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*** Kwon Sang-woo mentioned the drama "Stairway to Heaven" when he appeared on the SBS Power FM show yesterday (October 7) to promote his upcoming movie "Love, Again".  He said that there wasn't a drama that was as touching as "Stairway to Heaven". He said that he cried reading the script. :P

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Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2019.10.18 ~ 2019.10.20


The number one movie this week is "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil"

Korean Box Office - Admissions for the Weekend 2019.10.18 - 2019.10.20 (www.kobis.or.kr)

# Films Release date Week-end Total
1 "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil"   540 313 611 450
2 "Joker"   389 989 4 548 685
3 "Crazy Romance" (가장 보통의 연애) 2019/10/02 266 471 2 543 804
4 "Love, Again" (두번할까요) 2019/10/17 90 046 136 264
5 "Man of Men" (퍼펙트 맨) 2019/10/02 65 891 1 182 330




(skipped unrelated.....) 



source :

Source : /www.hancinema.net/ko...

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[Photos + Videos] New Stills, '3D' and Showcase Trailers Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful"




New stills, '3D' and showcase trailers released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful"


"The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful" (2019)

Directed by Khan Lee

With Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Kim Sung-kyun, Heo Sung-tae, Woo Do-hwan, Won Hyun-joon,...

A prequel to "The Divine Move".
"The Divine Move: Ghost Move" is criminal action film 'Ghost Move', a man who loses everything in Go and seeks revenge.

Release date in Korea : 2019/11/07









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Disney once again scored a top place opening at the box office, but with much less fanfare than usual, during a quiet weekend that saw a 15% decline from the previous session’s holdover-led chart. A total of 1.47 million admissions were collected, with the local share dipping to 31%, though that should rebound significantly this coming weekend.


Fellow local romcom LOVE, AGAIN, featuring KWON Sang-woo, LEE Jung-hyun and LEE Jong-hyuk, was a non-starter in fourth place with a 90,000 entry (USD 674,000) debut. In fourth days, the film reported 136,000 sales (USD 977,000).



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/eng/news/reports.jsp?pageIndex=1&blbdComCd=601008&seq=558&mode=VIEW&returnUrl=&searchKeyword=

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[Herald Review] ‘The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful’ a flawed, but entertaining piece


“The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” is flamboyant, preposterous and exaggerated, taking viewers on a wild ride.

Directed by Lee Khan and starring Kwon Sang-woo, the sequel to the “The Divine Move” (2014) -- about high-stakes gambling via the game of Go -- has an obvious premise and plot as well as one-dimensional characters. But it manages to provide fun and action.

The film starts by tracing the footsteps of a boy who was abandoned by everything in the world. He stumbles across a man named Heo Il-do (Kim Sung-kyun), who trains him to be an ingenious Go player to be used in scams in high-stakes gambling. But a scam gone wrong costs Heo’s life to the infamous gambler “Busan Weed” (Heo Sung-tae), and he is left alone.

Having grown up to be a masterful Go player with a vengeful heart -- who later becomes known as “Gwi-soo” portrayed by Kwon -- he hunts down those who have wronged him, including the nation’s best professional Go player, whose actions led to the death of his sister, the only one whom he truly loved.



“The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” (CJ Entertainment)


At first glance, the premise of high-stakes gambling reminds one of “Tazza: The High Rollers” (2006), a drama about the precarious lives of sharpers. But unlike “Tazza,” this film does not have a variety of charming characters, an interesting plot filled with twists and turns and memorable lines.

“The Divine Move 2” is not a particularly well-made film. Gwi-soo -- which literally means move of a ghost -- played by Kwon is neither deep nor memorable. The same goes for the side characters.

However, the film manages to keep suspense with fast-paced editing and impressive imagery that floats on-screen. It knows that the characters lack memorable lines, so it keeps the dialogue and monologue to the minimum. It is rare to see a protagonist as silent as Gwi-soo. In fact, I don’t think he uttered 10 lines since reaching adulthood.

Instead, he is constantly on the move, seeking out opponents, playing Go, fighting, and always keeping the movie on the move. This helps hide the weak plot. In short, what the film lacks in writing, it makes up for in style.

Despite Go being the main subject, the game is hardly the focus of the movie. The characters play Go all the time, but the film glosses over all the specifics, and the game is merely a tool that Gwi-soo uses in his quest for vengeance. This is very different from “Tazza,” where the skills, tactics and mind games used in the game of hwatu (a type of card game) were critical to the film.

“The Divine Move 2” plays out more like “The Man from Nowhere” (2010), a simple, straightforward film plastered with blood and action. Or comic book-based film “Blade” (1998), as this movie is also basically a superhero film, albeit with superhuman Go-playing abilities.

The obvious shortcoming of “Divine Move 2” is that the protagonist lacked presence, unlike those in the aforementioned films. Kwon looked the part and had some great actions, but he wasn’t really on-par with Won Bin’s performance in “The Man from Nowhere.”

One-dimensional characters, comic-bookish exaggeration, numerous plot holes and no real twist -- yet the film still manages to be quite fun with adrenaline-pumping action and excitement. It’s not a masterpiece, but it manages to create an intriguing, messed-up world.

“The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” opens in local theaters on Nov.17.

By Yoon Min-sik (minsikyoon@heraldcorp.com)

credit : Korea Herald

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Kwon Sang Woo And Woo Do Hwan’s New Film “The Divine Move 2” Surpasses 1 Million Moviegoers




The new spin-off film of “The Divine Move” has surpassed 1 million moviegoers!


On November 10, “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” officially reached a total of 1,000,828 moviegoers after premiering three days earlier, on November 7.


The new film stars Kwon Sang Woo as Ghost Move, a man who loses everything at a young age because of the strategy board game Go. He dreams of revenge on the people who ruined him and enlists the help of others. Kim Sung Kyun plays the teacher who introduces young Ghost Move to the world of professional Go, Kim Hee Won plays a broker who works with Ghost Move after he becomes an adult, and Heo Sung Tae plays a father figure who takes Ghost Move in after he loses his family. Woo Do Hwan plays a loner who is out for revenge against Ghost Move, while Won Hyun Joon plays a shaman.


To celebrate the milestone, the cast of “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” released a set of commemorative photos, including one in which they creatively pose as the number 1,000,000. Another photo captures the cast holding up a Go game board with the number 100 (shorthand for 1,000,000 in Korean).




Congratulations to the cast and crew!




Source (1) / soompi news

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November 12, 2019



[Korean Box Office] ‘The Divine Move 2’ is a surprise box-office hit: Baduk action flick pushed out ‘Terminator’ in its debut weekend



To the surprise of many in the local film industry, “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” turned out to be the perfect light-hearted action film for moviegoers over the weekend. [CJ ENTERTAINMENT]



Despite a lack of major buzz prior to its release, action film “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” found a passionate audience who rallied behind actor Kwon Sang-woo and praised his performance.

The local movie shot to the top of the box office on its first weekend, drawing 877,000 moviegoers to 1,246 screens. Although the first film left an impression on audiences for being an action-packed story about the game of baduk, also known as Go, thanks to an impressive performance from Jung Woo-sung, audiences did not show many signs of excitement for the sequel. However, Kwon was able to smash through low expectations with his action skills and the movie’s fast-paced plot.

The movie tells the story of protagonist Gwi-soo, who is on a blood-filled path of revenge after he loses everything that is dear to him because of the game of Go. After his Go master Heo Il-do is killed by the notorious gambler Busan Weed, he grows up to be a master of Go and throws himself into high-stakes bets that could cost him his life, building up his reputation to ultimately meet and defeat the legendary gambler and achieve his lifelong goal of avenging his master.

The movie’s success pushed the female-led action blockbuster “Terminator: Dark Fate” to second place after it sold 379,000 tickets at 995 screenings. The film surpassed 2 million ticket sales in just 12 days.

“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982,” fell to third place, with 343,000 moviegoers seeing the film at 1,013 screens. The local film has sold over 3.1 million tickets since its release on Oct. 23.

“The Addams Family” took fourth place, gathering 187,000 viewers to 802 screens.

Based on the comic by the cartoonist Charles Addams, the characters were brought to life through the voices of its star-studded cast like of Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac as the parents Morticia and Gomez Addams and Chloe Moretz and Finn Wolfhard as Wednesday and Pugsley Addams.

Japanese animated fantasy “Weathering With You” finished off the weekend with 95,000 viewers seeing the film at 479 screens.

Meanwhile, “Parasite” continued to fare well at the North American box office, becoming the highest-grossing foreign language film of the year by surpassing $11 million in ticket sales over the weekend. The previous record was held by Mexican film “No Manches Frida 2,” which was released in March and made over $9.2 million in ticket sales.




BY LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]

credit : JoongAngDaily


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Kwon Sang-woo's Latest Film Draws 1 Million Viewers in Just 4 Days


Actor Kwon Sang-woo's latest film, "The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful," drew over 1 million viewers in just four days after its release on Nov. 7, according to the Korean Film Council.


The crime action film is a sequel to the one with the same title released in 2014.


While off to a good start, it remains to be seen if it can surpass the record set by action-packed crime flick "The Outlaws," which drew nearly 7 million viewers in 2017 to become the most popular film in the genre.


The film is about a young man who winds up in the street after his father becomes addicted to baduk, or go gambling, and depletes the family's savings.



credit : Chosun Ilbo

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'The Divine Move 2' rocks box office



The poster for the movie "The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful." Courtesy of CJ Entertainment



By Dong Sun-hwa

"The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful" took first place at the local box office, accumulating more than a million ticket sales as of Monday.

The movie, a thriller over the subject of "baduk," or a Chinese board game, has sold more than 1.07 million tickets since its premiere on Nov 7, according to the Korean Film Council. It drew around 680,000 moviegoers during the weekend (Nov. 9-10).

The flick outperformed the blockbuster "Terminator: Dark Fate," starring Hollywood heavyweight Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some 300,000 people watched the movie on Saturday and Sunday.

"The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful" is a spinoff of the 2014 film "The Divine Move." For the 2019 version, actor Kwon Sang-woo assumes the role of desolate baduk player "Gwi-soo," who plays "live or die" games with his competitors. Actors Kim Hee-won and Woo Do-hwan also appear.

"I stayed alone at the shooting site to be immersed in the character," Kwon said during the movie's press event in October at the Yongsan CGV in Seoul.



credit : Korea Times


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