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"In order to participate in our survey for the estimated demand of the Making cut DVD,
you can e-mail us "dbsthwjd0407@hanmail.net" your name, your living country, and the quantity of the DVD that you are wishing to purchase.

Also you can visit "http://cafe.daum.net/OMVDVD1116" and participate. 
Thank you."

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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

6 hours ago, cccsub said:

Hot off the press!

All images from Sojisubar Weibo.

I will try to do a translation. Stay tuned :)


Hi cccsub, thanks for sharing more photos from the magazine. OMG – SJS has many minion collections. Are those his personal collections? If so, that minion collection is awesome. NICE! I do think there’s something a little romantic and childlike about him. I love how he stays true to himself. I find that geeky side adorable from afar. But that’s probably what I like most about him. This man can do no wrong in my book. Super cute … minions…. hahaha …He is such a cutie in the photos! He is a great piece of eye candy! :P

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So Ji Sub gathers his Minions for “Grazia” pictorial


Image: "Grazia" / Dispatch


Actor So Ji Sub gathers his minions as he shares a different side of himself in a photoshoot for Grazia. 

On February 4th, Grazia revealed photos from their unique and playful pictorial with the actor, as he posed with the Minions characters and merchandises. What attracted the readers, however, was his nonchalant expression whilst surrounded by the playful characters.

The pictorial was reportedly pleasant to shoot as he posed with everyday objects for the issue titled “Man In Black.”

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub remains elusive to the public spotlight following the success of drama, Oh My Venus early this year.



Source: Dispatch / koreaboo

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13 hours ago, willenette said:

What attracted the readers, however, was his nonchalant expression whilst surrounded by the playful characters.

:lol::lol: my king...really cute and adorable. The king with minions collections and not sword :lol:


My Wish for Clash Of Kings

COK almost fulfilled my dream all along . For a very longtime I really hope that one day Sojisub can play in a royal fiction-themed movies like Narnia The Chronicles, with a West background , not Asia. His performance in COK together with  SYJ was superb, amazing.


My most favourite scene...when the king So Ji Sub took up the sword gave the command to attack enemies 


I really hope COK will be successful, and the COK company will produce the COK movie....and make merchandises such as mini figurine, toys, stickers, T-shirts and others. :wub::wub: I have a lot of mini figurine collections & toys, from Starwars to Pokemon, from Gundam to Transformers :lol::lol::lol: but now I'm bored.  Well ...collecting minions like my king did seems nice too.:lol:

My role...inspired by Mathi 's words


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I've translated this Grazia interview from Chinese to English from Sojisubar FB page. Again, Korean to Chinese by 移动的荷尔蒙 and nuna51.  All credits to them please!


"Grazia" February 2016 Issue 2

"By chance, I saw the movie Minions and I find it very meaningful. From that point on, I started to collect them one by one.  I like things that I think is good and I don't need to find a reason to explain why I like them."

What do you like about the Minions?
I just think they're meaningful, but not to the extent of being an otaku.

But liking it so much can turn into an obsession, won't it?
I am absolutely not like that. Except for acting, I can easily give up on other things that I like. (Meaning he has self-control on other things that he likes).

Can you control other things that you like?
It is difficult to control a person, but any other thing, I have full control over it. Saying this is contradictory, but I don't want to be pressurized for things that I like. Let's take the Minions for example: I will buy them when I'm just randomly roaming the streets, but I won't be searching for them or go crazy just to buy a special limited edition.

Have you ever gotten out of a craze for something other than this photoshoot's themes of Minions, snow globes, hats and shoes?
Yes, it's difficult to be addicted to an item or a thing. There are a lot of times when I'm distressed in acting (when I lack the craze for it).

The style and look that's been prepared for you today was established based on what you wear on other occasions, are you satisfied with it?
I'm not a pro for the wardrobe. For work, I usually rely on the professionals to decide. Even though it's inappropriate or it's wrong, I would still let them decide.

So, in conclusion, it's alright?
It's very good. First of all, it's very interesting. If it's a normal, boring shoot, I won't have done it.

Just now, you've just finished a time-consuming project. Do you reward yourself in anyway?
In the past, when I was younger, when I'm finished with a certain project, I would go shopping. But now a days I don't. My routine for these past few years has been the same. When a project ends, it's back to home, exercise and my office.

Are you accustomed to that lifestyle? Even you are on your own, you won't feel alone or inconvenient?
I like to be alone, just sitting there. I think it's very familiar and comfortable, and I don't find it boring either. I make myself breakfast when I wake up. It doesn't matter if it's going to the gym or to my office, but it is night time by the time when I make it home again. I make dinner when I get home, study the script for a bit and that's pretty much the end of the day. I practically sleep before 12am.

It must be your routine schedule that made your skin looks so good!
Well, fortunately it's genetics from my parents, haha.

You often exercise, so the body we see from Oh My Venus is not that hard to achieve?
It is basically body sculpting, it's difficult. Dieting is very important. On average, I exercise for two hours per day, but for that body, it would require a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours of exercise per day.

Do you get requests often for taking off your clothes due to your sculpted body?
This time my role is a physical trainer, it's part of the role, so that's the only reason I would take off my clothes. Normally, I won't. If it's for service, I probably won't either.

Having acted for one year or ten years, the difficulties you face are different.  What is the one difficultly that So Ji Sub faces when he acts?
At the beginning, my head started to function first, then it comes from the heart. "How would it be if it's done this way?" I didn't realize I started to factor this in.

Perhaps we can say this is because you've adapted to acting?
I don't like it. It's only an improvement in acting skills. That saying means there will be no improvement in your acting skills and will become boring. Your acting will become cold and rigid and I don't like that. Occasionally my head started to function first, but even though the production became a success, I feel tired and find that there was no fun in it at all.

So how would you consider Oh My Venus?
During the filming of TV dramas, I feel happy and pleasant. Regardless, it's the first time in Korea to film this kind of TV drama. I guess you can say it's "cheesy"? There aren't any thrilling elements, yet there are many aspects that you've seen before. If this is a kimchi soup, some people would add tuna, some would add pork. I treat this production as a delicious soup that has the addition of a new ingredient.

“I really like hip hop from a young age. I like it now and I will still like it in the future. I don’t know when I will stop publishing albums. Soul Dive and DJ Juice are friends of mine that I can share the things I love with. I’m pretty much the fourth member of Soul Dive.”

Music has become an indispensable part of So Ji Sub. The first album was published eight years ago.
Oh really? I didn’t realize that haha.

Is making music and acting different?
Of course. If I feel there is pressure in making music, I would give up on music. But so far, I still enjoy it. Making a music video of it will allow more people to hear my music, but I can feel the pressure making it… haha.

Has your decision of not singing on music shows changed?
Absolutely not. Just like now, I like to sing and perform to those that would listen to my story. And that’s all that I ask for.

Even though it’s an old song, but I listen to “Picnic” the most.
Oh, this song is from the album “6PM… Ground”, which I wrote for an ex-girlfriend. I was writing about the time when I was waiting at her house. If I were to sing again, rather than about separation, I prefer to do a song about the feeling of a beginning, about love.

The rapping part in “So Ganzi”, which was released last year, is very captivating. It’s always in one’s head.
If you don’t have any preconceptions, it’s a captivating song.

You weren’t too fond of the nickname “So Ganzi”. Have you accepted it now?
Yes of course and I’ve accepted it a long time. It’s not something that I won’t hear because I don’t want to hear it.

It’s a name full of praise and admiration. Do you feel burdensome when you hear it?
At the beginning, I feel the burden, but it’s different now. This name emerged about seven to eight years ago, around MISA’s time. Lately, “before payment/after payment” are popular search words associated with my name. I don’t mind it, so I just put on whatever I feel like, but… hahaha 
[*Ummm Mr. SJS, MISA was from 2004…]

Do you belief in first impressions? You meet a lot of people in your work, do you think people change?
A person’s natural instincts is very unlikely to change. But as you gain more social experience, you start to pretend to adapt to that situation.

The people that you had a long standing relationship with- what are their similarities?
There aren’t that many of them. I don’t like the ones that lie, well how I should put it is, I favour the people that are more kind-hearted. Work, for example, if it’s not the best, I prefer the honest ones but not the lying ones.

Who do you trust?
Well, I’m at a stage where I can’t easily trust someone now. Trust is built over time, something that accumulates over time.

Are you stubborn?
Yes I am. But I can compromise.

Isn’t there a time where you can’t compromise?
I probably can’t compromise for my personal life, but for work I can. There isn’t anything that can’t be done. As long as you persuade me, I can do anything.

But it looks like you are someone that can’t be easily persuaded. Perhaps this is related to your TV and movies roles.
If you look at the surface, I’m a person that always compromise. But if it is a request without a reasoning or if my question can’t be answered, then it’s a different story.

Speaking of which, your appearance in various look doesn’t seem to surprise anyone now.
I was just thinking about that, even though I don’t know how it will turn out. I guess I am at the age where I can’t not think of what others think of me now.

The word “missing” might be an exaggeration, but is there anything that you desire now?
I don’t have any ambition and I don’t want more fame. I think it’s more important to slow down progressively, I don’t have any desire to go any higher. Where am I headed if I go higher? Even if I were to be in a couple for successful productions, I won’t get the fame and wealth all of a sudden, and I won’t feel blessed. I just want to continue working on something that I like and be able to empower the new comers. For this reason, I have to stay at where I stand right now and that's the motivation that keeps me working.

You are continuously producing and investing, does it change your view as if you were an actor versus an investor?
It’s different. I invest to help out and so others can see films that might have been buried. It’s great. But, if I were to produce or make a movie, then I stand on different grounds. There could be potential gains and losses in investments, but losses (in his own production) is not good.

Other than you being the producer or the actor, is it because there are more people involved with the production?
Yes. I’m the type of person where I will quit right at the beginning if I can’t find the solution to it. It’s the same for publishing my music albums. People might think it’s such a loss, but it’s not. I haven’t loss anything big up till now. Of course, I only do things I like, but I can’t let the people I work with to bear any loss. Right now, I’m only investing on my own, so I have more freedom.

Do you think So Ji Sub is a talented producer?
Nope. I’m a weird person. But, I try my best to take in the comments and suggestions from the professionals around me. I won’t stop worrying, thinking and exploring different options. No work is done based on my sole decision or single sided hustle.

You are a person with a healthy mind and body with regular daily routine. That relates to “boring life”, but you seem to be satisfied.
Both phrases are correct. Even though it’s boring, but I don’t dislike it. Is explaining it like this fine?

Did your dream of building a hotel changed?
No. That dream is still in my heart.







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Happy Weekend  dear all Jisubbers here.

Here's my new compilation video for Clash Of Kings. Hope you like it.

Play For King 소지섭 So Ji Sub 

Thank you @cccsub for the translation. I think yours more better than the translation on Sojisubar FB. 

2 hours ago, cccsub said:

I invest to help out and so others can see films that might have been buried

I am admiring his dedication to movies. Great guy, wide vision with simple life. My king, saranghaeyo 

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My dear @cccsub  in such a short time you've done a great work!

He's so cute, humble and wise... I love how he said:

- Are you stubborn?
- Yes I am. But I can compromise...

Thank you so much sweetie!!! :wub::wub::wub:


A lovely MV total review of year 2015 for our dear Mr So. Wish him and you all, his great companions, year 2016 full of love and happiness!!!




*** The only girl who could resist kissing him :)



(Loop and clip credit to owner)

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Guest xoxoprincessxoxo1000

I'm so happy! There was so much new So Ji Sub stuffs this week~~ Clash Of Kings and now the Gracia Magazine

who knew our man could be such a CUTIE? 

Referring to the picture above, So Ji Sub's legs are SO SKINNY~~~

I think they're skinnier than mine or maybe the same size as mine? His calves are nice lmao #leggoals 

I'd always imagined them to be a bit thicker. 

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 For those who celebrate the Lunar New Year 2016, wish you a very Happy New Year's Eve!!!:):):)




*** Something to read, just for fun :lol:



By Dramatroll, 09/11/2014








Previously we talked about how handsome Mr. So has an upright clean image till he even endorsed an underwear brand for ladies. And later when we checked the website again, oh turned out the brand has a new face now: his rival in Bali. 




Probably since Mr. So hasn’t shot any movie or drama project this year, while the brand needs to follow the trend and keeps its promotion up to date, so they hire Mr. Jo this year. 

Since we like watching some CFs too (the ones with our favorite baes in it), so let’s take both Mr. So and Mr. Jo’s versions to a quick comparison. 


Mr. So’s version: is focusing on the bra comfort and technical features. 




For example, a bra without soft padding or cushion could make your bubbles pop




Wait. POP? What are they? Boobies or implants? Real boobies can’t pop right? Anyway..




Meanwhile a good bra with nice details will make our things feel like floating and boing boing safely.






Brace yourself ladies, it’s the angel of bra. 




Overall the Mr. So’s version is fun, bright, clean, gives you detail information about the bra’s features and kinda fictional. Look at him sitting inside the bra’s garment. 

It’s so cool, fresh and the air is well-circulated here inside the bra till he can sleep while smiling there. 




It doesn’t matter how small yours are, this bra iz the best for you. 




Those fingers gesture makes me kinda itchy. Ok never mind. Let’s move to the next version...


For Mr Jo In Sung's version, please check on the link below





(All pictures credit to owners)


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KBS made a survey with 1000 women in age from 20-49 from 17 to 22 December, 2015 on the ideal man based on: tall, good looking, stable economic, caring, stylish...

Actor So Jisub had proved how powerful he was :wub:




The results are as follows:

1. Do you want to date?
No 1: So Jisub
No 2: yoo jae suk
No. 3: Kim Soo-Hyun


2. Do you want to do the wedding?
No. 1: yoo jae suk
No. 2: Dad, Seung-won.
No 3: So Jisub




(Credit: KBS, pics Sojisubar, English trans: Han Choha)


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Might I add to @mathis post from above...

The reasons why women chose to date Mr. So Ji Sub is:

1. His height (22.6%)

2. Good body/physique (16.7%)

3. Very handsome (15.5%)

4. Thoughtful and caring (15.5%)

5. Stylish (8.3%)

6. Reliable (8.3%)

And now the reasons for marrying him:

1. His height (19.5%)

2. Thoughtful and caring (17.1%)

3. Looks tender and soft (14.6%)

4. Financial stability (14.6%)

5. Very handsome (12.2%)

6. Reliable (12.2%)


More photos from Marmot, looking fine as usual :wub:image.jpgimage.jpg

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OMG, thank you @kuntha420 for your greatly entertaining posts my friend! :lol:

I like the part on BIRTH CHART DETAILS FOR MR SJS  where you said "I even matched my chart and I'm a terrible match for him..." :D:D You even gave detail predictions for his next four years for free, kkkkk... Very interested! Thanks dear!!!

Maybe this is how he looks when reading your fortune telling :phew::sweatingbullets:




(Credit to lovely girl TheKingSoJiSub on Twitter)

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