowd!!!)

Ending Time: 40 minutes



Translated by Priscilla


posted by Saturn :

Today, MS. manager wrote 2 articles (her "today" meant Mar 30,2005)

--- from dcinside.com ---

As you guys believe, Jisub accustomed well.

He is in internet broadcasting station department. (Making public information resources)

He got slimmer, but now he is eating well (as well as I worry).

So don't worry about him.

--- from cafe.daum.net/sojs ---

I heard from Jisub yesterday, some fans came there.

Mapo office people worried about Jisub, but Jisub didn't surprise.

Office people worried how Jisub should go out, Jisub answered,

" I'll go out through the main gate. I'm OK. They don't make trouble or bother me."

Yes... It's natural. Our fans never attack him or make trouble.

So I didn't worry at all to hear fans came there. (Am I a real manager?)

This is 10th year since Jisub made debut. We wanted to send you even a small gift.

That's why we named the photo album as 'The Gift'.

For Japanese, this means first greeting to them.

I felt headache to name it, do you like it? (Please say yes~~~ I'm begging)


One more: I heard some tips from people who met Jisub at Mapo office today.

He goes out at 5:00pm, through the main gate.

His entertainment company driver is waiting for him out there with car.

So if you go there at 5:00pm, you can walk with him from the front door, through the yard, to the main gate.

He even said 'Thanks for coming' to fans today.

(reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)

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Two Men Show



Pics fr. Mapo : I love his colorful T-shirt B)


Oh! I need this yellow T-shirt. Do they sell with the model ???


Thanks to all owner of those pics. :lol:

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Hosted by: Shin Dong Yup & Yoo Jung Hyun

Date: 2001/11/09

***40 minutes to 45:10~ ROUGH TRANSLATION:

They thank Song Hae Gyo for coming. Yjh thanks her for standing next to him. Sdy asks her what she’s doing there. She says that she was SSH’s partner a year ago (Autumn Tail), and she came to sing him happy birthday.

The hosts talk about how pretty she is, and that she’s known as being a loud talker. She agrees, saying that while talking with friends, she tends to talk loud in the excitement of the moment.

They also talk about a dinner they had (SSH, SHG & Wonbin) with Mr. President. SHG was falling asleep at the table… Mr. President saw her, but he just smiled… (Yjh: What did you expect him to do, to cry?)

SSH explains that he was supposed to give a speech during that dinner, but he didn’t know, so he decided to skip dinner instead. Then, the person in charge of the dinner decided on skipping the speech instead…

***45:10 to 49:20~ Lee Byung Hun with SSH (Ditto...)

Sdy: One more surprised guest is here. The Donuts man, Mr. Lee Byung Hun!

They asked LBH what was his first impression of SSH. LBH did not respond. (Sdy: I guess it wasn’t good) Continuing, LBH said that when they first worked in a drama together, SSH approached him and said that he respected his acting a lot, etc. LBH thought: “hmmm… this guy appreciates great men.” SSH does give him a call sometimes, asking him for advise in acting, etc. The hosts mentioned that pretty girls may not want to hang out together because they may be afraid to be compared, but that these two hunks, they still hang out. Before LBH left, Yjh says: “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the six best hunks in Korean are gathered here tonight!” (kekeke!)


Starting Time: 49 minutes 20 seconds

Both Hosts: Now’s tonight’s Highlight~ MR. TONG GAME!!

Sdy: (All 5 of them stands up around a table with bowl toy at the center) Everyone has such quick reflexes.

Yjh: And they are so full of energy. I’m too scared to try anything here.

Sdy: Their arms and their legs are so long… (looking at partner) We are disadvantaged today.

Yjh: You alone are disadvantaged.

Sdy: (hitting the bowl toy) Mister, don’t come out too soon today, alright? This guy, once I hit him like that, gets so cranky that he comes out as soon as I touch him. Let’s start… Mr. Park Yong Ha, would you begin? (PHY inserts a toy stick into the bowl, and acts as if something’s coming out. Everyone’s startled.)

Now, Mr. SJS… (SJS inserts into the bowl, and the Mister comes up flying. Everyone’s fighting for it but Sdy gets it, kissing it)

**King of 1st Round: Shin Dong Yup!

Sdy: I’m closing my eyes, and after three counts, I’m going to just point. Ready? I don’t know where you are… One… (Audience: Switch the spots!) Yes, you should switch the spots. (Everyone’s moving) Change your positions. I’m closing my eyes so I won’t see you. I can’t see really, I’m so full of myself I can’t see my sides. Really. And now, I’m closing my eyes and turning. One, two… three! (arm pointing at SSH)

(Written: Looks like it’s prearranged?~ Song Seung Hun!!)

Sdy: Wow! We’re going to open this time for you to meet your fans in person. Today’s penalty’s with fans. Any fan who’s willing to dance with Mr. SSH, please raise your hands! Ok, come up! (A Korean fan comes up first. A Taiwanese fan follows) Actually, you all know how bad SSH is at dancing, right? But since he’s in front of his fans, let’s see how excited he can dance. (SSH seemed timid at first, but he’s going wild) Let’s Clap!!!

Yjh: Why do you look so discomfitted?

Sdy: The thing SSH hates doing the most is dancing. But he’s in front of his fans… so He threw himself out and went all the way. Ok, let us clap and thank these 2 fans. (They go back) This was for your fans, not a real penalty.

We will now begin our real penalty time. (Yjh: the real one, oh yes…) Is there any fan who’s very healthy? (He opens his arms wide~ so a chubby fan comes up on stage) We will begin a push up contest between SJS and SSH. Both of them will get ready and this lady will lie down on top of them. So both of them will do push ups together, and the one falling down first will lose. So both of you… (SSH and SJS are lying face down for the push ups)

SSH: (sitting down) I really haven’t exercised lately.

Sdy: But you’ve been doing it for so long… So get ready. (The fan is lying on top of the two men. SSH’s arms are already shaking) Ready! ~GG~go!

One! Wow! (SSH looks very shaky) Two… Three… Four… (SSH’s giving up, letting his fan to fall over him. He then helps her stand up)

(Everyone’s out of words, just laughing and SSH’s recovering from the shock)

Sdy: Honestly, I didn’t expect they could do it, not even once. You saw SSH, his arms were wobbling…

SSH: Wait up!

Yjh: Yes?

SSH: What about you two? (He pulls the 2 hosts and drags them to the floor)

Sdy: (the lady’s on top of them) Ahhh! Ahhh!!!

SSH: (both him and SJS’s helping the lady stay on top) To the count of 10. One, two, three… (Sdy: no no, we must do it right away!) four, five, (audience helps count) six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Go! (The two hosts are trying… oh no!!... flat on the floor!)

Sdy: (after standing up, holding SSH apologetically) I didn’t know, I could have killed you… Really, it’s this hard and yet he did it three times… We know now because we did it.

It’s also hard for a person to stay on top. So we thank this Taiwanese fan for her hard work (clap, clap).


Sdy: (preparing Mr. Tong) I almost died, really. Wow!

Ok, Mr. PYH (He inserts… and Mr. Tong’s flying up! SJS runs and catches it)

*King of 2nd Round: So Ji Sub!

Sdy: Wow! He did a rebound! (replaying the move) When Mr. Tong flew up, he hit it away as a volleyball player, and he caught it before it fell to the floor. Great reflexes!

Yjh: Your penalty!

Sdy: First, whom are you doing the penalty to?

SJS: Since today’s Seung Hun hyung’s day… (SSH: so you should do it to Dong Yup hyung) Hyung… (touching SSH)

Sdy: Mr. SSH! (SSH’s picking SJS) Then tell us the penalty.

SJS: Let him get 5 kiss marks on his face. (SSH’s beating him up)

Sdy: Oooh… 5 kiss marks. Five? Now? (Audience: no way!!!) The fans are going wild. They’re saying “What’s this, no way!” and their putting on lipstick at the same time. “I’m so upset, I can’t believe this!” (and still putting on lipstick)

Well, let’s make it one kiss mark in each cheek. What do you think?

SJS: That’s good.

Sdy: 5 is a little too much.

SJS: Anyways, I’m dead.

Sdy: Let’s go. Hey, why’s everyone’s moisturizing their lips? On your left cheek, let a Taiwanese fan put a kiss mark there, and a Korean fan on your right cheek. Now Mr. SSH, go down! (SSH went down the stage) Any volunteers? Over, over there! Someone’s coming! (A Taiwanese fan kisses SSH’s left cheek) I see another volunteer there! Wait, wait up! That fan, after she raised her hands, she went to her peer~ “lipstick, give me lipstick!” Who has lipsticks on already? What about here? Look! (Someone’s standing in front, putting on a heavy lipstick) Make it dark, really. (She kisses SSH) Let’s make sure. (examining the cheeks) There’s one here for sure, and on this side… (Yjh: from a Taiwanese fan)

Sdy: We thank all the fans for participating here. Because of you, this has been a total success. (Clap, clap, clap) I had so much fun playing Mr. Tong Game with the three of you. (Yjh: you were excited, weren’t you?) Yes, very. Everyone did a great job. And I sincerely thank Mr. SSH, Mr. SJS, and Mr. PYH. (to the audience) Good bye!


Time: 1 hour, 00 minutes, 25 seconds

(PYH sings a song…)

Translated by Priscilla

(posted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002)

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Guest making00dluv


not only is he the hottest thing evar, but he's such a talented actor! ESPECiALLY in MISA!! no one else would have been able to pull that role off. x] i like how this thread is already 18 pages. haha well it IS so ji sub .. what else should i have expected. xD

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Thunderbolt wrote :

Here's the link for the subs. Save it as "All files" instead of text and make sure to rename your video clip with the SAME name as the subs file. For example, I renamed both files as "Two Men.srt". The subs will then automatically appear when you play the clip using BSplayer.

Subs for Two Men Show (by Priscilla & Saturn):


Two Men Show can be downloaded from here

(search for it under the year 2001):



Thunderbolt wrote:

Some new Jisub fans were wondering why he was working a 8-5 schedule at the Mapo Internet Broadcasting Office unlike other soldiers who had to stay in their camps. Saturn posted the following explanation in Soompi:

Saturn wrote:

Jisub got injured his shoulder at Mar/2002, at filming of a show program.

It was also during filming 'Glass shoes'. You can see he doesn't use his right shoulder at all, from ep 6.

He could take surgery after finishing the movie 'Can't live without robbery', Sep/2002.

At that time, he took 6 hours surgery, an iron core was inserted in his shoulder.

Yes, he still has iron core in his right shoulder, he must do forever.

He received insurance money from KBS. It was the biggest amount of money in KBS insurance history.

I posted some video clips about it, in first post of this thread (Soompi).

Dream team - The show program which Jisub got injured.

The press preview of the movie 'Can't live without robbery' -

It was just after surgery, so he is wearing a big plaster cast.

(posted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)

Here's the way to go to Mapo office!

Thunderbolt wrote:

Here are the directions posted by Saturn:

To visit Mapo office, take the subway line number 6.

The station name is 'Mapo gu office', easy!

Mapo province office homepage


Mapo internet broadcasting station (where Jisub is working for)


(reposted in Hotelier2002)

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[[News]] Commotion at Mapo District Office where So Ji Sub is serving

From SJS’s Café, News Section, Number 2691

Posted on April 1, 2005

The whole of Mapo District Office is becoming busier because of Top Star So Ji Sub.

After completing the one month training, So Ji Sub was sent to Mapo District Office on the 28th of the past month where he is presently working as a public officer at the Internet Program Editing Room from the Arts and Physical Center.

Before entering the training program, he appeared at KBS 2TV “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” which created the “So Ji Sub Syndrome” nationwide. Since this same So Ji Sub is working at Mapo District Office, it is reported that the place is non-stop filled with fans.

According to an officer there, day after day, the district gets filled by High School students from surrounding neighborhoods. There was even a report saying that 2 Japanese fans visited that place and politely requested to be allowed to meet So Ji Sub.

It is interesting to note that among all the fans who came to see So Ji Sub, there was none who acted in ways as to disrupt or cause any damage to the District Office.

The officer added: “The fans are so well behaved that I’m rather amazed. All they do is to wait for Mr. Ji Sub, and then they would just leave.”

By reporter Yoo Hyung Joo summerlion@nate.com

***Translated by Priscilla

(reposted in Hotelier2002 by Priscilla)

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[Naver News] News Home/ Star Section/ General News


1] During “Let’s Go Dream Team” Program, So Ji Sub & Lee Seung Jin Were Injured

[Good Day 2002-03-28]



It was lately revealed that on the 23rd of this month, during the programming of KBS 2TV <Sports TV Sunday’s Fun> “Let’s Go Dream Team” (producer Kim Suk Yoon, 6 pm) that took place at the World Cup Stadium of Pusan, both So Ji Sub and Lee Seung Jin got into an accident getting injured.

This day’s event dealt with climbing of many obstacles. The problem began when they reached the cloudy ladders. While they were crossing the ladders, the arms and the legs slipped through, and So Ji Sub injured his shoulders while Lee Seung Jin’s face got bruised.

So Ji Sub got disjoint shoulders, and Lee Seung Jin’s lips were cut. The rest of the participants, Park Yong Ha, Kim Seung Hyun and Lee Ji Hoon were also lightly bruised, and even the competing team, Pusan’s Haeyanggoojodan sportsmen, they injured their legs and necks among others. This competition will be aired on the 31st.

By reporter Kim Ho Eun hekim@hot.co.kr

(Translated by Priscilla)

(posted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002)

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