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[upcoming Drama] Marathon


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Ninomiya Kazunari
im sorry if there is another thread about this already but i went through 15pages and still didn't find a thread...



Title: マラソン

Title (English): Marathon

Genre: Human drama

Format: Tanpatsu

Broadcast network: TBS

Broadcast date: Fall 2007


A remake of the 2005 Korean movie "Marathon", this special is about an autistic boy guided by his mother and his coach in training for a marathon.


Ninomiya Kazunari

Tanaka Misako

Naito Takashi

Matsuoka Masahiro

Sakurai Sachiko

Uwamori Hiroyuki

credits: Drama wiki

this is the remake of one of my favorite movies

this is going to be a drama... sorry mods if you can change it saying upcoming drama that would be awesome~!

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Guest novemberbaby

Never seen the Korean movie, but I'm waiting for this since I like Nino and Tanaka Misako. ^^ Thanks for the info!

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