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Guest meilove

i did the excercises/tips you guys left me to slim down my huge calves and thighs..

i did;

jumping rope

stretching and i mean i stretched every spare minute i had


standing on my tippytoes and lowering myself up and down

i measured my calves from before and they were 14 inches around [big i kno]

and now i measured them again and they`re 15.

aren't they supposed to be goin downnnn like 13 or so?

i mean id on't expect BIGG change right away but ahhhhh don't get any bigger!!!!!!!

what do i do?/ or is there a reason for this?

[and dude, one of my thighs are bigger than the other lol idk how but 1 measures 20 1/2 inches and the other is 20 in. haha..i'm fine but i just wanted to say it lolll i think it's odd..cuz i don't give more attention to one leg or anything lol and i'm quite embarassed to post my measurements but i had to explain :blush: ]

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You're actually not 'slimming' down your calves, but you're actually building more muscle.

Do a lot of cardio -- bike riding & running

And also, don't forget about the lounges.

Changes are usually 'noted' after ~2 weeks or so.

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