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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

15 hours ago, kuntha420 said:

4. HEALTH :  Generally good constitution. But may have high BP, heart related problems and difficulty with lungs.(Stop smoking)

How terrible. It would be very disturbing my thought and fans. How can we tell him to stop smoking. :blink:


15 hours ago, kuntha420 said:

If he will ever be tempted by other woman in life his wife will show him stars and the galaxies in the day.

What does it mean ?

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16 hours ago, kuntha420 said:

Dear friends excuse me for second long post,


  I've to do this because I was very disappointed after watching the show Oh my Venus(on the personal level). I expected Mr So will star in a brainy drama after the gap of two years but for me it turned out to be boring no-brainer entertainment. So I've to do four year future prediction for Mr SJS and future looks rather promising. I'm sure at the time Mr SJS himself doesn't have high expectations for his future. But who knows?




Hi kuntha420, I’ve re-watched OMV since when it was airing I wasn’t able to watch it continuously. It feels good to be excited about a new drama again! The chemistry between Shin Min-ah and So Ji-sub is believable. The chemistry is hot! These two, I adore them! Hahaha – SJS is always seems to be in the right place at the right time to pull her out of a jam. It’s a great series. But, I respect your opinion. I love the pacing – it’s fast-paced. It speeds up even on the early EPs & that’s all well and good. Two thumbs way up for this drama. Maybe I’m just biased because of SJS – hahaha. Girls, if you haven’t started “Oh My Venus” yet and need some motivation to even watch EP1, then think: So Ji Sub…in a bathtub. – LOL - What more could one possibly ask? They’re spoiling us that’s for sure! But, no - I definitely recommend this K-drama based on just the first 2EPs. You’ll like how the story is developing. So imagine my glee to discover that in many hours of viewing So Ji Sub as Kim Young-Ho in “Oh My Venus”, I never had a single dull moment. He’s one of the few actors who can still manage to hold your interest. That stimulating persona is totally his forte. Whatever I really don’t care - It’s enough to see him on the small screen after so long. This drama was worth the wait. This series has a message. And I love the cast. :P


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f(x) Luna says, "Want to film a melodrama with So Ji-sub"




f(x) member Luna said she wanted to co-star with So Ji-sub in a melodrama.

Movie "The Lightning Man's Secret" leading actor and actress Jeong Hyeon-jin and Luna appeared in the February 9th's episode of SBS Power FM radio show, 'Two O'clock Cultwo Show'.

During the show, Luna opened up about a genre she wanted to challenge. She said, "I'd rather want to do a melodrama than a rom-com because you can express your emotions naturally as the way they are".

She also mentioned So Ji-sub as the actor, with whom she would want to co-star.

Meanwhile, The Lightning Man is a superhero, who has been loved by children for the last 16 years since it was introduced through EBS TV in 1999. The superhero is now coming to the silver screen as a film with the touch of musical elements. The movie depicts the battle between the villain, Jalnan Mawang, who tries to destroy the Joy Land, and The Lightning man, who tries to protect the land against the villain. The movie opening date is February 11th.


Source : www.xportsnews.com/je...

Translation : Hancinema

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Guest xoxoprincessxoxo1000
On 2/9/2016 at 11:37 PM, kuntha420 said:

@xoxoprincessxoxo1000  Why not but he is more like your father’s age. :cold_sweat:

There is high probability that he’ll end up marrying by end of 2016 but it’s not certain.

However the strong will can always flip the destiny so keep trying. :blush:





Wait how did you know my age? Does it say on my profile? LOL. 

Well, it's okay. I don't really want to marry So Ji Sub anyways. I just think he's a great actor and that he's hot. I'll go for Park Hae Jin <3 (but he's old too -cries- why are all the good lookin men old?) 

I hope he marries. I have a girl to suggest for you. Is Kim Hyun Joo good for So Ji Sub? Also, I have to add Ha Ji Won. I really like So JI Sub with these girls... Oh wait, and I have another one; Jooyeon from After School since they were rumored to be dating. 

Thank you~~

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Guest xoxoprincessxoxo1000

Luna is an absolute cutie and she's so talented! I love f(x) I would love her to be in a drama with So Ji Sub. Hopefully her acting skills are as good as her singing and dancing. 

They should star in a production soon. Girl has good taste... So JI Sub is the KING of melodramas. I mean who else could've done I'm Sorry I Love You, What Happened In Bali, and Glass Slippers? (Well his character in Glass Slippers is cheerful but that drama is a melodrama) Oh yeah, and who could forget Road Number One and Always? 

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Guest xoxoprincessxoxo1000

I was born TOO young!!! :(  I'm too transparent. I make my young age too obvious LOL (I'm sorry, I'm very dependent on LOL when I text my friends I end it with lol, lmao, or af, I'll try to reduce that from now on..if I can). Why can't So Ji Sub be a bit younger? Even my internet friends are experiencing the same problem. We all say that So Ji Sub can be our dad but it doesn't matter, we still drool over his beauty. 

You guys could be my mothers...hehe. Hi mommies. <3 

Just Kidding!! I don't think you guys would want me to be your daughter..I'm a little rough around the edge. You guys would be tired if I was your daughter. 

I hope that didn't offend you guys. If it did I'm sorryyyyyy... I was just joking...

@kuntha420 I'll take Kim Soo Hyun!! He's a bit younger....but then I also have Ji Chang Wook and Park Hae Jin to choose from....hmmmm.... 

My birthday is on July 26, 1999....so am I a good match for Kim Soo Hyun??? Can we get married?? Can me and the alien get married??? -crosses fingers-


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Thanks my friends for all lovely chat and updates!!!

Hey girls, I think age gap means nothing when we adore someone, especially when it comes to Mr Evergreen SJS :sweatingbullets::phew: Such a gene should not be waste, LOL... According to our dear fortune teller @kuntha420 he'll get married within a year. OMG, Who would be this lucky girl? The man can cook, that's so good for his future wife!

@sojisubaddicted I hope you don't mind I bring here one of the cute articles from your blog. Thanks Lovely for your hard work as always!:)


So Jisub As A Chef

By Sojisubaddicted, 26/09/2015


Q : What is criteria for woman you want to be a life partner ?

A : She has to accept me and my work as an actor…..and…prefer that she can cook

Q : Are your cooking better than your mom ?

A : Absolutely not. ( I wonder how skilled his mom in cooking ? )

Q : Why do you like to cook?

A : Cooking by myself, eating alone, it can control my diet.

Today I can say that a man can cook it’s not special anymore. But it’s different when Sojisub can and like cooking. Then all the things that he did when cooking can be an interesting moments.
In his official website 51K, Sojisub used to have a special page for cooking, named 51K Kitchen. He often shared the recipe that he had tried in the page. Several times at fan meeting, he also run his cooking video. But fans certainly give more attention to every movement of Sojisub both in photos or videos.


Cooking time


Handsome chef


His kitchen is too small for a good chef like him


He must be the most stylish chef in this world


Tell you the truth, actually, I learned how to make “Tomatoes Scrumbled Eggs” from him. Ahjeossi, your recipe is very good, it really tasted delicious.

Do you want to know what he’s look alike in the kitchen? Let’s watch the video I made to capture the exciting moments when he cooks. It’s just a simple video, compilation of his cooking photos. Thank you for the owner.


A sexy ahjeossi in the kitchen…LOL.







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Hello everyone. This is my first post in here. Ive been silently lurking in this page for months and it brings me such a joy to read all of your posts about uri hot and sexy chobal chobal SJS. Ive become his fan after I watched OMV  recently. After that, I watched all of his previous works. i love all of his projects and fall in love for each of his characters. so far, I love watching him in Road no. 1, MISA, MS, Rough Cut and Always. he is totally a great actor in korea rght now.

Thank you for sharing his recent updates. For that, I also want to share some videos that I found about him in Youtube. Since I enjoyed them so much, I hope you would love it as much as I do. credit to @sokingdom for making so many beautiful videos about SJS. Ive checked most of his/her fanmade video and most of them are awesome. Here are some of it






you can check out for more awesome videos at @sokingdom youtube page.. you are gonna love watching them. :heart::heart:

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3 hours ago, lynn91 said:

..sigh... You youngsters. I look at SJS and feel sad that he's too young for me!  I'm ten years older! 

Welcome to the thread dear sunbae. It really does not matter about age. Jisub 's fans here come from various different generations. Very logical because Jisub ssi has been working for 20 years. So welcome to all fans here no matter how old you are, wherever you come from. 


5 hours ago, DaniaQ said:

Hello everyone. This is my first post in here. Ive been silently lurking in this page for months and it brings me such a joy to read all of your posts about uri hot and sexy chobal chobal SJS. Ive become his fan after I watched OMV  recently.

 Welcome here @DaniaQ and thank you for posted the videos.

10 hours ago, mathi said:

I hope you don't mind I bring here one of the cute articles from your blog. Thanks Lovely for your hard work as always!

Hahaha...@Mathi ofcourse I don't mind. My simple writing was not much compared with yours, professor. 


About OMV , dear @kuntha420 yes everyone must be have different oppinion, different taste. I don't mind.

I agreed with Jisub's choice. Although the rating is not too good, but to me OMV bring new ideas, new thinking. Yes indeed there are some cliches but it does not matter. OMV has gave important contribution to my personal life 
1st OMV provide motivation to live a more healthy life. It made me restructure my diet, exercising more and pay attention to my daily activities to get better posture.
The 2nd thing is OMV teach empathy to the suffering of sick and disabled people.

Thank you to the super loyal fans @willenette  for the article. Thank you too @cccsub  @innerchild


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