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[[Written by Manager]] What Happened In Japan 2

From SJS’s Café, JS Office Section, Article #26

Written on 2/19/05

Kee Kee Kee… I returned too soon, didn’t I??

Actually, I thought it was too early, so I hesitated a lot before writing: Should I write? Should I not? But if I don’t do it today, I thought people might start complaining I’m taking too long… So I’ll just write it at once… (What will I do if people sprain their necks waiting for me~~~)

*Chinatown, Yokohama Stop~~~

Hmmm… Where was I, up to the Music Video?? (My memory’s failing…)

After filming till 5 in the morning of the 5th, we left the hotel at 7 o’clock. (Again, I had zero sleep because of packing!!)

From Tokyo to Yokohama there was so much traffic, we took 1 hour and a half to get to our destination. Once there, I woke Jisub up who, still half asleep, said: “Huh? Where are we??”

We are in Japan. Why??~~~

That’s how we arrived in Yokohama… After getting into our rooms, and opening our luggage, I said: “Since we’re all tired, let’s get some sleep and we’ll meet in the afternoon…” (Surely, I spoke very~~~ gently).

But our hair stylists, our coordinators & Jisub mentioned that they already had some sleep on their way here, and that they couldn’t fall asleep now. They wanted to go out…

“I can’t believe this. OK you’re all in your twenties… but I’m in my thirties… I’m too tired to go out, I won’t!!”

So at first, in a rea~~lly nice tone, I told them we should hang out… after we sleep.

But he started whining a lot that he wanted to hang out right away~~~ (you wouldn’t believe this, but Jisub whines very often).

“Don’t make me upset!!” And I opened my eyes really big “Go to bed… I tell you!!”

Hee hee… In the end, everyone left for their own rooms…

As for myself, I had a meeting with the people in charge of the photograph session, so I could only go to bed after 2 pm… But was it around 4 pm?? Jisub called me.

“Stop sleeping and let’s go out!!”

If I said no to him again, I thought he’ll get cranky, so I forced my aged body to get out. (It’s sad enough to be growing old … =( … =( )

In Yokohama, Chinatown is a famous place to hang out. We went to have our lunch or dinner there. All the stores looked alike, so we went into the first one that caught our eyes. If you ask me to find that place again, I won’t be able!!

I ordered almost half of everything that was in the menu (since I didn’t understand any words, I would just point at the pictures!!) All 6 of us, we had enough and to spare. (Honestly though, the food wasn’t that great).

Well, Jisub seemed to be eating a bit too much, so I glared at him… But he still continued eating.

Since I already started, let me say this!!!

If any of you are thinking I don’t even allow Jisub to eat… That’s ab~~~solutely not true.

When Jisub seems to be over-eating… then and only then, will I, very gracefully and kindly, tell him “Stop eating…”

Anyways… After finishing our meal like that, we came out again, with our stomachs full, and it was only then that I started noticing my surroundings… Were we in Japan or China?... (Well, this was Chinatown nonetheless…) That’s when I threw that one word: “Let’s go back to the hotel.” No one heard me…

Jisub was getting a little of cold symptoms so we went to the drugstore to buy medicine. Japanese remedies are a bit weak for him, but we still needed to buy, so I was picking things here and there. Suddenly, Jisub said: “Look! Tiger Balm!!”

“Ha!~~ You’re old too… if you know what Tiger Balm is…”

The younger kids don’t even know what this is… people used to rub it in anywhere it hurt, since it was believed to cure anything and everything related to pain.

Hmmm… I didn’t believe, but Jisub was strongly believing in it… He bought 5 of them… (I told him not to buy them, but he did it anyways…)

After this, we walked through Chinatown, but we could only see one restaurant after another, so I carefully said: “Should we head back to the hotel?” But Jisub started walking rapidly away… I wondered where he was going, and I realized… it was none other than a Video Game Store!!!

Wait a minute!… Everyone else followed excited, so I couldn’t do anything other than to follow… We stayed there for longer than 2 hours.

At first, he started playing a game well known in Korea, but he later switched to a game only known in Japan. I’d have hard time explaining that game… but my point is that he played that game soooo diligently…

During the first hour, I just stood there waiting… I did.

But later, I was getting tired. As I was watching him, I couldn’t raise my voice because he seemed so into it, I was just murmuring to myself... “Gee… If he had studied this hard he’d be in Harvard by now...” Etc, etc…

In spite of this, Jisub continued playing hard… Was it after 2 hours?... Maybe he was tired, because he said: “Wow~~ how boring… let me stop!!” I just couldn’t believe it…

We came out of that place, and I was hoping we’ll go back… I was carefully watching him, but suddenly Jisub walked away… I followed him closely and I found out he went into a clothing store…

The store was so small I felt I was in the world of dwarfs… but Jisub found something he liked there… “Shiljangnim,* you brought money? I want to buy this…”

Wh~at!... Now he wants me to buy him clothes… hmmm… Once we get back to the hotel, I’ll make sure I get the money back from him~~ so I thought to myself.

Jisub tried the clothes on and said: “In Japan, you can buy 8boo** leather jackets?"

Ha haa ha~~~ the attire was too small for him. What a good news… kee kee…

In the end, he couldn’t buy anything since everything was too small for him.

After leaving the clothing store, we continued walking instead of going back to the hotel, when we saw a place selling Korean style roasted chestnut. So we went there to buy some. But the salesman recognized Jisub... Hee hee hee We bought 5000 yen’s worth for 2000 yens… After this, more and more people started recognizing him… they would also come to get his autograph… Finally, he had no choice (Hee hee… honestly, I was glad) but to go back to the hotel.

A person must sleep when the time comes… Besides, he was going to have the photograph session the day after… Shouldn’t Jisub rrre~~~st well?! I wasn’t like this because I personally was tired, no. I was only thinking of what’s best for Jisub, that he should get back to the hotel…

Everyone… believe me when I say this… my honest truth~~~

This is how Jisub’s adventures at Chinatown, Yokohama ended.

Then… the following day we started the photograph session~~~

I’ll talk about this next time… (I’m not sure when I’ll start though, =)

I’m planning to finish this before my Altzheimer's symptoms worsen…

Little by little, my memory starts failing me…

Well then… Those of you who are planning to come to the Ski Camp… I’ll see you then… Those of you who cannot make it… many of you asked me regarding the autograph session but we haven’t come up with the exact time yet…

I’ll let you know by this coming Tuesday the latest... (The date is this coming 25th!!!)

With this… Till next time~~~

p.s. I’m late, but I’d like to say happy birthday to the webmaster “Ju-Yu-Ja”nim… It must be hard, but you had been faithful for so long… Honestly, I didn’t know but I just found out after visiting the 30+ room, so I’m greeting you this late (hmmm… very sorry!!)

There must be so many birthdays everyday, and I’m sorry I cannot greet you all…

“Ju-Yu-Ja”nim has worked really hard, so I’m very grateful to her, that’s why.

“Congratulations, Ju-Yu-Ja-nim.”

Written by JJEMT

Translated by Priscilla

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Guest thunderbolt

Wow, thanks for all the great pics and articles! :P

May I post a gentle reminder? It was posted by Dahee earlier but some of us may have overlooked her post.

When you are quoting someone's post in your reply, could you please remove the pics? Or remove the %7Boption%7D around the URL address of the pics? It's very hard to have to scroll down so much just to read a new posting. Repeating the pics in your replies just takes up so much unnecessary space.

The same thing applies for replies which include the very long articles already posted earlier. Please do not repeat the articles again in your reply.

Thanks for making this a great thread for Jisub.

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[[Written by Manager]] What Happened In Japan 3

From SJS’s Café, JS Office Section, Article #30

Written on 2/23/05

Finally… We entered the later part of this series in Japan~~~.

Wow… So much happened then, can’t be sure if I’d remember now…

Let me stop this prologue and really begin…

First day of Making Catalogue Session!!!

Finally, we started working with picture takings…

The first photos of day one were taken on top of a ship…

The wind was blowing really hard on that day, our hair stylists suffered a lot retouching the hair…

By nature, Jisub’s really not-cooperative when it comes to that…

“Hey… That’s enough… It’s OK… I don’t care…”

Then our head stylist would comment… “Heck no~~ If your hair looks messy, that will mean I haven’t done a nice job… OK what? No way…”

First of all, we went to the photograph site.

It was our first day, and the photographer was Japanese so I was a bit worried…

My… teach me the essence of body language~~~.

However, it was much easier than I thought…

Indeed… Pros have a way of understanding each other!!! The photographer and Jisub, they both easily adapted to the situation and the beginning went sooo ve~ry smoothly…

After boarding the ship we traveled for like 10 minutes into the sea, and they started taking pictures on top of the ship-board…

But, those of you watching the clip will know, he was wearing very light clothes.

A thin layered jacket… or just a shirt…

Anyways, I his manager, said… “Just take it like this. This is for a Spring Catalogue, so he needs to wear light.” As soon as I said this, the rest of the staff shot their disapproving glances at me~~~.

After taking pictures in the ship for like an hour, we where going to work at someone’s manor when the coordinator mentioned…

“Actually, there are lots of fans waiting there…”

Whattt~?... I didn’t even know where that was, but how did they find out??

Jisub… He stared at me: “Shiljangnim, you told them, right??”

Really… that wasn’t me… I was mortified~~~(But Jisub looked happy while saying this…)

When we arrived at the manor, truly there were more than 100 people there…

Seeing this, Jisub and I, and the rest of the staff, we were really surprised, and we were glad. (Kee kee kee)

We started our full scale of picture taking at this mansion… After lunch, we worked till 5 in the afternoon.

The photographer worked very fast, and Jisub followed at the same speed…

They didn’t seem like it was the first time working together.

The photographer would say: “Yeyeyo~~” (That’s nice) “Perfect~~” “Good… Gakoy~~” (That looks awesome~~~) ETC.’’

He would come up with creative ways of taking pictures, and Jisub will respond likewise with great poses and facial expressions~~~

Hmm… I came to the conclusion that Jisub looks best while he’s working!!!

That’s how our first day of Catalogue Session ended.

After this, we returned to the hotel by around 6 o’clock…

After washing up, I was ready to go to the hotel’s restaurant to have dinner, when I felt the cold stares over my shoulders~~~

I turned around and I saw the staff plus Jisub glaring at me, saying they wanted to eat out… (Gosh… not again…)

So I emphatically said:

“Alright… Let’s go… But we can’t go far. Why?... Jisub’s getting a cold and he should rest soon…”

As soon as I said that, Jisub interjected…

“If I just stay in my room I’ll get sicker… Let’s go!!!”

At once, they all turned around~~ and left me…

I stupidly stood there by myself, and all I could do was to rapidly follow… Phew~~~

On that day we ate “soba noodles,” the Japanese equivalent to our country’s udon, and Tonkatsu, and… some other foods I don’t know the names.

So we ordered Japanese food and we ate till we were full… (Jisub ate a lot too… Let me emphasize this ^*^)

That night…

I restricted other activities(?) so we just went sight seeing for a short while and we came back early.

Next morning… I gave him the wakeup call… (I always do the wakeup calls whenever we travel).

Ah… By the way, let me say something else!!!

No matter how tired he is, Jisub would pick up the phone in less than 3 rings.

When I call the other staff, they may allow the phone to ring so many times, but Jisub would pick up right away…

And when he’s sleeping, if I just whisper “Jisub… wake up?” He’ll wake up right away at this one word.

When it comes to this, I’m rea~~lly grateful… (It’s irritating if you have to wake someone who doesn’t listen)

But when Jisub picked up the phone, he didn’t sound good…

“What’s up???” he said. “Oh… I feel sick”… His voice…

Oh no~~ He sounded really sick… What should we do?...

But I couldn’t just tell him to rest… Jisub was sweating and I was really worried.

So first of all, we went to eat… Jisub always has his breakfast, no matter what. But this time, he wasn’t able to finish it…

Hmmm… “We should cancel today’s picture shooting…” I said, but Jisub… he said we should just do it. While working, if he still feels sick, then he’ll stop…

“You see… I told you to rest but you wanted to go out... grrrrr.”

Rolling my eyes…

For now, we prepared everything and we went to the shooting site.

Since he had high fever, he took a remedy for lowering fever, and we left…

Our schedule on that day was at a park. But on this day, there were even more fans there...

The people working at the park told us it was impossible for us to shoot pictures like that, so they told us to just leave…

Hee hee hee… How grateful I was.

I wanted to hug each fan that had come to that park.

Since we were so~ forced(??) to cancel our picture shooting, we went straight to our hotel… We called the doctor who injected him, and Jisub slept…

Oh dear me… This all grown up man was sleeping after getting the injection and well… my heart shrunk a bit you know…

Although I may be a wicked workaholic… but at this moment I thought…

“Hmm… I should slow down a little…” Although a day later I had forgotten about this…

On that day… all day long, Jisub suffered with the worse fever he had in 10 years.

But you know that after getting really sick, you can feel refreshed?...

For like 2 to 3 days, he suffered the after-effects of his cold, but maybe because of the high fever he had then, right now he’s very healthy and stronger than ever…

Hmm… I’m letting you know this since so many people worried after hearing Jisub got so sick he thought he’d die while he was in Japan…

From next day on, our photograph sessions continued fast and uninterrupted.

From time to time though, there were interviews… But he was having fun during all the shootings…

If I were to praise Jisub!!!

While at work, he doesn’t do anything else, no distraction…

Really, he’s always striving hard… Honestly, for someone who’s been acting for 10 years, this is not easy, to be so faithfully consistent…

Tru~~ly, I must admit this!!! True true!!!

That’s why our entire staff… we have no other choice but to work very hard also…

Really, besides the time we hung out on our first day and the one time we visited Karakyuju for one hour, till the day we returned, none of us did anything else but work (Ke kee… poor staff members~~)

That’s how the Catalogue Making that began in Yokohama ended on February 12th, in a Studio located in Shinjukyu, Tokyo. .

Well… It was a little hard, and honestly, since it was a Spring Catalogue Jisub must have felt chilled by the weather, especially as he was just recovering from his cold. So we did suffer here and there, but we still worked very hard at it…

Telling you the truth, midway in our catalogue session, I became the laziest one…

Reason being… I’d caught Jisub’s cold…

Me too, I felt like dying…

The type of cold that was spreading in Japan… it was one where you feel nausea, with high fever and head congestion.

Since I started vomiting, Jisub and the staff members got really anxious…

After this, wherever I went, if I just showed a little sign of not feeling well, Jisub would say: “Wait… I think the old lady should rest…”

Ha ha ha. After this, I pretended to be sick even after I got better, but somehow he knew: “You’re acting in front of an actor… Would you stop it??!!!”

Too bad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One day after finishing this Making of Catalogue, there was a fan meeting…

This, I will relate in my next episode~~~

By the way… I hope you like the gift I’ve spoken to you about… Are you all happy??

Written by JJEMT

Translated by Priscilla

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Ng of WDN


Ji-sub's latest CF for Oxy Wick:


Oxy Wick CF NG (poor guy had a hard time trying to sing and wink at the same time. Absolutely funny and adorable!!)


Credit to Saturn; Posted by Thunderbolt on HOTELIER2002.com

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Guest rochinipark

boola & ramcee u girls surely postin many old articles & pics.i'm like to save tat pic or tis pic :blink: also to sophia for repostin

lets make tis thread big again. :lol:

hi florice still remember u dun wory :lol:

where's saturn onni still dun see her?

thanks thunderbolt also for repostin old articles B)

yea ripgal we'll support ji sub all the way


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Guest skyelee21

Hello, Ji Sub lovers!

Interesting articles posted up here!!!

Thank you for sharing them, boola!

The people are so generous here!!!

Bless you all!

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I tried to register again, but I couldn't make my ID 'saturn' because someone registered it already.

So I resigtered with saturn. (plus dot)

Some old pictures of 1997 and 1998

Magazine of year 1997. The article is about a new face who is swimming player, fashion model and just casted to new drama 'Model'.



With Song Seung Heon and Shin Dong Yeop.


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Guest luktal


I tried to register again, but I couldn't make my ID 'saturn' because someone registered it already.

So I resigtered with saturn. (plus dot)

Anyonggg my sis i very happy to see u here thxx for news clip pics i can't waiting for join in bd ji sub i want to see him and my sis so muchhhh see ya next month

Anyonggg Li-hung

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Hello Saturn., d00649348134071us9hk.gif

I'm a new member here but I knew you for a while.

Thanks so much for all your pics & clips in yr clubbox.

Now I'm downloading Dating Now 4 (it takes 10 ~ 15 hours)

Can't believe that your old ID was taken ? Why ? Everyone know Saturn.

By the way, I'm so glad that you're back.


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Guest florice

Wow...Welcome back! Saturn. onni :)

Misa episode 1_Australia

The bridge where Moohyuk threw his money away.





credit:Youngsosa,reuploaded by 올리 in Jisubforever







from:DC_So gallery

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Guest luckycarrienew

carrie waving!!!

aigoo...chinggu..you guys're ROX!!!! you really Re-build this thread!!!


laura^^miss u and hugs u***

ps florice^^waving~

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