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Does Anybody Have Double Eyelids That Formed Later?

Guest lolimois

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Guest astronomic

the same thing happened to my dad; he formed double eyelids as he got older. idk why or how though. now, my mom hopes the same thing will happen to me. lol XD

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Guest luminosity

you know whats funny is that my left eye has a single eyelid,

and my right eye has a double eyelid


I remember that my Right eye didnt used to be like that,

I ACTUALLY remember when it first happened,

I woke up one morning and my right eye looked different, I tried folding it back so both my eyes would look the same

but it just stayed that way, and NOW I wish my Left eye would do the same, lol

& sometimes I get double eyelids on both eyes when I wear false lashes

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Guest fudgex3


in jr high, i think, i lost a lotta baby fat

and face fat (? lol)

and one day i saw these random double eyelids! lol

but my parents both have double eyelids so i guess i waz like bouned to get 'em

(except, my sister, somehow, doesnt have them but who knowssss...the wonderous world of genetics! lol )

but, fyi, i didnt do anything to my eyes to make my eyes bigger

so i can't give you tips on dat :/

sorry if that didn't help.

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Guest Bebexcutie454

haha that happened to my dad to^^

he didnt have double eyelids when he was younger but it formed

over the years and he has it right now..

thats whats happening to me except i only have it one

one eye-__-;;...so hopefully ill get it on the othe eye..

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Guest geebabyy

mine was reverse , but only for a few days only *phew .

im born with double lids . and im very satisfied with them

one day i slept in the car during a looong ride (3 hrs) and i woke up with my right eye haveing a single eyelid

and i freaaked out .

after that weekend .. they went back to normal O_o

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Guest icepeachii

i had single eyelids between the age of 0-7years old, and after that they jus transformed into double eyelids. my aunt used to complain i was an ugly baby coz i didnt have pretty double eyelids O_O''

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Guest tokidream

I remember I had single eyelids when I was really young, then around 5-8th grade I had double eyelids.. now [11th] its like half half, you see it one day then the next day you don't. LOL.. i'm weird :D

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Guest robotcupcake

Yeup. Born with no eyelids or single eyelids or whatever. Then had double eyelid on only ONE side as a kid. Then after a few years, both sides have them. Then became an addicted gamer and hardly ever slept and had 3 layers @__@. Now it's back to double eyelid. ^_^

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Guest BEBixAMY

I think what happens is that..

When you're younger, you have a slightly thicker fat content in your eyelids (Singlelids)

and then when you grow older, you start losing fat in your face and what not...

but the skin is still there, so it eventually folds over.

my mom and dad both have double eye lids

my sister has one and i have none :(

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Guest susiecee

i actually formed double eyelids while i grew up. i don't know when tehy developed but i noticed them during mid highschool? here is a picture of me younger:


sorry for the weird context, its for my myspace page

i couldnt find a picture that REALLY shows you how my eyelids are now, but they're still not hat big. maybe like this long thick --

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Guest husssh

i'm hoping this would happen to me. =(

my eyelids are retarded. if i put mascara on, it'll form little double eyelids.

but if i just plain jane woke up.. i straight up have puffy single eyelids. =T

i don't know why this happens, and sometimes if i rub my or blink really hard it changes. lol.

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Guest AkaWoo


When I was younger, I had single eyelids... And I used to play a lot with my mom's make-up, and since i'm right-handed i used to be better at applying make-up in my right eye... hahah..

What happened is that since i used to rub my right eye a lot, I naturally got a double eyelid there... the problem is the other eye, that's still single eyelid.. -__-

That happened when i was around 10 years old... now I have to use glue to get double eyelid in my left eye! hahaha

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when i was younger, both of my eyes had double eyelid...then all of a sudden one side became single and the other stayed doubled...then i remember this one night, i was crying my eyes out because of a guy <_< and that single one and the other double somehow turned into triple...so now i have triple. kinda wierd. but i still thank that guy for making me cry or else i wouldve never gotten them. ehehe

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Guest babypink12345

I have a double eyelid on my right eye but my left eye is single!!

I look weird totally weird!!

A couples weeks ago my left eye got double!!

It lasted for about two weeks then one day I'm back to having a single one on my left eye again.

My sister said that her double eyelids popped out when she was younger so she wasn't born with them.

Now she has very beautiful eyes.

I'm just waiting for a miracle to happen for me! :tears:

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Guest A.lee

i never had double eyelids but around late grade 6 early grade 7 i got them i just woke up one day and they were there.. but its not a like a HUGE crease like my mom and my sis but u can notice wen i smile my eyes arent small lol

i was so happy LOl cuz my mom and my sister had them from birth but i never had them so i was prety ahppy about it :P

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