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[sitcom 2007] Kimchi Cheese Smile 김치 치즈 스마일

Guest dream_on

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Guest dream_on

[MBC] Um Ki Joon, Lee Hye Young, Jung Soo Young

Kimchi Cheese Smile 김치 치즈 스마일


Airs: Weekdays, starting the week of July 23, 2007 at 8:20 (replacing Unstoppable High Kick)

Broadcasting Company: MBC

PD: Jun Jin Soo (Nonstop series)

Cast: Shin Goo, Sunwoo Eun Sook, Kim Eul Dong, Lee Hye Young, Lee Byung Jin, Jung Soo Young, Yoo Yeon Ji, Um Ki Joon, Lee Hyun Jin, Park Yoo Sun, Kim San Ho, Jang Ji Woo, Chae Kwon



Kim Eul Dong & Shin Goo (War of Money, Thank You) - mother and father


Lee Byung Jin - son, swim coach


Um Ki Joon - Byung Jin's friend, announcer


Lee Hye Young (Dalja's Spring) - 39 year old single, daughter


Jung Soo Young (War of Money, Couple of Fantasy) - daughter-in-law, piano teacher


Yoo Yeon Ji (Hwang Jin Yi) - youngest daughter, college student


Kim San Ho


Jang Ji Woo (Come Back, Soon Ae)


Chae Kwon (Over the Rainbow)

Video Clips

News Clip

please let me know if any of the information is incorrect :) my korean isn't perfect so i expect i made some mistakes

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Guest discern

How cool this will be on my friend's birthday. I must tell her about it. I've heard of one or two of the casts before but not all.

Well, anticipating! :D

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Guest dream_on

^ thank you for the translation, Jina!

i'm sad that High Kick is ending but i'm really anticipating this sitcom. i think i read some of the writers from High Kick will also be writing the script for Kimchi Cheese Smile?


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Guest A.lee

noooooooo!! i will be expecting alot from this becuz i dont know any of the cast members... i hope this is good im sad highkick is ending but also excited a new sitcom is starting hehe really reeeeeeeeeeely hope its goooood

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Guest ssaicho

cool <3 cant wait! hope its as good as highkick!! XDDD

cant wait to see chae kwon and yoo yeonji since I havent seen

them act much ^0^ thanks for sharing!

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Guest amane~matsuo

LOL! I will watch this one ^^ I cannot wait~ they are all 9 children?!?! @_@ LOL!

Will someone upload this? I hope so :]

and you guys forgot the youngest kid,, maybe? Park Yu Seon ^^


Some VOD:



&& might as well post the episode DL links here (:

Ep.1[LQ] MU Ep.1[MQ] MU Ep.2[HQ] MU Ep.2[LQ] MU

Ep.3[HQ] MU Ep.3[LQ] MU

Ep.4[LQ] MU Ep.5[LQ] MU

Ep.6[LQ] MU Ep.7[LQ] MU

Ep.8 LQ MU Ep.9 MU

Ep.10 MU Ep.11 MU

Ep.12 MU Ep.13 MQ MU

Ep.14 MU Ep.15 MU

Ep.16 MU Ep.17 MU

Ep.18 MU Ep.19 MU

Ep.20 MU Ep.21 MU

Ep.22 MU Ep.23 MU

Ep.24 MU Ep.25 MU

Ep.26 MU Ep.27 MU

Ep.28 MU Ep.29 MU

Ep.30 MU Ep.31 MU

Ep.32 MU Ep.33 MU

Ep.34 MU Ep.35 MU

Ep.36 MU Ep.37 MU

Ep.38 MU Ep.39 MU

Ep.40 MU Ep.41 MU

Ep.42 MU Ep.43 MU

Ep.44 MU Ep.45 MU

Ep.46 MU Ep.47 MU

Ep.48 MU Ep.49 MU

Ep.50 MU Ep.51 MU

Ep.52 MU Ep.53 MU

Ep.54 MU Ep.55 MU

Ep.55 HQ Gigasize

Ep.56 MU Ep.57 MU

Ep.58 MU Ep.59 MU

Ep.60 MU Ep.61 MU

Ep.62 MU Ep.63 MU

Ep.64 MU Ep.65 MU

Ep.66 MU Ep.67 MU

Ep.68 MU Ep.69 MU

Ep.70 MU


Kalena85 / LQs

Creidesca2 / HQs&LQs

Creidesca3 / HQs&LQs

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Guest heartshapelove

i've been waiting for this drama, i keep on thinking its already airing and that im not seeing it on any cbs. :unsure: lol but yeah one more day til this starts... :phew:

i love that grandpa man ~~ Shin Goo! he is like my fave veteran old grandpa looking character. :lol: it seems like every kdrama new and old im watching this year he has been in!

i like Lee Hye Young too, shes pretty. im guessing she'll be a sassy character again. B)

haha Jung Soo Young ~ i like her too. :lol: everytime i see her, i laugh because i cant forget her character on Fantasy Couple.

& of course Kimchi Cheese Smile should be awesome because its on MBC. :D

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Guest dream_on

i think Ep.1 was a pretty good start. lol whenever i see Jung Soo Young, i can only think...KANG JA! it drives me crazy.

anyway, it was good episode so you guys should all watch. it looks promising so far.




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