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Does Anybody Have Double Eyelids That Formed Later?

Guest lolimois

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Guest ginger

My sister has kind of big eyes and they developed into slight doubles a few years ago (probably when she was about 19 or 20). She didn't do anything special and has never had a fixation with eyelids (our parents are white and we live in a pretty much all white community--we never even heard of this eyelid business until we were both in high school).

I have singles and I KNOW they're never going to develop into doubles...but I don't care because THEY ARE SMALL FRIGGIN FOLDS OF FAT, PEOPLE. That's it. They aren't the standard of beauty, they aren't going to get the guy to ask you out or make you more popular, and at the end of the day, they're not going to make you a better person. When I first came to soompi, a bunch of girls said I'd look "soooo much prettier with the double eyelid" and suggested I get surgery. I found that absolutely insane that people are so eager to get an instant gratification for appearance rather than learning to just accept themselves, flaws and all. Yes, I probably would look prettier with double eyelids, but that's really not me.

So if you can't get your double eyelids to form, take a break from Soompi. This place just fuels the instant gratification beauty methods that are sometimes harmful or just plain stupid, and most of the time...really pointless.


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Guest strawberrie!

^ when Ilooked at my baby photos. =x

I realized i didnt have double eyelids but they just formed over the years >< and I don't know how =.=

and haha when my niece was born, she also didn't have double eyelids

and I noticed that whenever she's tired/going to fall sick, the double eyelids will form

and NOW she has permanent double eyelids =D just like me

so yes... it can form naturally? XD

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Guest jjane

born without a crease... and bad allergies

so i used to rub my eyes really bad... and a sok sang ga peul formed...

i started wearing makeup and the crease deepened.... when allergy season is near.. i have double eye lids, when it's ever... i just have a deep sok dang ga peul...

i only have single eye lids when i went to sleep crying and my eyes are swolen...

and i cry during most movies...bambi anyone??

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Guest itslovedarliinx3

hmm im not sure if mine we're natural or not but i think i got double eyelids ahhaha

but yea they're not that great idk ahahaha whenever i cry they get all swollen and turn different sizes >.<

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Guest PaNgIeE

LOL! I was just thinking about this the other day. When I was younger I didn't have much of an eyelid. As I grew up I would notice that I only had one eyelid. However, over the years til now I've developed eyelids for both my eyes. Weird......

Funny how things works out!

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Guest jinnie<3

well my friends sister and brother both got double eyelids when

they were like 15ish and they didnt have it before

and my friend is kindda irritated that she doesnt have it yet haha

but her dad has single ones and her mom has double.

same as for my parents but my older brother doesnt have double eyelids and hes 17

so i lost all hope for getting them :tears:

i do have ''sok sanggapul'' though and its really little...

but idk, maybe miraculously itll form bigger. :crazy:

i tried tape before and it made me laugh when i looked it the mirror

so i stopped, but i might try it again just for my little hope haha

i know i know some people dont really care much for doubles

but really its my eyes and i do whatever i want with them haha :sweatingbullets:

i dont claim it to be the standard of beauty though

because i think some people look better with singles :blink:

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Guest hibiscusdoll

u kno wut the only reason why i have double eyelid on my right eye n half on my left is because my eyelashes grew on the line and made the crease lol...did this happen for any of u guys ??? (T_____T)..n also wut is sok sangapul?

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Guest iamstellar!

they formed when i was going through puberty (13 or 14 yrs old). my left eye always had a double eyelid but it got bigger and my right eye's double eyelid formed out of nowhere ( i don't remember how it happened) but since my right eye's double eyelid formed later than my left eyelid, the eyelid comes and goes and takes weird shapes (sometimes it turns into a triple eyelid or a single eyelid).

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Guest mrs.sierna

yes! mine formed just this year, and sometimes i only have one on my right eye!

so then my right eye looks huge compared to my other eye, and then when i have both creases, my left eye is huger anyway... so i will never have the same size eyes.

but i'm thinking about using double eyelid tape to make the creases similar sizes.

^^LOL sorry. but yeah. it just came naturally.

my mom has small eyes, and a small crease.

my dad has big eyes, but no crease.

so i don't know what happened lol.

Hope I answered your question!!

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I'm sure you can form double eyelids if you don't get enough sleep U_U <--- but thats a bad idea

recently I form double eyelids because I didn't get enough sleep....sometimes I get it when I have too much sleep too :sweatingbullets: and it hasn't disappear yet =D

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Guest Ladyy

My mom told me that I was born without double eyelids.

Then I looked back at my pics when I was a year old or so, I had them.

o__o I dunno how that happened but I'm glad it did. xP

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Guest *sarah

Oh.. that happened to me.

I'm 13 right now...

Before, I was super fat.... and some of you probably saw my before/after pictures in the ugly duckling -> swan thread or before/after pics

After I lost 20 pounds, I got a double eyelid on my left eye, and it was .. uneven.

But later in the year, my right eye got a double eyelid, so now I'm double lidded for both eyes, haha.

My mom has natural big, pretty double eyelids that she had ever since she was born, and for my dad, he has nice big double eyelids like my mom, but he said it formed when he was going to college.....

I dunno.

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it didn't happen to me (if it does, its only when i didn't get 6 hours of sleep) but it permanently happened to my mom and now she had double eyelids for ~15 years. she says she got it because she couldn't sleep a lot when i was a baby since i cried a lot. and now it has stuck with her for the rest of her life x.x not only did she get double eyelids, but her eyes became rounder-shaped. she and i both have EXTREMELY thin eyelids, btw. im hoping that in the future, i can gradually get the double eyelids :] i dont want to go through surgery to get it, but it would be nice to have it naturally come to you i guess ^^;

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i think if u just slightly pull ur eyelid and rub it alot.. u will get double eyelid.. eyelids r fragile..

i was just being silly one time.. i stretch my eyelid for fun.. n now i have layers of eyelid.. it actually made my eyes look sleepy! .. i dnt want to rub my eyelid or stretch my eyelid anymore! now i have 1 sleepy eyes.. n 1 normal eye! o_O .. i think single eyelids r pretty! ..

Since I was born with double eyelids (still have 'em), I wake up at times with one double eyelid bigger than the other (and it looks ugly/sleepy xD). Heh, yeah.. not all double eyelids are great (especially when it's due to a lack of sleep). I fix the 'sleepy eye' by pulling it gently and putting it back in place ^^. This only works if you do it RIGHT AFTER you wake up, though. If you leave it as a sleepy eye for too long, it will stay there longer (maybe even for a few days or more).

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Guest peachesapples123

Man, I'm hoping I naturally get it in the future. But, I may be stretching out my eyelids. I have no idea why but my eyelids get really, really grossly dry during the day. So, I have to apply lotion on 3 times. I try not to rub too hard though...Do you think it could still be stretching my eyelids out? Bad enough so that my eyes will look gross? T-T Noo....

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