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[s.m New Artist Group.] No.3- Yuri [유리]

Guest 사랑競文

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Guest 사랑競文

[s.M New Artist Group.]

No.3- YuRi












[Older Pictures of Yuri]

(she looks really different now. o_o)





^with Im YoonA. (Thanks J@de)

I think all of the members that were released already, are all very pretty. ^^

Next, i think it will be Jessica or HyoYeon, or Stella but i guess we just have to see. (:

But just to clear things up,

- I do not know how many girls there are gonna be in this group. >_<

- No.1 = Im YoonA

- No.2 = Tiffany aka Stephanie Hwang


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She does look like Stella in those pics!

Probably the hair.

WOnder whose next.

What time do they update the site

anyway, like after luch korean time?

I kinda noticed that they don't introduce another girl

till way past afternoon.

(kay, that was stupid, I konda answered my own question. hehe!)

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Guest AkiraXHebe

It must be her. She's very popular already.

Kwon Yuri used to be my fav SM trainee but now it turned to Tiffany :w00t:

She's so pretty but not as cute as her young days. She looks totally mature now. When i saw her the first time, i though she looked like Kan Miyeon so much, looked like a little princess :lol:

The next one... it's going to be Jessica Jung and Kim Hyo Yeon, right :phew:

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i saw this when i checked the website this morning~ but i figured the person who posted the first two members would make this one too? haha so much for that...

yuri should be someone to keep an eye on - i've read some good things about her. i don't think these pictures really do her justice [i've seen better] tho.

who's next? jessica?

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Guest pencilcasee.

aww i love kwon yuri. my favorite trainee after park soyeon & kim hyoyeon. she does resemble stella a lot in the promo pics. oooh she's in super junior's new movie too! it's a bit exciting how sm is releasing a member a day. i have a feeling jessica and hyoyeon are coming up next. it'll be huge shocker to me if those two aren't in the group.

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Guest pixiegirl99

Compared to her older pics, she really matured. Maybe because of the hair. But she is still pretty and I heard she is the 2nd best dancer after Hyoyeon. ^_^ She also does look like Stella.

I uploaded her video on Youtube for those having trouble accessing damoim:


I also found a clip of her dancing with Kim Hyoyeon:


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Guest M2421

she's quite cute looking

but somehow her nose is kinda irritating me


same here =b

it just looks like their nose looks all the same! or at least similar

i'm not a anti fan. haha. well i'm not anything yet ~

근대 어떡해 코가 다 똑갔해 ㅠㅠ

(but still their noses look all the same)

lol. it's okk. as long as they have talents. =)

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Guest J@de

I dont have another of her pictures of her or with other trainees, so if you would like, post em up.

Here's one (w/ Yoon Ah) :)


2nd best dancer? That's interesting..

I saw that clip of her dancing with Hyoyeon, they seem really good.

Can't wait to see them debut~ ^_^

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Guest sparkley

Said this in the other thread, but.. Don't know if it's the result of photoshop but her nose looks weirdly pinched.

Anyway, VERY smart gimmick of SM to release the choices one at a time and monitor public praise/criticism as well as to keep them in suspense

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