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Guest holliiiesterr.

someone PM me the ending? or do it in yellow letters?

cause my dad didnt want me watching it >_<

and i dont know how to download

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Please help!!! I can only find episodes 1-4 with english subs! Where can I watch/download the rest of this show with english subtitles?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

You can reply here, or email me at Klover01@aol.com

Thanks a lot!!


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Guest SilentDream

^ Highlight for spoilers

Basically the killer is two people. Yi Jing was taunting the boyfriend (sorry can't remember his name at the moment, its been too long ^^;;) about hurting Yi Zhen so he pushed her aside. She fell over the ledge and was hanging there begging him to help her but he instead runs to to save Yi Zhen. The younger brother (forgot his name too ^^;;) tried to save her but she fell off. He went down to check on her but thought she was dead. He called the cops. Yi Jing & Yi Zhen's mom found her and held her in her arms crying and telling her everything will be alright. Yi Jing mumbles that it hurts so much and her mom starts shouting for help. Then she thinks of Yi Jing's evil schemes and after saying "Everything will be ok, you won't hurt anymore" suffocates her to death. The mother then kills the boyfriend coz he knows everything and hes also evil. Yi Zhen finds him at the stairway leading up to the roof. He tells her that hes that one that killed Yi Jing and that hes really sorry and he really does love Yi Zhen a lot and then dies. When Yi Zhen and the other guy (really sorry I forgot his name too T_T;;) get to the roof, the mom was standing at the edge, ready to jump off. They try to beg her to come down but she refuses saying that shes been too biased in her affections to them both and its time for her to spend time with Yi Jing. She jumps off. Yi Zhen is really shocked by this loss. She kisses the guy and dives into the pool.

Thats all that I remember, its been quite a long time since I watched it ^^;;... Sorry if its inaccurate.

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There are English subs @ d-addicts available for first twelve episodes.

Bump Off Lover fanvid

Song: Everything Goes by Club 8

Genre: Odd mix of mood and narrative vid

Warnings: Some spoilers up to episode 1x12

Summary: This show is about pain... everything is lost

Length: 2:54

Stream: Here

Download: wmv (28.1MB) or avi (xvid, 38MB) right click (save as...)

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