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Guest AlecRuby

[official] ♥♥ Charlene Choi Aka Sa (阿sa)♥♥

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Guest shawty_says

charlene looks so pretty in the pics. im not a fan of her new hair though. but she's still pretty.

i'm not much of a fan of her singing, but her acting is awesome. i've always preferred her acting over gillian's.

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Guest mutts2004

hey AlecRuby, thanks for crediting me when posting the photos i uploaded. :) i think charlene looks gorgeous and elegant there! i love ah sa and personally, i find her to be an excellent singer with a great voice and range, she's proved that she's a versatile actress through movies like funeral march and diary, she's gorgeously beautiful (to me), and has a great, bubbly cute personality! i personally think charlene is the better singer and actress, and is cuter & more beautiful (but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh?) but aside from all the comparison, twins need one another. they support and promote each other so that they are where they are in the business right now. so basically, charlene would not be as famous without gillian and gillian would not be as famous without charlene. they make a great team! (:

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Guest changsta

whoa.. i thought they were really sisters, they're not? lollll

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Guest swt_anjo559

SA !!!!

i love this girl sooo much *sigh*

she's matured now..

im one of those EC fan.. so if there's an EC fan here, holla back !


hello there!

another EC fan right here!

i'm still a HUGE EC fan since

many of my friends are also EC fans!!

hello, i'm new here...

charlene is actaully my all time idol! i love her since she don't need beauty to make everyone likes her! she has the best personality in HK...love her fashion sense and gosh, i think she is BEAUTIFUL...her acting is better than many actresses among her age...hey, even the news media mingpao and edison agree with me that she is the best actress among all the others...her movie Dairy has earn her the awards:

1. Favorite Actress of this Generation

2. Most Potential Actress

3. Best Actress in Korea!

also the song she compose "YOU'RE NOT A GOOD LOVER" earn:

1. Gold song of the year!

charlene been having an awesome year this year...i do hope that EEG would give

her good film since she should be filming something that would get her somewhere...

here are some recents news:

Charlene won Best Female Actress! (7.20)

Charlene has been filming many movies throughout her career, and she finally won her first Female Actress award in Korea!

Yesterday was the opening of the "11th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival" (Pifan) in Korea, and Yoon Eun Hye was the MC of the night. The best female actress award goes out to Charlene in her movie "Diary" with the Pang Brothers! This is the second time that EEG artists received an international movie award (first time was Isabella). The best male actor goes out to Thomas Kretschmann and Thomas Huber in "Grimm Love"

When Charlene received this good news, she said: "Is it really true? I really want to go and buy champagne to celebrate! (What do you want from EEG as a treat?) Of course going to Korea! I never went there before!"




Ah Sa opens a bottle of champagne in celebration

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) clinched the Best Actress award at Korea’s Bucheon Film Festival for her role in ‘Diary’. Yesterday, a group of loyal fans visited Ah Sa when she was filming an advertisement and presented her with cake and champagne to congratulate her. Laughing, Ah Sa said that she had been receiving congratulatory text messages from her friends continuously since morning and this made her very touched.

Ah Sa had been having dinner with several actors and crew involved in ‘Simply Actors’ the night before when she received news of her win. Jim Sui Man, Hui Hiu Hung and the others were very happy for her and congratulated her. Ah Sa immediately called her good friends to inform them of the good news.

Ah Sa said, “When I found out, I was really shocked, I called many people to check whether I had really won and then called my good friends; and when Niki Chow found out, she immediately congratulated me. Since 11 this morning, I have been receiving congratulatory text messages from my friends, I am really happy. (Will you give the director of the movie Pang Sun a treat?) Of course I will, and I will also ask Lam Siu Meng and his wife (the boss of the film company) along!”

Besides Ah Sa’s good friends, her fans have also been very happy for her. Yesterday they brought cake and champagne to Ah Sa’s workplace to wait for her, hoping to be able to share the joy with their idol. When Ah Sa found out her fans’ intentions, she took time off to meet them. She said, “They really very sweet, they knew about it last night and today they came to look for me after school, I’m really touched!” They cut the cake and opened the champagne at Ah Sa’ s workplace, and it was like a mini congratulatory party. After 10 minutes or so, Ah Sa had to return to work. Before she left she told her fans that she would continue to work hard!

source: orientaldaily

translated: blotty :iloveyou:


congrats to charlene once again! :iloveyou: :thumbsup

OMG! that is so sweet of her fans...and she was

so nice to take time off to stay with them!

i know that this award means alot to charlene

and i'm so happy that she won!

Niki and charlene are really close friend!

i hope for the best in charlene's career! :thumbsup

Charlene guest starr in 19th levels of hell (7.24)

The reorganization from a famously novel writer Cai steed and the best-selling novel "19th levels of hell" was made into a Hong Kong movie "19th levels of hell", although the movie is already done filming. Reporter yesterday learned that, the movie which will screen on August 28 in the national various yards line, Hong Kong director Li Miaoxue has invites Zhong Xintong, Tan Yaowen (blog), and Ah Sa as a guest performer in Ah Gill new movie.

source: Sina



there are still some more people

BUT than i don't know their names so

i couldn't translated it...well, it looks

like charlene is a guest starr afterall...

i wonder if it was really her in those pictures

where she was hanging herself or was it the

other girl??

Ah Sa ecstatic to receive a temporary trophy from friends, Thursday, 26 July 2007, Hong Kong


Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), of popular group Twins, clinched the Best Actress award at the Bucheon Film Festival for her role in ‘Diary’ earlier. Yesterday, she spent a 5 figure sum treating 7 tables, all her good friends, to an abalone and sharks fins feast to celebrate. Her friends presented her with a mock Best Actress trophy, making her very happy!

Earlier, Ah Sa had won the Best Actress award at the Bucheon Film Festival for her role in ‘Diary’. Last night, Ah Sa spent a 5 figure sum at a restaurant in Wan Chai treating 7 tables to an abalone and sharks fins feast. Those invited were her good friends in the entertainment industry, including Gillian Chung (Ah Kiu), her co-star in ‘Diary’ Shawn Yue, Jaycee Chan, the directors Peng Ho Cheung, Ma Wai Ho, Wong Jing, and her manager Mani. As she has not received the actual trophy yet, her friends specially made a mock trophy to give to Ah Sa. She was surprised and happy when she received it, saying with a laugh that even though it was only a mock trophy, it was of the same value as the real and she would treasure it. Everyone present praised Ah Sa for treating them, and hoped that in the future who ever won an award would treat others to celebrate. They then laughed and said that Isabella Leung, who won the Best Actress award at the Berlin Film Festival earlier, should treat everyone to make up.

After the feast, Ah Sa and the rest adjourned to Dragon-i in Central to continue their celebration. At around 12.30 am, Ah Kiu, accompanied by Mani, left in a private car. However when Tam Yiu Man (Ah Tam) saw Ah Kiu, he congratulated her on winning the Best Actress Award, making a big mistake. When Mani walked down the stairs, she held Ah Tam’s hands, and they hugged before she left; Mani then gave him a flying kiss. Ah Sa left with good friend Niki Chow at around 1 am, agreeing to fan’s requests for photos.

Source: Oriental Daily

Translated by: blotty


that is all for now...i'll be back to support this thread since i just love charlene so much!

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Guest Aestas

congrats to charlene! now i really need to watch Diary... i was thinking of watching it a couple weeks back but didn't follow through for some reason. hopefully she'll do even better roles in the future since they know she's capable of it.

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Guest SYNsaish

OMG!!! I LOVE CHARLENE!!! she's so cute <3

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Guest Jasej1

hahah does she have a sister and brother named.. Ah Chu and Ah So?

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Guest mutts2004

hahah does she have a sister and brother named.. Ah Chu and Ah So?

nope! she doesn't have any brothers or sisters (:

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Guest mutts2004

2007 Autumn Semir Collection












Credits: TF

charlene looks so cute & pretty! :D

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Guest AlecRuby

Hi Aestas,

Sorry, but I couldn't find the videos. I only saw the pictures myself. I don't think the solo performance was uploaded yet. Sorry, if I see it next time I will post it up.

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Guest *HellBoi*

I'm new to Soompi so wish to meet you all of Charlene Fans.

SHe is so Sexy on the pictures.

ALways support her and TWINS.

mutts2004Nice picturesfrom the Autumn Semir Collection

some couldn't be shown on AF thanx.Nice to see you here.

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Guest swt_anjo559

Hi Aestas,

Sorry, but I couldn't find the videos. I only saw the pictures myself. I don't think the solo performance was uploaded yet. Sorry, if I see it next time I will post it up.

i saw her solo performance in Youtube and she

did an awesome JOB! i think that she can go solo!

BUT i don't have the URL with me...i'll try to find it

and post it as soon as possible because charlene

was really GOOD! :blush:

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Guest swt_anjo559

charlene look so sexy and hot in the next MV!!!

i saw the clips for the MV and she was so BEAUTIFUL dancing!

here is charlene solo performance:


she did an awesome JOB!! also she can really ACT!!

Performing 'My Pride' with Kenny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7edKLq1L358

they sound cute together!!

here is some of my creations:



C/C are welcome!

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Guest swt_anjo559

here is the news:



Walking the path of a movie queen, Charlene Choi’s finds life in movies

Life is like a game of chess, all the world’s a stage. Chang Chen breathed life into many roles in front of the camera, but behind the camera, many opportunities to win awards missed him by a hairline, leaving behind only regret. Charlene Choi grew to become a skillful movie queen from a mere idol, but this was unintentional; she considers her next move only when she takes a step forward.

Maybe making movies is like a game of chess; when the actors first start playing, perhaps they can be in control, but it is only as the game progresses that they realize that they are only a pawn in the hands of fate.

I think no one remembers that Ah Sa, at the very beginning of her career, was only a ‘kalefair’ in movies like in her earliest movie ‘What is a Good Teacher’ (a movie about school life) where she played herself. That was 7 years ago. Then, she had no assistant, no stylist or makeup artist, and she had to do everything herself. This led the director Francis Ng to comment, “Your makeup is so ordinary, with one glance one will know who the lead is!” But Ah Sa did not think too much about it, and before filming, she would take the opportunity to play hide and seek with the other child actors. Although Ah Sa’s status has now been elevated to that of a movie queen, some characteristics of hers remain unchanged.

Congratulations, Ah Sa, for winning the Best Actress award at the Bucheon Film Festival for her performance in ‘Diary’. After her win, she still remains the same person she was, “I initially did not know what kind of festival it was; after someone called me to congratulate me that day, I asked around for information and it was only later that I found out that it was Korea’s second most prestigious film festival! “ Although she has won the prestige of being a movie queen, Ah Sa has not announced that she wanted to make better movies or said how many scripts she could now choose from; actually very early on, a Hollywood movie company had asked her to audition for them and she had the opportunity to break into Hollywood, but she chose not to.

Ah Sa films movies as it is her interest and because it makes her happy; the words greed and ambition are not known to her. She only considers her next move as she takes a step forward and does not want to give herself too much pressure. Ah Sa is such a person, and if we could go back in time, even if she could predict that her future would be what it is now, I believe she would still be willing to play hide and seek with the others.

Talking about the turning point in her movie career, she laughed and said, “There is no particular movie which specially changed me, if I have to choose, it would probably be the movie ‘Simply Actors’ because it was then that I met Jim Sir (Jim Sui Man) and I learnt a lot from him. But perhaps playing roles which I have never tried before like in ‘Diary’ could be considered a kind of change. Actually I really want to try playing different kinds of characters, but many directors chose me to do comedy, playing characters which are kind of silly. I tried to reject them, but after they ask a few times, I will eventually agree.” Some actors reject roles after reading the script as they feel that the role does not give them sufficient space for expression, or because the character is evil, or because their co-leads are not good enough. These actors think too far, calculate too much, thinking that success requires careful planning. But Ah Sa is different; she does not think about anything, does not weigh or calculate the pros and cons, but her acting gets better and better each time!

Overcoming her psychological barrier

“Actually every award is a huge form of encouragement to me. Although I have received quite a few awards, I am particularly happy to win this one. This is as no one in Korea knows who I am, they don’t know anything about Twins but still chose me as the winner simply based on my performance and acting in ‘Diary’.” Essentially, whether it is to Ah Sa or the audience, ‘Twins’ could be a form of psychological barrier: they are obviously singers, what do they know about acting? But all along, Ah Sa has undoubtedly given many performances which have left deep impressions on the audience. One example would be her performance in ‘Funeral March’. But she shook her head in disagreement, “I watched that movie again, and I thought that I only did averagely well there. If I could re-film that movie, I should be able to do better than then.” At this juncture, I suddenly feel that Ah Sa has matured.

She does not know how to act?

Ah Sa said, “Many people feel that both Ah Kiu and I are not actors, but actually Ah Kiu and I feel very helpless towards these comments. I really hope that others would not graft the image that ‘Twins’ have into the movie arena. But it is very difficult…haha! The only way is to take on more roles which are contrary to the image that ‘Twins’ have to let everyone know that we also want change.”

Movies which she likes

《时光倒流七十年》 Somewhere in Time

I really like this movie, it was really touching! I like the female lead Jane Seymour very much, I think she is very pretty, and she acted very well. Actually the story is a simple and old-fashioned love story, but I have watched it 40-50 times.

《新桥之恋》Les amants du Pont-Neuf (The lovers on the bridge)

The actors whom I admire include Juliette Binoche, Drew Barrymore and Maggie Cheung, and this movie stars Juliette Binoche. The movie tells the love story between two beggars, it is a very meaningful story and the scenery used was beautiful, especially that bridge.

《千与千寻》 Spirited Away

I like all of Hayao Miyazaki’s works because I think they are very meaningful and they bring hope to people. His works are not only for children; for example Spirited Away tells us that no matter what, we should not forget our true self. 《再见萤火虫》Grave of the Fireflies also left a great impression on me.

Ah Sa’s Film Chronology:

2000《自从他来了》 What is a Good Teacher

2001《恋爱起义之不得了》 Heroes in Love

  《常在我心》 Funeral March

2002《这个夏天有异性》 Summer Breeze of Love

  《我老婆唔够秤》 My Wife is 18

  《一碌蔗》 Just One Look

2003《下一站…天后》 Diva, Ah Hey

  《千机变》 Twins Effect

  《恋上你的床》 Good times, Bed times

  《古宅心慌慌》 The Death Curse

2004《鬼马狂想曲》 Fantasia

  《见习黑玫瑰》 Protégé De la Rose Noir

  《这个阿爸真爆炸》 Papa Loves You

  《恋情告急》 Love on Rocks

  《千机变II之花都大战》 Twins Effect II

  《追击八月十五》 Hidden Heroes

  《新警察故事》 New Police Story

  《身骄肉贵》 The Attractive One

  《阿孖有难》 Leave Me Alone

  《大无谓》 6 A.M.

2005《精武家庭》 House of Fury

  《虫不知》 Bug Me Not

  《再说一次我爱你》 All About Love

  《情癫大圣》 A Chinese Tall Story

2006《宝贝计划》 Rob-B-Hood

  《妄想》 Diary

2007《双子神偷》 Twins Mission

  《甜心粉丝王》 Super Fans

  《戏王之王》 Simply Actors

2008《灌篮》Slam Dunk (filming)

Source: SUN

translated: blotty @ AF


after reading this article it really show me that charlene has

gotten mature! i think she did an awesome job in Funeral

March and Diary! charlene is very down to earth because

she don't act conceit like some other actresses!

wow, i can't believe that she turn down the chance of

entering Hollywood since many artists love to enter hollywood..

BUT i'm kind of glad she did since i believe that she would

enter Hollywood when she feel like she is ready...

i think charlene is right, many people always say that

twins couldn't act...BUT hey look here, charlene has won

two awards for her acting and gillian was nominate for best actress...

this award mean alot to her and also to her fans like me since

korean peeps don't know twins BUT choose charlene base on her

acting...i'm really happy for charlene and hope that she get

to film better movies as times goes since she sure has the

potential and the talents!

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Guest mutts2004

Premiere of 'Secret' (Jay's Movie)










Credits: Tungstar, TF

charlene looks so classy and beautiful! love her hair and earrings!

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Guest silver_river

hi, i am a new comer, charlene is my idol, i knew this forum in asianfanatics forum.

here are some photos of a function yesterday, but the quality is not good.







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Hey! I like Spirited Away too :)

She's so lovely :)

That.. big doll boy thing.. is scary :mellow:

Thanks for the updates :D

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Guest mutts2004

More of Charlene @ the Premiere of 'Secret'







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